Kitten On The Road To Recovery After Rescue; Feeling The Sad Reality Of The Healing Process

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If you’ve followed our stories, you may have seen the rescues of two sweet kittens last fall. Both little girls were thrown from moving vehicles on the SAME stretch of road in Ohio–almost a month apart to the day! While both little Hope and Faith found themselves as foster failures at the home of Chasity Cecil, their struggles were far from over. Just being rescued from the streets isn’t a guarantee for a carefree future. Fortunately, the sweet sisters had an experienced mom in Chasity. She does everything she can to help keep what can be the sad reality of the healing process to a minimum for her little girls. And with both girls having broken legs from their horrific ordeals, she helped them both survive–and thrive!

Photo courtesy of Chasity Cecil ~ Hope (top) and Faith (Bottom)

But almost a year after her rescue, little Faith is feeling that sad reality affecting her tiny body yet again.

She has had an amazing year filled with love and snuggles from her sister and the rest of her new family, big and small!

Photo courtesy of Chasity Cecil ~ The Furkids =)

Her new kitten sister, Hope, had overcome her own mobility issues stemming from a severely broken leg. Taking a chance, she had undergone an alternative surgery, as the vet had initially suggested amputation at first. Happily the surgery was a success and amputation of her back leg wasn’t needed!

Photo courtesy of Chasity Cecil

Faith had experienced her own broken and fractured back leg too. Although it wasn’t as severe as her sisters leg had been–at first. She underwent surgery in October to have pins inserted into the leg.  

She healed well from that, but it seemed this was not going to be the end of Faith’s healing process. Being thrown from that moving vehicle had landed her on a long road to recovery.

Photo courtesy of Chasity Cecil

By the end of February 2019, both young kittens had been healthy enough to have their spay surgeries. It was during this scheduled appointment that Chasity had to make another heart wrenching decision.

Photo courtesy of Chasity Cecil

That darn reality had reared it’s ugly head again. 

During Faith’s spay surgery/pre-op check, the vet made an observation concerning her “healed” leg.

Noooooo! Faith’s spay has just turned into having to possibly go ahead and amputate the back leg during surgery! ? With the way it healed they said it’s still causing her pain and it’s useless. So they’re doing new x-rays and calling me back to let me know the new game plan.

Photo courtesy of Chasity Cecil

But Chasity didn’t feel confident in moving forward with a permanent amputation. Especially on such short notice. So only the sweet kitten’s spay surgery was done that day.

Chasity wanted more opinions since Faith had been showing no signs of issues with the leg. She ran and played with Hope fine, just keeping her back leg straight.

Photo courtesy of Chasity Cecil

But by early summer, the issues had come back in poor Faith’s leg.

She had began experiencing recurring infections that seemed resistant to medications. So not only did she have to contend with that ongoing struggle, but more extreme measures now had to be considered about her future. 

Poor Faith needs yet another surgery. It’s been decided that the leg will need to be removed. ?

Photo courtesy of Chasity Cecil

She’s been struggling with it for over a month now with an infection that just won’t stop. It’s aggressive. It responds to antibiotics, but after they’re gone, it comes right back with a vengeance. As you all know, we had the $1000 repair surgery done initially. After taking her back to the vets multiple times since then because it’s been giving her so many issues, it’s been discovered that the pins put in place by the original vets have now grown into the bone.

The leg is basically dead and she has no feeling in it. It’s a risk to keep it because she gets it caught in things sometimes, which worries us. We’re ready for this girl to be able to live a normal life. ❤️

Photo courtesy of Chasity Cecil

So now the goal is to turn this sad reality into a “happy tail ending” for little Faith once and for all!

Chasity has started fundraising again through the organization she fosters with; Josephs Legacy. For those of you who wish to donate to Faith’s amputation surgery and after-care, please follow the link HERE. Anything that is not used for Faith is always put to good use with the many other felines they save!

Photo courtesy of Chasity Cecil

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on little Faith’s story and HOPE that she and her sweet sister can romp like the adventurous kittens again soon–fully healed and pain free!

Photo courtesy of Chasity Cecil


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