The Most Popular Cat Names Of 2019 Released

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At the end of each and every year, releases their annual list of the most popular pet names of the year for dogs and cats. The list is comprised off of extensive database research from their millions of pet parent subscribers. Wondering if your cat has one of the most popular cat names?

When it comes to the top names overall for cats for 2019, the list is as follows…🥁🥁🥁

For Male Cats, the Top Cat Names of 2019 are:

  1. Oliver
  2. Leo
  3. Milo
  4. Charlie
  5. Max
  6. Jack
  7. Simba
  8. Loki
  9. Oscar
  10. Jasper

And For Female Cats, The Top Cat Names of 2019 are:

  1. Luna
  2. Bella
  3. Lucy
  4. Kitty
  5. Lily
  6. Nala
  7. Chloe
  8. Sophie
  9. Daisy
  10. Stella

Overall, the cat names change year after year in line with current pop culture trends. It seems that superheroes have made a pretty big impact when it comes to pet parents naming their new additions in 2019.

Check out this list of the top dog and cat names that pay homage to superheroes:

  1. Harley
  2. Loki
  3. Thor
  4. Flash
  5. May
  6. Drax
  7. Ronan
  8. Valkyrie
  9. Mary Jane
  10. Stan

It seems that many cat owners love getting their coffee fix on too when it comes to naming their kitties, with eight of the top ten popular drink names being in the coffee family. Those common cat names inspired by those magic brown beans are: Mocha, Kona, Latte, Coffee, Cappuccino, Espresso, and even Macchiato.

When it comes to food names for kitties, there are ten which top the list of the most-used food names for cats:

  1. Oreo
  2. Pepper
  3. Pumpkin
  4. Sammy
  5. Ginger
  6. Peanut
  7. Cookie
  8. Snickers
  9. Sugar
  10. Mocha

When it comes to naming your cat, really it’s your own personal opinion when it boils down to what you actually name them. And, as we know, we often call them the million other nicknames that we come up for them anyway! But did you know that there is, in fact, a little bit of scientific reasoning that’s proven most effective when it comes to naming your feline friend?

According to experts at, based off of veterinary and scientific observation, it’s been documented that cats seem to respond to some human vocalizations more than others. It might come as no surprise that cats seem to prefer higher pitched sounds, something that mirrors that high-pitched meow that we cat owners often hear.

It’s been revealed that cats seem to prefer the higher and softer sound of a woman’s voice compared to a man’s. And additionally, that cats tend to respond better to names which have a long e-vowel or “ee” sound in their names. Which, when you think about it, makes purrfect sense! Most of us often add a “y” when being cutesy to the end of our kitty’s name, and it seems when we make those sweet, meow like sounds when calling their names, they come running to us.

Did your kitties name make the cat names list of 2019? Share with us!

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  1. The cat that owns me and lives indoors is named Mister Cat.I call him Mister,but when I really want him to come right away.I say it in a higher pitch n stretch it out to Meeester,he comes running.The colony I care for has a variety of names that do get added to for quicker response.Magic responds to Magi.They do respond better when I add the uplift in thier name

  2. My cats…Arabella, Dipstick, Nicodemus, Wick, Digby, GusGus, Milosche and Natasha. Dogs…Harley, Beauregard, Luna, Emmalou and Bentley. Bunny…Jessica Wabbit.

  3. Not one of our kitties made the list which shows us how unique they all are. Becks, Possum (sadly passed), Tinkerbelle and Jewels, because I have none but her.

  4. Samatha was my rag doll cat that I adopted from a friend. Never bought a cat. She was originally named Sniper. Changed her name as she was a beautiful kitty. Second kitty was Sweetpea. Got her from a rescue organization. She was part Siamese. The third I named Fraidy Cat as she was a feral cat living behind my workplace. Just called her Fraidy. She was so friendly to me but was frightened of anybody else. She was a grey striped with lots of white. Loved my kitties. They are now all in heaven.

  5. Our previous kitties were “Mittens, A long hair black & white, and Sabrina an all black with a white patch on her chest and tummy Burmese. They were 14 and 18 years respectively. Both were rescued kittens and had to be put down due to old age problems, and it broke our hearts, but was the best for them. We now have a 9 mo old silver tabby, another rescue, named Princess who keeps us laughing most of the time.

  6. My Ragdoll boy is called Solomon. I found the name in a storybook about a cat also called Solomon. He does get Solly for short as well.

  7. My cats are Samantha Marie (Sammi), Duncan Benjamin (Dunky), Sophie Alannah, Sebastiana Joy (Sebbie-ginger princess), Tobias Ian (Toby) and Seamus Alasdair (Seamie)… Don’t think my cats’ names will ever be on the list LOL

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