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How Big Cats Celebrate Halloween

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For our favorite big cats residing at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida, Halloween always brings very special treats. These deserving felines of all sizes are living out their lives in peace at the sanctuary. And after a wide range of rescue tales, they deserve nothing less! But what’s one of the best things the animals–that can sadly never be released into the wild–will get from the caring volunteers and staff? Amazing holiday enrichment!  We’ve been lucky enough to celebrate Halloween with them for the past decade. Some of the adorably frightful footage included was even shot by our very own Chris Poole!


And let me say, to celebrate Halloween with these terrifying predators is purrfect!

Our friend Scott Lope who managed the sanctuary back in 2008, celebrated with a classic fall pumpkin party. 

Each year we are lucky enough to receive left over pumpkins from stores after Halloween. Pumpkins are a great source of enrichment for our cats. As well as a great source of entertainment for the staff and volunteers at Big Cat Rescue!

All the cats love to play, eat and generally demolish the pumpkins, providing them with hours of entertainment.


Then in 2011, thankfully the tigers were there to protect everyone from a mummy invasion! 

To celebrate Halloween 2013, the air was full of echoing roars. 

Let me tell you, we lived on property at Big Cat Rescue for years. And those roars in the pitch black send shivers down your spine ANY time of year.

However, had I known there were giant spiders in the leafy canopy, I’d have slept a bit further under the covers that year. 

Suddenly, a haunted village popped up a few years ago at the sanctuary! But we all know big cats don’t make good pets, right?! Good. Because clearly you can see how they feel about close neighbors regardless of the holiday.


And remember to never turn your back on big cats! 

Don’t fret! The smaller “big cats” at Big Cat Rescue get to celebrate Halloween in their own ameowzing way too. 


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