Cole & Marmalade are perhaps best known for their funny and educational videos on YouTube… Presently they have over 770,000 subscribers and 200 millions views!

Their human Chris loves to make silly videos for people of all ages to enjoy, plus he also produces educational videos to raise awareness about important issues like adoption, spay/neuter, community cats and more!

Check the videos out RIGHT MEOW! … Click Here >

Thanks Fur Watching 🙂


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    • My husband and I have been watching and following your kitties for the past couple years it seems. We’ve always had cats, even our own “Cole”. She was a rescue (as they all have been) from a storm drain. Life never goes as we plan, and oh so sadly, my husband took his life on October 8th. As I’ve struggled to come back to work, do my job, and go on with life, I’ve on “occasion” found myself drifting to your videos that make me smile and help me get thru the days. Thank you and God bless.

      • So very sorry for your loss and troubled times. Try to stay positive and WHENEVER you need to smile, we’re here for you! Will give Cole and Marm some extra snuggles on your behalf <3

  1. Cole and Marmalade are too darn cute & very handsome cats! I’m so happy to be a fan of these feline dudes and their human Chris. They always make my day leaving me a smile & laughter. Keep up with your talent.

  2. Greetings from our cats-slaves-cats-lovers family from South Australia! Your videos are so nice, funny and well made and also showing such a great love and understanding for cats! Thanks for supporting these amazing animals and for all the smiles and fun. The short video of little Cole enjoying the tickle always lifts my mood!

    • Thank you, we’re so glad you enjoy our vids, it’s amazing to hear form our fans around the world 🙂 …. P.S I spent time in SA, Adelaide in 2002, then cage diving with white sharks for 2 weeks…. 9 months total in Australia, loved it!

  3. Whenever I’m having a bad day at work or feeling down all I do is go to Youtube and turn on a Cole & Marmalade video. These two kitties cheer me up all the time! Pawsome job Cole and Marmalade!

  4. Its true that cats are the best therapy. I have been watching Cole and Marm to help me overcome emotional trama. They have definitely make a difference when I am feeling anxious. Cole + Marm = instant calm.

  5. Hello from England! I love following Cole and Marmalade on Facebook and watching your brilliant videos It’s also great to see the fantastic work you do promoting responsible cat ownership, especially in terms of spaying and adoption. Keep up the great work! My husband and I adore our own 2 fur babies- Mollie and Jasper (siblings aged 2 years) ?

  6. Brilliant loved watching Cole and Marmalade chase each around during the night. So handsome and clever (the owner isn’t bad either) 🙂

  7. Every day when I log into my email, the first thing I do is look for the posts I get from Cole and Marmalade.They are the bright spot in my day. My cat Abigail and I thank you for your wonderful pictures and videos. Keep them coming.

  8. In the video cat logic when the cats say this looks important I must eat it and this looks shiny I must destroy it that both made me laugh really hard (:

  9. You are all so wonderful! I absolutely love the name Marm and he has such an adorable unique face. Cole is such a sweetie. In the video where he head bumps you and drools on you that’s just like my snuggle bug boy ♡ I also fostered a black cat and I loved him to pieces so I am on the black cat bandwagon! I am so jealous of your job at BCR. You boys (&jess) are just adorable. I love that you’re a proud cat man ♡♡ the world needs more people like you. keep doing what you’re doing! Give the kitties scratches for me

  10. Thank you for speaking out against the cucumber fad. Once I learned what some cat owners were doing, I was left scratching my head. The empathy you show is what sets your videos apart and makes them so healing to watch. P.S. My ginger kitty is nuts too.

  11. Kole and Marmalade are beautiful and such characters! I love watching all of their videos. You have a couple of true kitty movie stars there. Thank you so much for sharing their antics with all of us!

  12. My #3 legged cat #Trip reacting to your video #BEST Video for cats EVER!

    I wanted to thank your for all you have done for all of the humans out there owned by their cats (ha ha). The cat in this video is special. He came into my life after I had to euthanize my 19 year old cat. I had been battling some depression as well. A colleague knew I had lost my cat recently and informed me a stray had birthed a litter of kittnes in her barn. One of the kittens had died, and another one had lost a rear leg because the mother’s placenta/ kitten’s umbilical cord had somehow wrapped around his leg, compromising the circulation. She said she didn’t think that one was going to live either. I really didn’t feel like I was ready to adopt a kitten at that point. He’s mine now….and he is nothing short of amazing. This little guy has changed my life! I cant explain why enitrely.
    Just before I adopted Trip, I started dating somebody who told me that they did not like cats at all. I am happy to say that this person has formed a tight bond with Trip…and this experience has changed the way he feels about animals as pets.
    I also thank you for the video you posted for cats… he really enjoys watching it.

    Take care, J

  13. I just recently adopted a kitten (6m. Elsa!)… She has been a beautiful tornado of love and fluff! Since the passing of my three elder kitties (all within two months in 2015)… Elsa has truly made the house bearable again.
    Your videos were shared by me and my three elders (Squeeky, Mouse, and Blondie). :-). I hope to get Elsa into the “know” of Cole and Mark (she’s into the bird documentaries right now).
    Thank you for making the best videos!
    Have you ever thought of doing short documentaries about cats as therapy pets?
    I work in a VA hospital and we used to have a few volunteers that would bring their cats for visits!
    Thanks again!
    Zen Kat

  14. Hi chris I had a question for you. For your video “what cats do at night” and the other videos where we see what they do at home alone, how do you film that? Do u use go-pros or pet cubes or just normal cameras and just have them around your house? Thanks. I want to start filming my cat and seeing what he does when I’m not there.
    P.S. I love Cole and marmalade!!

  15. hello from montana,I troo am on the lack cat bandwagon I have 3 cats now all fronn the shelter 2 are all black and looks like Cole and the other is a tuxedo, At 78and9they keep me going and cole ajnd Marmk keep them occupied they watch the videos , Thank you for making our lives better, Keep up the great work,kitty scratches for cole and marm from Dynamite,Sammisan and PandaBear and of course me, Hugs to you all from the hiltz clan,

  16. hello cat people !!!! I am from rio de janeiro, brazil can you give me the sizes of tee shirts in meters or centimeters? my son and wife also loves your videos. they live in (dont know how to spell switzerland…) ther nae are paolo and sam and they have a cat I call him gatoso. love to you all, ruth

  17. As a cat lover, I adore Cole and Marmalade and really look forward to their/your videos. People are wrong to say that cats are not as rewarding as dogs as it’s clear from your videos that they thrive on the attention you give them. They obviously love the games and toys which you invent and it really shows that the more you give them, the more they will give back in return.

  18. Hey Chris,
    I just wanted to say you all are awesome! My kitties and I are big fans of Cole & Marmalade.
    I’m just curious, do you have a “regular” job or have you been able to turn CAM into a full-time thing? Wouldn’t that be a dream?!
    from Lake Oswego, Oregon

  19. Cole and marmalade are so very cute and full of energy. I really like your videos because I love black cats and My aunt has one named charlie who looks just like marmalade

  20. I love to watch your videos all the time so does my little brother and I love cola and marmalade so much they are so cute! I love animals. But I have to say cats are my absolute favorite.????? meow meow meow!

  21. I have been watching Cole and Marmalade since I found you 2 and a half years ago. I have 2 little black panthers. They were both girls until Teo the smaller one started getting a large tummy. That’s when I discovered TwoTwo was a boy. They are siblings that gave me 6 tiny little ones. This is the first time in my 81 years that I raised babies. Teo and TwoTwo did things I never even thought cats did with babies. I don’t know if it was because they had always been the closest of the siblings that my son and his wife saved when their mother was killed by an opossum when they were just a couple of days old. TwoTwo was in the playpen, I got for the family, all the time with Teo. He cleaned the tiny little ones butts as Teo was nursing them. One of them died at 6 days old so I took her to the no-kill animal shelter that is in my town of Auburn, WA for them to take care of for me. They will neuter boys for only $10.00 and girls are spayed for more because theirs is major surgery. I wish I could have kept all of the babies but I live in a senior and disabled building and we are only allowed one animal. However, my doctor said I needed 2. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat if I could so I am going to foster tiny babies from the shelter in the very near future. I found the “Kitten Lady” on the net that has taught me how to do that. Please give Cole and Marmalade a big hug and kiss from me. Althea

  22. I’ve always watching Cole & Marmalade. They are so much fun to watch. I was interested at the catio.
    I want to know where do you get the catio? Do you still have the design plan or do you design it yourself?

  23. I just found the videos today but I must say they have made me laugh more then I have in years. Thank you and God bless u and your cats .

  24. Thanks for sharing these wonderful cute videos it helps you take your mind off what’s going on in the world around you thanks again for sharing God bless

  25. i am so sorry! bless your heart. my father did this when i was 22 yrs old. these wonderful creatures God has blessed us with really do help at times when we need it. i had a Cole his name was Oskar and owned my heart i lost him suddenly last November at 3 yrs old. i’ll never get over this. prayers for you!

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