Tiny Kitten Becomes Best Friends With Big Dog After Being Found All Alone

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We’ve long-since denounced that old adage that says cats and dogs are sworn enemies. There are plenty of cats and dogs that live peacefully with the same families, but few of those relationships are as special as this one. When a family found a tiny stray kitten alone on their farm, their big senior dog fell in love. Now the best friends are inseparable, and their pictures are guaranteed to make you smile.

Polly was found when she was a tiny kitten.


Now five months old, the kitten named Polly wouldn’t have survived if it wasn’t for her best friend and new mom, Morgan. According to LoveMeow, Morgan heard the sound of a kitten crying in the woods behind her farm. She tried to find the source of the sound by herself, but the thick woods kept the kitten well hidden. 

Morgan ended up recruiting help from one of her cats. The curious cat heard the kitten’s cries and managed to find it hiding in a tree stump. Morgan could see that the kitten was only a few weeks old and covered in fleas. She decided to wait to see if a mother cat showed up, but with hungry foxes in the area, the kitten couldn’t afford to wait long.

When it was clear no mother cat was coming, Morgan brought the kitten to safety. She gave it a bath and milk from a bottle. Then she introduced Polly to Pax.


At twelve-years old, the big yellow lab was curious about the kitten. He heard the little squeaks and meows and seemed concerned about her well-being. Morgan let her big dog meet the new kitten, and their incredible friendship started right then and there.

Pax took to Polly immediately. And even though the dog was at least 50 times her size, little Polly wasn’t afraid. She nuzzled into Pax seeking comfort and fell right asleep.

Even today, Polly and Pax are best friends.


Since that first day, Pax and Polly do everything together. Pax bathed his little kitten after every meal, and Polly followed her friend throughout the house. Now that they’re older, the best friends still spend time together every day. They cuddle on a regular basis, and the playful kitten keeps her senior friend feeling young at heart.

Polly is no longer the scared little stray crying in the woods. She’s grown to be a beautiful young cat who loves living life with her best friend by her side.

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h/t: LoveMeow

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