This is a page we’re you’ll find videos and posts about cat care and how you can help cats in need, enjoy! 🙂

How To Bathe a Cat:

Although the only time we’ve bathed Cole and Marmalade is when they were kittens and covered in fleas, some breeds require regular bathing and sometimes cats just get into stuff and there’s no other option than to re-introduce them to the wet stuff! … This video was created to provide tips to help relieve the stress on both cats and their servants.

How To Introduce Two cats:

Introducing two cats can be a long and stressful experience, we had it surprisingly easy with Cole and Marm and after 5 days we fully introduced them and they got along well… Cole is a very sweet natured cat and didn’t seem too threatened by the tiny ginger fuzzball running around in his territory. This videos shows you the steps we took when introducing them, there are many more online, purrlease take things slowly when introducing a new cat into your home!

How To Make a Feral Cat Shelter:

There’s many ways you can help community cats in your area, this is a simple way to help feral cats stay dry and warm during winter.

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  1. Je vous suis depuis longtemps et j’adore vos vidéos, j’ai 2 chats que j’adore. Vous êtes fantastique et je regarde vos vidéos qui me remonte le moral, étant atteinte d’une maladie psychiatrique grave qui m’empêche de vivre comme tout le monde. Je vous adore tous les 3. Bisous de la Belgique 😉

  2. Chris where do u leave your cats when u and your wife need to travel. I have two cats and can’t find pet stays for cats in my country

      1. Given how territorial cats are, we have always found it better to let them stay in their/our home when we are away. Sometimes we have been lucky enough to have a trustworthy, cat-savvy friend living nearby who can care for whatever cats we had at the time but for the last several years we have had a professional pet care provider come twice a day. Of course she provides fresh food and water and cleans the litterbox, but she also plays with them (makes them hand-knitted catnip stuffed mousies — their fave toys) and cuddles them. When we get home they’re really glad to see us but calm and content. Yes it costs money, but it’s just a regular travel expense, and with multi cats, probably cheaper than kennelling, which I think would be awful for cats!

  3. All Great videos! The feral cat how to shelter and feral cat home make over is so INSPIRING!!! Thank you for showing us how easy it is to help feral cats!

    Where did you find the white styrofoam cooler/box and straw for inside the plastic tote? Does it help to keep them cool in the summer? Besides warm in the winter.

    It is so wonderful to give them toys too! I can imagine the joy they will have. It brings tears to my eyes to see such caring people as yourselves and I want to do good and follow your example of great kindness and compassion for the cats. If I don’t see any cats to help I can at least support those who do Trap Neuter and Release and Feed known feral cats. Katie : )

    1. Hey Katie, thanks so much for the kind words, the styrofoam cooler scan be found at Walmart or your local gas station, straw at pet stores etc… I think it helps keep them cool too?? … Great to hear you’re gonna help the TNR crowd 🙂

      1. I love the idea of these shelters but I had a hard time finding the bigger styrofoam coolers off season. Instead I just bought a sheet of that hard pink insulation and fitted it as best I could. Taped a section to the lid. I also affixed an old thin dish towel across the front opening to cut down on wind. I know I have one mystery resident and I plan on adding another very soon.

      2. That sounds just as good, yes the towel is a great idea, there’s so many different options, I want to make an updated video soon with other varieties 🙂

  4. Hi, Thank you so much for the info. on where to find the supplies to make the feral cat shelter.
    Any other tips for a first timer? What is the diameter or size of the hole I make please?
    P.S. I like the t-shirt box cat cave. Super idea and so fun to see the boys play inside!!!
    Thank you for sharing the how to and the joy it brings to the cats : )

  5. Hello Chris

    I lost my cat Albie to a cat accident in January and I was devastated.
    I’ve been having a bit of a hard time generally lately and Cole&Marmalades videos really cheer me up. Thank you for posting them and give them both a treat from me to say thank you for brightening up my days which their feline antics!

  6. I don’t think my last comment came through but I just wanted to say a huge furry thank you to Cole & Marmalade for brightening up my days. I suffer occasionally from anxiety & depression and watching the boys cativities never fails to put a smile on my face. Their bond with each other is adorable and they take good care of their humans!

    xx Thank you Cole&Marmalade xx

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