BIG Cat Sanctuaries That Deserve Your Support

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Marmalade is a tiny tiger, and Cole is our house panther, and they care about real tigers and big cats that aren’t as lucky as they are.

Some people think big cats like lions, tigers, and panthers make great pets and keep them locked in cages. Others abuse these animals in circuses, never letting them walk unchained and often hurting the animals physically.

3 starving tigers rescued from a New York “sanctuary” after they lost their USDA license

We have been lucky enough to work with big cat sanctuaries across America to learn how they give big cats a second life. If you want to support feline care and help these animals live comfortably, consider donating to one of these five big cat sanctuaries across the country.

Big Cat Rescue

Fans of Cole and Marmalade, as well as followers of my Cat Man Chris channel know that I actually worked as the Media Producer at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida, for seven years. To this day, I try to support the sanctuary and their mission and hope to do much more in the future.

Big Cat Rescue began rescuing exotic cats in 1992 and is now home to around 60 lions, tigers, bobcats, cougars, and other species. One hundred percent of its proceeds go toward the sanctuary, so when you donate, you know you’re helping big cats in need.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary

One of the main reasons to visit The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado is its size. The big cats have more than 9,793 acres of habitat to stretch and live out their remaining lives.

More than 150,000 people visit this sanctuary each year, but The Wild Animal Sanctuary staff make it clear that they’re not trying to attract the same number of attendees as local zoos. They want their grounds to be a peaceful place for abused animals to live out their retirement and have built the sanctuary with the animals in mind.

The Wildcat Sanctuary

The Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone, Minnesota creates spacious environments for the big cats to run around in, including grass under their feet and pools to swim in. In the winter they even make snowmen for the cats to have fun destroying! Check out their website to get to know the residents and learn who your donation will support.

Lions, Tigers & Bears

Located in Alpine, California, Lions, Tigers & Bears is accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) and the American Sanctuary Association (ASA). The organization strives for a high standard of care and runs a top-notch medical facility that cares for abused big cats.

We recently helped them film some videos and got an up-close look at all the work they do. Many exotic cats come to the sanctuary with health problems because of neglect, and the team works to restore them to health and comfort while giving them a safe home to live out the rest of their lives.

Exotic Feline Rescue Center

More than 200 exotic felines call the Exotic Feline Rescue Center home, making it one of the largest in Indiana to help abused and neglected big cats. EFRC is in Center Point, Indiana. The organization hosts summer camps and 5Ks to raise awareness to support its animal care.

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If you live near one of these sanctuaries, plan a visit! Many of the volunteers will be happy to show you how they care for their rescued felines, and you can support the sanctuaries with your ticket purchase.

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