The Best 2019 Holiday Cat Gifts For Felines And Humans

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I personally love shopping, but I know that’s not the same for everyone. Finding the perfect item and then seeing it on sale is quite the rush if I’m being honest. But for cat parents we have to contend with another challenge. Will our beloved fur-babies even LIKE what we get them? Most times–as we all know–the boxes they come in are more cherished than anything. So for the last few years, we’ve been trying to find the best cat gifts for your holiday season! These are sure to not only make for a happy cat, there are some purrfect things to show your crazy catness too. And we’ve stumbled upon quite a few of them that we had to share with you.

The best thing about these holiday cat gifts are that they are aPURROved for all year use! 

Now, with Cole, Marmalade, Jugg and Zig Zag in the house, everything gets “put through the ringer” times four. Which is always good because each cat is different. Just like every person has different tastes, likes and dislikes, not everyone cat will enjoy the same things. Hopefully, with our Furtastic Four we’ve got most feline purrsonalities covered.

Here are our top picks from our favorite animal websites, and The Animal Rescue Site/GreaterGood. Not only can you have these delivered right to your door with your pets everyday necessities, you can help GIVE BACK TO ANIMALS with every purchase! 

Here are our “12 Gifts of Christmas”, top holiday cat gifts and required catification for you to enjoy.

And all without worrying about dealing with the holiday chaos in person! HUMBUG BONUS!

First for the kitties; some of the most used toys in our home.

     1. Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy. From foster kittens just learning how to play to our silly seasoned veteran Cole, this is unquestionably a hit with all felines. It’s basically triple the fun of a regular chaser toy. And who doesn’t want triple the fun?!

     2. Jackson Galaxy Mojo Maker Air Prey Laser Wand Teaser Cat Toy. No cats toy collection is complete if they are missing Jackson’s hit wand toys! When Marmalade hear’s the extension arm sound, he comes running like it’s a can of whip cream. For those of you who are unfamiliar with that analogy, that’s a very big deal here. So much so, that we have our collection displayed on the wall.

     3. Frisco 72-in Cat Tree. This is so popular in our house that we have to place other cat trees next to it. This way all 4 cats can reach the fun platforms without running into each other and possibly “exchanging words”. It even made the cover of our 2020 Calendar!

Probably should have gotten two, but that’s just us! Even with Cat Man Chris’s attempt at a bad review spoof on his Facebook page, he couldn’t come up with anything bad to say about it. #FailFail

World's Worst Cat Tree (Review)

But seriously, these are a great deal from Chewy, don't miss out!!*Think they have them in grey too ;)

Posted by Cole & Marmalade on Sunday, December 8, 2019

We don’t just want to have fun playing with our kitties and their new holiday cat gifts, we want to look good doing it too!!!

Boom. Segue. On to clothing, my purrsonal favorite. And I mean clothing for humans this time. Because we deserve to fly our freaky, feline loving flag everyday. Most of these cater to females–like they know we NEED more clothes than we really “need”. If you are a proud cat dad though, we’ve got you covered (click) HERE too

     4. Paws & Stripes Heathered Zip Hoodie. This to us, could be worn by anyone and was designed specifically for GreaterGood who have a unique operation. Better than looking ameowzing in their clothing though, is that buying this hoodie feeds 71 shelter animals! I feel like we win something each time we support them. And in theory we do. We all win by helping the animals.

     5. Animal Lover Sweater Wrap. This sweater wrap is one of my new purrchases and I’ve already had to lend it to a friend. Meaning I now know what to get HER for Christmas =)

     6. Casual Cat Pajama Set. I won’t lie. I work from home so that means my wardrobe ratio of pj’s to “real” clothes is very skewed in favor of pajama’s. I will rock them every day if I can and usually step out of the shower right back into a fresh set of jammies. So adding more cat related pj’s to my collection is really a no-brainer for me.

But we work so our cats can have a better life, right? So while strutting around in our stunning catty attire, we’ve found a way to ensure that will happen for as long as possible. All so without tipping our furkids off that some things we do are really for their own good.

Which means that some holiday gifts for our cats must be fun for them while secretly helping their health with every use. 

We are big advocates for this and try to incorPURRate healthy habits into their everyday routines. These are what we have in the CaM household now and they are “2 paws up” approved.

     7. SureFeed Microchip Small Dog & Cat Feeder. These automatic feeding bowls are amazing for SO many reasons. First, they work with your cat/dogs microchip to ONLY open for them. Which means that bonus, that microhip you implanted for their protection, more had another wonderful purpose!

Second, in our home, we’ve got some special foods that are dished out. Marmalade also requires supplements to help strengthen his immune system…which AREN’T in his sisters food bowls, much to his disappointment. So having the separation where only he can open his food bowl, gives us comfort in knowing he’s getting his required dosages. Plus, they look like super futuristic space cats eating from smart bowls.

     8. Catit Flower Pet Fountain. Most cats don’t drink enough water. So having this cute water fountain that entices them to drink from the flowing streams, is sure to help hydrate your felines! 

Unlike most drinking fountains, this flower doesn’t have a bowl for dirt to settle in and get comfortable. Instead, your pet is always drinking from a clean, fresh stream.

That’s what we call flower power!

    9. SureFlap DualScan Cat Door. Many of you saw our 1M subscriber gift to Cole, Marm, Jugg and Ziggy–access to our furbulous screened in porch! In Florida, they can now enjoy the weather safely from our porch all year long. With this pet door, just as with the feeders, the sensor is tied to their microchips. And if one of the babes needs to stay inside, such as when Ziggy was healing after her bout with a wasp, you can program the door to help keep her put. Don’t worry, Ziggy is all better and that was the last kitty the wasp “bugged”!

Ok wonderful, now your shopping list for holiday cat gifts is almost completed…just a few more impawtant items.

It’s time to treat the humans again with some gorgeous paw print merch that will certainly show the world who has your heart. 

    10. Paw Print Birthstone Sterling Necklace. This has to be one of my all time favorite things to wear. Most girls love shiny, sparkly things–reminds me of some furry 4-legged friends who feel the same. =) But with the price on these being so affordable, you can represent each member of your family and their stone. Not only that, to complete the ensemble, you can get matching rings and earrings! What? Just take all my money now.

    11. Paw Print Silicone Watch. What do you mean it’s past feeding time?! Never miss another breakfast or dinner “alarm” again with this stylish paw print watch.

And with 9 colors available you’ll surely garner some catty complements! 

    12. A Life Full of Paws Sterling Necklace. As our last–but certainly not least–choice for your holiday shopping must haves, is this classic. Not only is it gorgeously highlighted with the GreaterGood purple we all love, it’s beauty goes beyond the glimmer. Marm was a bit upset that it wasn’t a toy for him, but he gave it his blessing. =)

A life isn’t complete unless it’s full of paws! Give thanks for the fullness of your life — and all the wiggling tails and fur that make it so — with this multidimensional, sparkling pendant surrounded by a ring of paw prints.

So now that your holiday shopping, birthday shopping and utterly necessary self-shopping is out of the way, you deserve a restful cat nap!

Enjoy your holidays everyone and kiss those furkids from us all here at the Cole & Marmalade family. <3


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