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  • Take the poll! Wondering How Many Cats Our AMEOWzing Fans Have?

    Have you reached “Crazy Cat Person” status yet?  Do you commonly use cat puns in your daily conversations?  Does it really matter how many cats you have? Even just 1 cat can inspire even the most sane person to fill their camera with adorable cat and kitten photos, speak in feline-dialect and buy their first […] More

  • TAKE THE TEST! Is your cat right pawed or left pawed?

    Things you can do to test your cat’s paw preference ⦁ Fill your cat’s puzzle feeder and watch which paw they prefer to paw and grab at the treats. ⦁ Put something sticky and edible on your cat’s nose and observe which paw he uses to wipe it off. ⦁ When engaging in interactive play […] More

  • Is your cat right pawed or left pawed?!

    Written by: Yasaar Nakchbendi Living in a multi-cat household has many advantages. You’re privy to a vast spectrum of crazy cat quirks. George flicks his food out of his bowl when eating, mischievous Baggins flicks pens off tables and Jimmy Fancy Feet makes ‘air biscuits’ in his sleep.  But despite all my observations of our cats’ […] More