Narrowly Rescued!; Kitten Plummets Down 18 Foot Gap Between 2 Walls In England


Staff at The Mailcoach Pub in Rotherham, England heard a startling sound in a narrow gap between 2 walls next to their building.

The squeaky, terrified meows of a kitten were echoing off the chasm wall, which is no more than a foot wide!


They contacted the local RSPCA who arrived onsite with a South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue officer around 2:00 pm on Monday afternoon.

Apparently the kitten had fallen while exploring the flat roof of the building. No one is sure how long the desperate soul had been down in the dark shaft with no way of escaping. Making matters worse, they were unsure if the kitten was injured as the rough walls could have made the fall even more dangerous.

Seeing the only way out would be straight up, the team devised a plan to rescue the kitten. They worried that the feral cat would be hesitant to accept help from humans though.


The floor of the crevice was blanketed with debris and the kitten put up quite a challenge by hiding in the garbage. The crew refused to give up though.

The RSPCA had very limited options for their rescue tactics in the tight space. 

“We used two catch pole sets, one with a swan hook to try to keep him from going into the even narrower gap, and one with a net on the end. We weren’t having much success with the net, but the swan-catcher, which has a crook at the end of it, finally did the trick. The little kitten climbed onto it, and we very carefully raised him back up the gap with him clinging on. And just in case he fell off, we held a small bucket underneath to catch him.”



It took over 2 hours to extract the frightened kitty who turned out to be an adventurous little boy. Fortunately, only covered with dirt, he showed no injuries from his ordeal. He is estimated to be only a few weeks old.



He was named Turpin, after the heroically romanticized English highwayman, Dick Turpin. Turpin is safely being looked after at Peak Vets in Sheffield.


They have shared his information on their Twitter page to attempt to locate anyone who knows where the kitten may have originated from. Please contact them if you have any info or are interested in adopting this lucky kitty! =)  


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  1. The poor baby! He must be scared! I hope he finds a loving furever home! <3 🙂

  2. Little guy is so very lucky. I wish him well and will pray he finds a forever loving home!

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