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Grateful Stray Cat Rescued From Atop Pole…After 3 Days!

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As much as we’d all love to imagine that a simple call to the fire department will save a cat up a tree, it’s not that easy. Rules and regulations don’t allow for resources to necessarily help, as much as they want to. Take for example, a cat that was recently found herself at the top of a VERY high electrical pole.

Because it was 3 days before she was rescued from atop the dangerous pole position!

It was in Belen, New Mexico just after the start of December, when the elevated cat was spotted. A local man had begun calling emergency departments to report the incident. But he was sadly met with tied hands and busy schedules. No one was able to step up and help the cat. Being at the top of an electrical pole as well, emergency crews MUST be involved. For everyone’s safety! 

After a few days though, and numerous other residents placing calls, he found a helping hand. The Volunteers of the Valencia County Animal Shelter in nearby Los Lunas, got wind of the situation. It was here that they finally received the push needed to join those forces together to save the feline. The rescue posted on their Facebook page, sending out the plea for help.

URGENT: 12/5/2020. We were just contacted regarding this cat that has been up here for 3 days already. The person that called said he cannot get any help on the situation from the places he has tried. It is located within the city of Belen. Salas St. across from Northgate MH park. Who has a contact for someone that can help?!? Tag them or send us a message please. 
Comments of support on their post came from nearby fire stations and anyone who may have an inside connection. Anything possible that could help the scared cat was suggested.

Once the masses devoted their efforts to the small, desperate soul, it wasn’t long before she was safe in rescuers arms. 

The fire engines and police department arrived on the scene only a few hours later. And one woman, Vanessa Alexander, rushed to the scene with a single goal…to make sure the cat was cared for. Luckily for us, she snapped photos of the rescue, showing just how dangerous a spot the cat was in.

But once the black and white feline was safe on the ground, she needed to overcome her next obstacle. Finding out who she belongs to! 

Sadly, no one in the area or those who had come out during the commotion, knew who “owned” her. So Vanessa brought her to the Valencia shelter, where hopefully they would find her microchipped.

No such luck. But although the shock from the trauma was obvious, she didn’t seem like a feral cat. So now they would have to find this scared stray cat a safe forever home. Which at times can be just as difficult as getting a cat rescued in the first place.

But once the fright from her traumatic 3 days on the pole perch faded, a sweet and loving girl emerged.

UPDATE: 🐾💞🐾 The kitty is safe at the shelter as of 5pm. She appears healthy and extremely happy to have food and water!!

If the black and white sweetheart doesn’t have a family that steps up to officially claim her, she will be up for adoption. So far, there hasn’t been anyone who has reached out. But with the number of people that stepped up to help her, hopefully she’ll find the perfect home. 

The shelter knows that “it takes a village” to reach that PAWsitive outcome, and were sure to give much deserved credit. 

THANK YOU to everyone involved for sharing this post and all of you that helped get her to safety!! Don’t want to leave anyone out but would like to say thank you to the people that live nearby that called us so we could post on this Volunteer page and get some help!!

THANK YOU to Encinias and Ruff, with District 8 Fire Department. City of Belen PD, Vidal with City of Belen AC, TJ with VC Dispatch and Vanessa Alexander for being out there taking these photos and getting the cat to us here at the shelter. Things like this are only possible when everybody steps up and works together between the different departments involved.
If this cat has a family nearby looking to reclaim her, please contact the shelter Tuesday morning. If not, she is a sweetheart and will be available for adoption here at Valencia County Animal Shelter in Los Lunas NM on Friday morning 12/11/20.
Be sure to follow the rescue on Facebook to see who the lucky family is that welcomes her into their home. Let’s hope the adventurous girl has an indoor home ONLY with many, many tall cat trees!
Photos property of Vanessa Alexander/Volunteers of the Valencia County Animal Rescue

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