(NEW Update!!!) Police Officer Watching Lunar Blood Moon Eclipse Finds Kitten Buried In 3 Foot Snow Drift

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Frigid temperatures didn’t stop people across North and South America from going outside in the wee morning hours to witness natures beauty. This January 21st full “super” moon, referred to as the Wolf and/or Blood Moon, was also perfectly timed to be a lunar eclipse. Photographers, astronomers, astrologers and anyone who appreciates life’s little moments, were excited to lay their eyes upon it. 

That included Police Officer Matt Froiseth from the Platteville, Wisconsin police department.

Working into the late overnight hours, Officer Froiseth stopped along Business Hwy 151 to gaze at the eclipse. Nevermind the fact that the chilly weather in Platteville registered at a HIGH of 9 degrees, with a low of -9 yesterday evening! For the rest of us who slept through the event, we can happily view the jaw-dropping images from the warmth of the indoors today. 

Image: @photoserge

While admiring it’s beauty real time, Officer Froiseth heard a desperate meow coming from the winter landscape!

Hunting down the cries, he discovered a young kitten were coming from a nearby ditch on the side of the road. A drift that had been buried in about 3 feet of snow! 

He knew he needed to help the creature howling the pitiful cries. Officer Froiseth carefully dug around in the ditch until he found the source of the pleas. Covered in the snow and rocks was a freezing little black cat. 

Quickly pulling the kitten out of the snow, he hurried back to his squad car to try to warm it up as safely as possible. Wrapped in a warm hat, the little fur-baby happily snuggled into his rescuers arms. 

In astrology, the “Super Blood Full Wolf Moon Eclipse” brings some oddly accurate predictions in this situation.

If cats had horoscopes, this tiny house panthers reading hit the nail on the head!

According to horoscopes.com, “Eclipses create doors of opportunity and changes for you. Change takes courage and fortunately, this full moon is in the sign of Leo, the lion. You can tap into the courage of the lion and step through the open door. This could be a new job, a new place to live, a new way of looking at an old problem. The result will be something new in your life and better yet, achievable because you had the courage to change.”

Officer Froiseth knew he needed to get the little boy to the veterinarian if he was going to have a chance at life. He alerted his dispatch team and rushed the kitten to the vet.

Photo: @Platteville Police Department

The police department’s Facebook post sharing the discovery was met with many cat parents–or servants–acknowledging one important thing. 

“If you would like to claim this lucky guy, he will be at the Platteville Vet Clinic as soon as he gets done with his nap with his new best friend.”

The hundreds of comments pointed out what many have experienced in the life of cat rescuing…the cat chooses you. It’s clear to see that from the images of Officer Froiseth and the rescued baby black kitten. The kitten had fallen in love with him the moment he pulled it to safety. 

Once the kitten was examined and found to have no microchip or serious health issues, he returned to his hero’s arms. Curling up again on the warm hearted man, he settled in for a well-deserved nap. 

Around 9:30 am this morning, the Facebook post was updated with what most had already guessed… 

“After some serious thought, Officer Froiseth couldn’t say ‘no’ and has added to his family! This little cutie has found its furrrever home. As we all hoped, it WAS love at first sight!”

Congratulations to Officer Froiseth, his family and its newest member! We can’t wait to see what name he finally settles on as the suggestions are flooding in.

Moon, Eclipse, Wolfie and Luna seem to be the most pawpular. <3

Photo: @Platteville Police Department


We now have a name for the little cutie found in the snow bank during the full moon! Officer Froiseth announced today the name settled on for his new family member…and we just love his sense of humor. 

Meet Donut <3 

Photo: @Platteville Police Department

Donut is settling in to his new life, although the family dog Monty couldn’t care less about his new brother. Donut on the other hand is still a bit weary of his new over-sized sibling. Patience is key though and over time, hopefully the two will learn to be best buds. 

Photo: @Platteville Police Department

He is still happily content snuggling with his new favorite human in the meantime! 


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