Cat Spends 9 Days Surviving In California Fire Rubble; Finally Reunited With His Emotional Family

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YouTube star Hamish Patterson, 49 of Malibu, California, is better known as “The Illusion”.

His positive personality and adventurous antics are followed by more than 70,000 subscribers, who’ve viewed his videos almost 10 million times! Sober for almost 9 years, he is an inspiration to those struggling.

Those that follow the “surfer, skater dude reporting from somewhere on spaceship Earth”, recently gave him some desperately needed support.

Photo: @malibuillusion

Sadly, “The Illusion” and his family lost their mountain top home in the Woolsey Fire burning across the California landscape.

The picturesque view atop “Rainbow Mountain”, was the purrfect area for their family and their black cat, Mike.

They had lost their home back in 1993 to wildfires and had finally gotten everything in life settled again.

Life was good and Hamish regularly shared his delight and joy with his social media followers.

Photo: @malibuillusion ~ Their personal paradise before the Woolsey Fire

But now, they faced a tragedy.

Together, they had watched and waited as the flames rose from mountains in the distance.

As the winds stopped blowing to the West, the fire stalled, grew again and then rose back up the valley towards their abode.

Photo: Screenshot YouTube Channel: hamishpatterson high frequency tribe

The time finally came for them to abandon their paradise.

Hamish and his son Owl fled to Santa Monica.

His wife Blythe and step-daughter Georgie were able to stay at her mother’s limited-space home in Los Angeles.

Unfortunately Mike is an indoor/outdoor cat and was no where to be found when they were finally forced to evacuate on November 11th.

The view of the smoky blaze covered the horizon as they descended down the mountainside to safety.

Photo: Screenshot YouTube Channel: hamishpatterson high frequency tribe

By the next morning, they received the news that everything had been lost.

Their possessions, their home and their beloved cat were gone.

Hamish’s “Rainbow Mountain” was now being called “Charred Mountain”.

“The level of devastation is pretty shocking. Our mountain has been moon-scaped.”

Photos: @malibuillusion

A man of strong faith, Hamish prayed for a miracle among the ashes.

He was granted that miracle.

A neighbor who’d been able to gain access back to the area, sent Hamish photos of the aftermath.

Even though they’d have to figure out how to build their lives from the ground up, they’d have Mike with them!

Photo: Screenshot YouTube Channel: hamishpatterson high frequency tribe

The “Mini Puma” had been seen roaming the area without injuries!

“Mike the mini-puma outsmarted the fire! Neighbors spotted him today and are feeding him until we can get to him, which could be days. Keep Mike in your prayers he is part of our family!”

But Patterson wasn’t able to get back up the mountain to retrieve the black beauty, no matter what he tried.

Fortunately, neighbors who had access were happy to take up the caregiver role.

They left water and food out for Mike to give him a fighting chance at survival. He’d flee when they approached so this was the least they could do for him.

Photo: Screenshot YouTube Channel: hamishpatterson high frequency tribe

While the days ticked by, Mike and Owl bounced from hotel to rental properties and finally to a friends empty apartment.

Being displaced in Santa Monica without their home and loved ones was starting to weigh on Hamish.

Their life had once been a quiet, natural oasis; now it was a bustling and vibrant urban jungle.

To cheer up the family, another friend brought them a kitten to play with for a few hours.

Photo: @malibuillusion

What’s guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces in trying times? A kitten!

Hamish stayed positive and called it his “spiritual training ground”.

Finally, Hamish was granted access to his property and reunited with the ameowzing Mike.

It had been 9 days since they’d seen him!

Photo: Screenshot YouTube Channel: hamishpatterson high frequency tribe

For 15 minutes, they shook the can of cat treats to try to draw Mike out of hiding.

They were just about to give up hope of finding him.

He finally emerged, and in a tear filled emotional reunion, Hamish and Georgie embraced Mike.


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We found Mike the mini-puma! Thank you @morganrunyon for taking him water! Thank you everyone who kept the light on for Mike with their prayers!

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“We found the cat! My kitty made it. My kitty survived this. Look at this! You made it Mike! I always knew you were the best cat ever, man. Oh my goodness, my kitty made it. We’re taking you home, buddy.”

Owl was very happy to have his feline buddy back and Mike looked utterly at ease back with his humans.

Photo: Screenshot YouTube Channel: hamishpatterson high frequency tribe

Mike had brought with him a renewed sense of energy and motivation for the family.

Now, with the tears of joy and frustration shed, they can begin to move on to starting their new lives.

Photo: Screenshot YouTube Channel: hamishpatterson high frequency tribe

As Hamish pawsitively reminds his fans, they’ll be….“Recreating the new dream, one cat at a time!”

See the full reunion video here: 

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