Samson: Florida’s Largest Cat

King Catstradamus Still Reigning Supreme!

Reigning over his urban domain with a calm demeanor and majestic grace, Samson a.k.a. King Catstradamus, provides his dedicated human subject with an overabundance of… well almost everything!

This royal Maine Coon measures in at 4 feet in length (NOT including his gorgeously fluffy tail) and is an astounding 28 pounds! Don’t be mistaken though, this colossal cat is healthy as can be and his in-home veterinarian assures everyone he is just “the largest cat she’s ever seen”.

Residing in Deerfield Beach Florida, the 6 year old feline, born in July of 2012, proudly wears his crown as he allows his human servant, Jonathan Zurbel, to tend to his considerable daily needs.

Before and after!

Inheriting Samson from his brother, Jonathan had no grand designs to make the cat a “massive” celebrity. However, having his own social media following as a DJ allowed him to share his feline overlord with his friends and fans on Instagram, eventually gaining Samson over 175 thousand followers of his own!

The two best furiends now share their daily antics with an enchanted audience around the world. Samson is like any other cat and loves to play fetch, sit in boxes and engage in staring contests. He also ceremoniously proceeds with his human from room to room and starts each day with a face to face morning wake up call. The difference here is 28 pounds of fluffy muscle on your belly/stomach versus your average 10 pound cat!

a really really big kitten or a really small lion?

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Jonathan dishes up 6 cans of wet food a DAY to Samson and several bags of dry food a week. He also goes through approximately 3 times the amount of litter that an average sized house cat uses! Grooming a majestic feline like him brings with it a hefty $120 bill with it too, but both of them couldn’t be any happier with their arrangement. The mega-sized Maine Coon breed has such a laid-back, adaptive purrsonality that he is perfectly suited for even apartment living.

A few other things his royal Samson does that may NOT be like your average cat included going for walks in a stroller and being known for “growling” at the door like a dog. Perhaps he learned this by watching his favorite movie, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2!

He loves meeting new people and the duo are hoping that he can continue to be involved in more “catty” opportunities.

This human is abusing my tongue with his face…

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Luckily Jonathan desire to share the noble Samson with the world allows us to see this gentle giant in all his magnificent glory! They urge us to keep enjoying our cats and make everyday with them as special as you can.

Long live King Catstradamus!

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