This is a page we’re you’ll find videos and posts about cat care and how you can help cats in need, enjoy! 🙂

How To Bathe a Cat:

Although the only time we’ve bathed Cole and Marmalade is when they were kittens and covered in fleas, some breeds require regular bathing and sometimes cats just get into stuff and there’s no other option than to re-introduce them to the wet stuff! … This video was created to provide tips to help relieve the stress on both cats and their servants.

How To Introduce Two cats:

Introducing two cats can be a long and stressful experience, we had it surprisingly easy with Cole and Marm and after 5 days we fully introduced them and they got along well… Cole is a very sweet natured cat and didn’t seem too threatened by the tiny ginger fuzzball running around in his territory. This videos shows you the steps we took when introducing them, there are many more online, purrlease take things slowly when introducing a new cat into your home!

How To Make a Feral Cat Shelter:

There’s many ways you can help community cats in your area, this is a simple way to help feral cats stay dry and warm during winter.


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  1. Je vous suis depuis longtemps et j’adore vos vidéos, j’ai 2 chats que j’adore. Vous êtes fantastique et je regarde vos vidéos qui me remonte le moral, étant atteinte d’une maladie psychiatrique grave qui m’empêche de vivre comme tout le monde. Je vous adore tous les 3. Bisous de la Belgique ?

  2. Chris where do u leave your cats when u and your wife need to travel. I have two cats and can’t find pet stays for cats in my country

      • Given how territorial cats are, we have always found it better to let them stay in their/our home when we are away. Sometimes we have been lucky enough to have a trustworthy, cat-savvy friend living nearby who can care for whatever cats we had at the time but for the last several years we have had a professional pet care provider come twice a day. Of course she provides fresh food and water and cleans the litterbox, but she also plays with them (makes them hand-knitted catnip stuffed mousies — their fave toys) and cuddles them. When we get home they’re really glad to see us but calm and content. Yes it costs money, but it’s just a regular travel expense, and with multi cats, probably cheaper than kennelling, which I think would be awful for cats!

  3. All Great videos! The feral cat how to shelter and feral cat home make over is so INSPIRING!!! Thank you for showing us how easy it is to help feral cats!

    Where did you find the white styrofoam cooler/box and straw for inside the plastic tote? Does it help to keep them cool in the summer? Besides warm in the winter.

    It is so wonderful to give them toys too! I can imagine the joy they will have. It brings tears to my eyes to see such caring people as yourselves and I want to do good and follow your example of great kindness and compassion for the cats. If I don’t see any cats to help I can at least support those who do Trap Neuter and Release and Feed known feral cats. Katie : )

    • Hey Katie, thanks so much for the kind words, the styrofoam cooler scan be found at Walmart or your local gas station, straw at pet stores etc… I think it helps keep them cool too?? … Great to hear you’re gonna help the TNR crowd 🙂

      • I love the idea of these shelters but I had a hard time finding the bigger styrofoam coolers off season. Instead I just bought a sheet of that hard pink insulation and fitted it as best I could. Taped a section to the lid. I also affixed an old thin dish towel across the front opening to cut down on wind. I know I have one mystery resident and I plan on adding another very soon.

      • That sounds just as good, yes the towel is a great idea, there’s so many different options, I want to make an updated video soon with other varieties 🙂

  4. Hi, Thank you so much for the info. on where to find the supplies to make the feral cat shelter.
    Any other tips for a first timer? What is the diameter or size of the hole I make please?
    P.S. I like the t-shirt box cat cave. Super idea and so fun to see the boys play inside!!!
    Thank you for sharing the how to and the joy it brings to the cats : )

  5. Hello Chris

    I lost my cat Albie to a cat accident in January and I was devastated.
    I’ve been having a bit of a hard time generally lately and Cole&Marmalades videos really cheer me up. Thank you for posting them and give them both a treat from me to say thank you for brightening up my days which their feline antics!

  6. I don’t think my last comment came through but I just wanted to say a huge furry thank you to Cole & Marmalade for brightening up my days. I suffer occasionally from anxiety & depression and watching the boys cativities never fails to put a smile on my face. Their bond with each other is adorable and they take good care of their humans!

    xx Thank you Cole&Marmalade xx

  7. Dear ColeandMarmalade. I’ve been considering getting a black cat when I move out of my cruddy apartment into a nicer place. But just one thing worries me. I have a cockatiel named Star and I’m sure she won’t be impressed if I get a cat and I worry the cat might hurt Star. So I wanted to ask. Do you have any tips or how-to’s on how to teach cats not hurt birds?
    Hope to hear back from you.
    P.S. I love your kitties!

  8. I had a stray cat that I was feeding. Winter was coming and I was worried about the cold. I made a shelter just out of a styrofoam cooler. Turned it upside down, cut a door and filled with bedding material. Sealed the top on with duct tape.
    What is the reason behind putting the styrofoam container inside a tote?
    Love the kitties.

  9. Do you have any tips on traveling with your cats? I’m moving in a month and I will be driving from the East Coast to the West Coast with my two cats, who hate cat rides. I want to make it as stress-free as possible. Thank you, your posts always cheers me up.

  10. Just wondering if Jess already has or would think of posting how tos on building the great cat castles and runs…I try but they don’t seem to hold up to the attention of one small Devon Rex. Also just thanks for sharing…my husband always knows when I am watching Cole and Marmalade and we even see so much of Hamlet in them. Thanks to all four of you. donna

  11. Tank For the Nice videoos, just like many of Your fans, It makers me rally happy. I hope you make a lot more of tis positifs Little diamonds in the further. Greatings from Holland..

  12. Thanks for the how-to regarding introducing a kitten to the home! Our 2 year old should handle the change well considering they’re both males and the same breed. Will certainly take all of the advice in that video on board!

  13. I agree with your thoughts about feral cats. I come from a country where over 70% of the cat population are feral cats. I see no problem with them as they don’t bother anyone, they kill off pests, and most importantly, they are extremely cute. As a huge cat lover i feel that they don’t deserve to die just because they are homeless as it just isn’t logical. They always lighten up my day.

  14. My cat Niki is so unplayable. How can I get him to play? He is 12 years old. I love your cats. God bless you both??!

  15. Dear Chris:

    What is the material you used in your video, “Cole & Marmalade + NEW Cat Toys!?” The large mat and cover with holes cut into it–looks like some kind of carpet material? Measurements would be great! Love your hacks for toys! We are going to make the T-shirt box for our two boys–Peri (a carbon copy of Cole) and Orrin–Peri LOVES to watch Cole on YouTube. 🙂

  16. My husband and I have 3 cats. We recently moved into my parents house where they have one cat. So far my parent’s cat, Penny, growls and hisses at the other cats and even attacked one of them. We now have them separated and have my 3 cats in the bedroom with me and my husband (it’s a small room). We rotate the cats being out. My cats go out in the house for about 4 hrs and then they go back in the room and then penny is out. Its been a stressful process and penny doesn’t seem to be improving her behavior. Do you have any tips that may help them all get along?

  17. Doesn’t look like Marm would mind bath time too much! I rarely bathe my cats, but when I’ve needed to, this has been the most successful method for me. Maybe it will be helpful to others too.

    1. Prepare the bathtub with everything we’ll need – 5-gal bucket with warm water and cup to dip, dish of warm water with cat shampoo, perforated laundry basket, wash cloth, towels.
    2. Remove clothing. (There will NOT be a video of this method!)
    3. Get cat and close bathroom door.
    4. Sit on edge of bathtub with laundry basket between feet.
    5. Place cat in laundry basket.
    6. Bathe cat with shampoo solution, then rinse well with warm water.
    7. Towel dry cat and myself.
    8. Lie on couch and snuggle.

    This method is surprisingly stress free. By preparing the warm water ahead of time, there’s no sudden noise to startle a nervous cat. In the past, cats always tried to climb up the sides of the tub, so using the laundry basket allows the cat to feel like he has a little control of the situation. They hold on to the edge of the basket (instead of me) without panicking. The holes in the laundry basket let the water run out.

    I discovered you guys only last month. Cole and Marm videos, stories and pictures are a high point of my day now. Don’t stop!

  18. Hi Chris,
    More than a reply I have a question. We have a 14 weeks old cat that has been with us for a month. As he is such a playful cat, we adopted another kitten to play with him and be best buddies, he is 10 weeks old. We are introducing them as you said in your videos but it’s being quite difficult because the oldest, I mean the resident cat, is totally scared of the little one, without any reason. What could we do?
    Thank you very much and a lot of kisses for Cole and Marmalade

  19. I recently discovered your Cole and Marmalade website and videos. I love and respect the work you do as in my country we have a lot of stray animals and few shelters. It breaks my heart to see abandoned kittens and cats especially as most people seem to prefer dogs. I also am owned by 2 rescue cats, Lola and Luna. Keep up the great work.

  20. I’m allergic to cats but I still love them. I also love your videos! Very cute cats and hope they live a long and happy life. ?

  21. Hey Chris I washed your other video about your new Fosters where you asked us to give you names and I gave you quite a few I was just wondering what did you all decide on their name should be

  22. Hello Sir! How are you? Hope you are doing well. I already have a cat and now got 4 kittens but keeping them in a separate room. Its been a month now. I try to introduce the kittens to my cat but it behaves very wild. I need some tops from your side. Cole is a different breed and accepted marmalade in 5 days but my cat is slightly wild in behaviour so it seems difficult for me.

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