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10-Year-Old Russian Artist Pasha Abramov Exchanges Stunning Pet Portraits For Animal Shelter Donations

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When you are a 10-year-old boy, you are usually playing with friends, getting dirt in unimaginable spots or maybe realizing that girls aren’t so annoying after all. They may be discovering they have specific talents, unique to each. And now is the time that their still forming emotional development truly begins to show their compassion for others. But for one young man in Russia, he has a different way he spends his days. Pasha Abramov actually makes me question whether I do enough to make the world a better place!

And that is because Pasha Abramov has developed an amazing artistic talent that he uses to help save and honor animals.

His talents alone are cause for celebration! The innate and jaw-dropping artistic portraits born from his brush, are made even more so by his young age. He and his family live in Arzamas in Nizhny Novgorod, a picturesque and quaint city. Perhaps the beautiful landscape is his inspiration?!
Ok, so he’s a gifted artist, born with talent. That happens all over the world, all the time. But what makes Pasha so different then? 
Because when Pasha paints a families beloved pet for a gift or a remembrance piece, he doesn’t charge them a fee. The skillset that COULD earn him hundreds if not thousands of dollars, he doesn’t share for free though.

Pasha exchanges his stunning paintings for donations to his local animal rescues.

The adolescents unique story began after his families own tragedy. 
Pavel started the project, ‘Kind Paint Brush’ with the help of his mother, Ekaterina Bolshakova. It was the youngster who thought up the project when the family lost a pet and he became all too aware of the stray animals living on the city streets. He wanted to make a difference in memory of his dear Barsik, and he is doing it in a large way.
Honestly, the emotional range and compassion that he shows each animal he meets and each family he paints for, is more than most people I’ve ever met. He is the youngest volunteer at his local shelter and regularly brings in donations.
But it’s more than just getting recognition for anything he does.

Pasha Abramov truly seems to welcome each and every animal and family into his heart.

Following the artist on Instagram @pashaabramov1 they aren’t afraid to open up about the emotional connections. This family is truly a gift to the world. 

The heart is filled with warmth, reading emotional stories about the long and happy life of a four-legged friend next to a loving family. It is a great honor to prepare works in memory of a good friend…

“The most difficult thing is to look into their eyes. I feel guilty that I did not have time to listen during my lifetime…and it is many times more difficult to work with such orders, because the portrait should become a fond memory for the family,” says Pasha.

As he age, I can only be excited by the possibilities that await this inspiring 10-year-old. And the number of animals that are given another chance because, he simply decided to look outside himself.

Pasha Abramov is and should be the type of human we all try to be like each day. Thank you to the entire family for making a difference!


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