Weekend Warriors; Emergency Crews Gladly Save Lives In These 2 Happy Ending Stories

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Unfortunately, there seems to be no shortage of cats and kittens in need of rescuing. Gladly, there are many caring citizens and emergency rescue teams willing to lend a helping “paw”.

On the morning of Saturday June 23rd, around 8:30 am, the Yonkers, New York Police Department received a call.

While walking her pooch, a local resident had heard a kitten meowing for help from down in a sewer.

Emergency Crew arrived onsite and 2 dedicated officers made a plan to take the plunge into the dark and wet sewer to rescue the baby. Scared cries could be heard echoing off the concrete walls as the feline was loaded gently into a pouch and pulled to safety.

Photo: Facebook Yonkers Police Department

The lucky kitten was taken to the Yonkers Animal Shelter and after a post sharing the rescue on the Police Department’s Facebook page, it looks like there are plenty of interested adopters ready to purrvide a loving home!


750 miles away in Indianapolis, Indiana another kitten was found in need of rescuing that same afternoon.

A young couple was surprised to hear a kitten meowing from inside their car engine. They couldn’t visually see the kitten and were unable to coax it out from underneath the vehicle.

Seeing it was not near the actual engine though, they carefully drove to a nearby firehouse to seek help. Firefighters were able to locate a tiny kitten perched atop the fuel tank.

Immediately naming the furbaby “Muffler”, the fortunate kitten was pulled from the precarious position and placed directly into loving arms.

This lucky feline now has a home with the couple who are overjoyed the experienced emergency crews were able to assist in rescuing the hitchhiker.

Photo Credit: https://twitter.com/gmgarcia24

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