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  • Mind Bending Art Blends Cute Cats And Kittens With A MEW Perspective

    It’s likely that “shock and awe” were the exact reactions the artist was going for here. And I cannot imagine many people who discover the surrealist Instagram page of @selfatsy NOT having to take a second look. Is that a cats whisker I see? And what I tend to wonder most when viewing art…just WHAT […] More

  • Tiger Cub Surprises Rescuers Saving Four Big Cats From An Indiana Facility

    The public has recently been privy to the horrors of the world of big cat breeding and tiger cub petting. Sadly, some of most horrendous perpetrators of the violence were given most of the attention. But with that attention, a silver lining is emerging. Legislation is being introduced on behalf of the majestic animals. Roadside […] More

  • How Is Applesauce The Kitten This Sweet?

    Right after Thanksgiving, foster mom and kitten caregiver, Dani the Cat lady, received a call from her local animal services with a request for rescue help.  A tiny one week old kitten was brought into their facility in Pasco County, FL. Like many municipal shelters, they work with local rescues to place neonatal kittens and […] More

  • Husky Raven Rescues Her Very Own Kitten from a Shelter in Texas

    Raven was on the hunt for someone she could go through life with. She wanted a best friend who could eat, play, and cuddle the days away with her. But it was not that simple. You see, Raven is a Tamaskan husky puppy, and her owners knew that THEY could not decide who her best […] More

  • Betty the Weather Cat Makes Her Big Debut!

    Betty went from a precious pet to an internet star practically overnight! The pandemic has been difficult for us all. But Betty just made it a little bit easier to smile. Due to work at home orders, meteorologist Jeff Lyons of the WFIE 14 News team, has had to transform his living room into his […] More

  • Grateful Stray Cat Rescued From Atop Pole…After 3 Days!

    As much as we’d all love to imagine that a simple call to the fire department will save a cat up a tree, it’s not that easy. Rules and regulations don’t allow for resources to necessarily help, as much as they want to. Take for example, a cat that was recently found herself at the […] More

  • Seven Years Later, Missing Cat Found 10 Miles From Family Home

    It had been seven long years since Kiki, the beloved feline of the Lapthorne family, had gone missing. Their adventurous torbie girl had disappeared in the area of Stowmarket, Suffolk in England. They eventually accepted that she was gone from their lives. But after seven mysterious years, Kiki is back home with her original owners!  […] More

  • Twelve Most Popular Cat Related Holiday Gifts…Actually Tested By Felines!

    Here at Cole and Marmalade, we are constantly being bombarded with products to try and reviews to write. And when the holiday season hits, the amount of options can be overwhelming for anyone! But we aren’t easily “bought” by frills, boastful new items and “deals” that cats are SURE to like. Honestly, cat owners KNOW […] More

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