Cat Owners – Are We As “Crazy” As Our Felines?

Our 10 Favorite Ways We’re Just As Goofy As They Are!

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Anyone who is owned by a cat or spent time around cats, knows these felines can exhibit some kooky, wonderful traits. From entertaining us for hours with their silly antics to surprising us with completely unexpected craziness, cats aren’t the ONLY ones who have a little bit of oddness in them. It seems that this can be transferred, or more likely brings out the hidden quirky qualities, in us humans.

You helped us with so many examples, we picked our 10 favorites from these two videos that show the true nature of cat owners, whether embarrassing or not! =)

~ If allowed, we’ve likely picked up our fur-babies to show them how adorable their reflection looks in the mirror.

~ Whether professionally or not, we’ve danced for or in front of our cats…usually to their dismay and bafflement!

~ You’ve likely helped search for lost toys in the hard to reach paw places – under the couch, refrigerator, stove, etc…only for them to return to the void within minutes.

~ Stopped whatever we were doing to gaze lovingly at our furry masterpieces while they sleep. And we wonder why they do it to us!?

~ Dinner is a struggle. Whether at a table or snacking on the couch, if you have a food-driven feline you’ve likely played the “keep-away” game more often than not.

~ Altered your routine to finish those pesky tasks like laundry another day… pre”fur”ably when your cat is not comfortably resting on the either freshly laundered warm items or burrowing into the soiled stash.

~ Canceling your plans to spend more time snuggling with your cat. This can be a “sick” day from work or more often than not, a cozy weekend night on the couch =)

~ We’ve all had conversations with our cat(s). We understand their unique language and we can be certain their vocal replies have specific tones that mean they are communicating with us; no question about it.

~ All cats will find the sun spot to lounge; it’s a given. What may be an uncontrollable desire is for us humans to rub our faces in their toasty fur and take a big sniff!

~ Unfortunately some of these more embarrassing moments spent in isolation with our beloved fur-babies means that we tend to forget we look pretty darn ridiculous during playtime. But WHO CARES?! Not us! As long as it makes our kitties happy, so be it!

Between these 10 and the others in the videos, are there more you do that you aren’t “afraidy-cat” to admit?

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