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  1. Hello lovers and care givers of Cole & Marmalade,

    I love all your CAM videos, but felt I should comment and agree wholeheartedly on your video about adopting a black cat.

    I was owned by Cleo, a black & white tuxedo and after she passed, we adopted Maggie, a reverse Smoked tabby. Her fur is black on top and then changes to white half way down to her skin. She also has some beautiful black tabby markings. At the same time we adopted Winston, a gray & white Maine Coon, named after Winston Churchill because of the white tufts of fur coming out of his ears! Maggie is named for, but of couse, Margaret Thatcher, and is a grand lady, (our little Queen) in her own right.

    After Winston passed away, we adopted Charlie, an all black beauty (who looks remarkably like Cole, expect Charlie has a little tuft of white on his chest and another smaller tuft on his belly.) He is the sweetest, most caring, and affectionate of all our three cats. He greets us with a head butt/rub and, of course his brother and sister, as well as our mini Pinsher/Dachshund mix, Bleu. He will then give a few licks of cleaning/grooming to all of us.

    We also rescued Nelson, a dark gray Maine Coon (named after Admiral Lord Nelson, because his little blue/gray eyes looked like the sea during a storm.) Nelson was found by a colleague abandoned in a hotel parking lot, starving and full of fleas. She brought him home and because she had already rescued 2 dogs, 2 cats, a turtle, and 2 birds, she could not keep another pet in het apt. After one look at the adorable liitle fluff ball, Nelson came to his forever home at our house.

    We now live with Maggie, 15; Nelson, 9; and Charlie 5-years-old. All are happy, loving, and sweet black cats without whom we would not have lived such a fulfilling life!

    Yay for all black cats!
    Cary C-F
    Los Angeles, CA

  2. Hi πŸ™‚ – I’m considering taking home an adorable 8 week old male kitten! I’m just worried about him spraying in the house. Do Cole or Marmalade have any issues with that?

  3. Hello πŸ™‚ I am new to your numerous cat talk channels, but I am enjoying them lots! Big fan of both of you! I have a rescue cat I lifted off the drive way outside my mom’s house close to two years ago. She is a ginger female and had obviously been dumped, at the age of 6-7 weeks… πŸ™ She then went on to live with a couple who could provide her with others cats to be with and socialize with. They how ever turned out to be untrustworthy and I turned over every rock in my way to get her back. I succeeded and now she is living with me πŸ™‚ I have a q for you: do you ever have bad cat owner days? Like a bad hair day when you simply can’t get it right? I have been going through a rough patch lately, and it affects one’s confidence as a pet owner… So i wondered if it happens to the best of us as well? Hearing some one like u saying the same would make it feel a little less sucky, when you hav’nt been attentive enough to the fur wonder in your life :-/ Maybe a video of do’s and dont’s for cat people to get it right?
    Thanks for the wonderful vids and stories. We all have them, cat lovers united! Meows! Maria from sweden!

  4. Hi,

    I don’t know if this is the right forum to ask this … I have a cat with IBD who is on a “novel proteins” diet (and it’s working). Apparently this means that she can’t have chicken, turkey, beef, tuna, basically any food she’s ever eaten before, or her immune system will recognize it and, well, make a mess of things (literally). Duck, venison, rabbit, these she can have because she didn’t eat them before the IBD set in and her immune system gives them a pass. Are these treats made in such a way that the rabbit treats will be free of contamination from other proteins? I’m told that would only happen if they were made entirely with dedicated spaces and equipment (no common storage, processing equipment, packaging equipment, etc.). This poor cat hasn’t had a treat in years because of this problem and it’s affecting her dental health, so if these treats fill the bill, I’d be thrilled to reintroduce treats to her diet and also help the Big Cats!



  5. Hi!

    May I ask two questions?
    Cole is male, or is it female?
    And Marmalade is male, or is it female?

    Thank you very much!

  6. Thanks for all the awesome videos I love watching them. I have 2 gorgeous cats that I am lucky to be owned by a burmese and an oriental. I would love to get some video footage of them when I’m not around just wondering what you use for filming? Whenever I’m around the cats are usually snuggling each other, sleeping or eating – they don’t seem quite as playful as your two. Not with me anyway, as soon as I got the second cat I was relegated to the role of sleeping partner only and they do most of their playing with each other. I love seeing the games you play with your two. I love my dog but cats are the best entertainment ever!!

  7. What is the music played on your video introducing cole to marmalade? I’ve been wondering for 6 months. Thanks

  8. Hello, firstly thank-you for your Cole and Marmalade videos, they are lovely cats.

    I wanted to bring to your attention some videos on YouTube that I personally found appalling – Michael Jamison keeping tigers in his home along with other domestic pets; dogs and cats in particular. After watching your videos I stumbled upon him.

    Have I completely missed the point as to what he is doing? Maybe it deliberately looks worse than it actually is, or is it blatantly wrong? What is your opinion?

  9. Hi there ! I discovered your cats and you a few weeks ago and I was just wondering if you ever let them out because I don’t think I have seen them outside in the videos I have watched ? Is there a reason for that ? That is only because my cat has always been an explorer in the garden so I was a bit surprised πŸ™‚
    Thank you for your lovely videos and for your help to the felines !

  10. Hi Chris,

    I adopted a one-year old shelter kitty. She was wild at birth and ate live food, then special dry food at the shelter that she ended up being allergic to, then canned prescription food (rabbit) at my house. Some pieces of raw rabbit once. No treats.

    Your freeze-dried rabbit treats are perfect, except she doesn’t know what to do with them.She was very interested when she smelled what was in the bag! I put a drop of water on it thinking it would entice her, placed them on her eating mat, but no luck. She just kept head butting my hand and acting all happy. How can I get her to actually eat the treat?

    Kelly and Quinn

  11. Have you worried about Marm’s FIV infecting Cole? We have 6 cats and inherited and FIV + from a deceased family member. This cat is super sweet and we are tempted to keep him with our group. The new guy had to have all his teeth removed so him biting is not an issue. Just wondered about your thoughts on this topic. I apologize if you have answered this a hundred times already :-/

  12. Hi Chris,
    I was wondering how Cole and Marmalade handle going for walks on their harnesses. I’ve tried walking my cat as I dont like unsupervised access outdoors and he loves it but he constantly meows at the back door whenever he’s inside. I try to distract him with toys but it never lasts for long. Do your cats do this? If so how do you handle it?

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  13. Hey Chris, I know you’re gonna laugh at this but recently my Manx Bunny got himself wrapped up in flypaper, I called the company and double checked to make sure it was non toxic and they assured me it was. Do you know of any way to remove the sticky mess from his fur without shaving. Give CAM a scratch for me and let em know they’re pawsome!!!

  14. Hello Chris.. Need help. In some of ur videos I see you feeding the boys a wet food that is in form o long strips. What is that?! Brand? Is it pouch or canned. I think that would be a better food as they’d have to chew it & good for teeth.
    Please get back to me?
    Needless to say.. Love ur boys as if they were mine & sorry to ur wife but you are GORGEOUS specimen of a man. Wow. You should be on TV, seriously. The accent & looks… Hello?!
    Ok sorry, had to share that, like you don’t hear that allll day via the internet.
    Ok pleeeeze let me know about those strips of cat food & brand.
    Thank you to you & ur wife for all you do.
    Bless you, ur angels.
    Jaimy Holmes ?

  15. Hello Chris! I hope Marmalade is continuing to do well! I was wondering, what sorts of food and supplements you’ve been giving him since he went into remission? I have a cat battling cancer myself — lymphoid leukemia. It’s not quite the same, of course, but I’ve been keeping an eye out for any sorts of supplements to give her, no matter how hokey-sounding (though of course, I won’t be giving her anything without approval from her onco). At her last chemo appointment, the onco said she had “no signs of disease”, and I’m hoping to keep it that way! And at a year and half cancer free, something you’re giving Marm must be working pretty well!

  16. Hi Chris! I have a cat, she’s about 12-13 years old, and her breath reeks. I’ve checked her teeth and gums and nothing looks bad, but her breath is gross, which makes her coat smell too! What should I do about it?

  17. hi guys I just wanted to ask about your cat treats do you ship Internationally i would love some for my cats awesome job love your video’s hi from New Zealand πŸ™‚

  18. Please Chris make the “Your freaking me meowt t-shirt bigger. I already have Team Marmalade as a 5 xl. Is there a link for bigger t-shirts. I need more Marmalade

  19. I made a cat shelter for a stray cat. I use pine straw bedding. I made the shelter out of a mid size trash can. I insulated by putting the foam outside. The cat never try to go in to sleep except i put food inside. It seems the cat has some difficulty to turn around inside the box. Do you have any suggestion ?

  20. Meow-llo Cole and Marmalade! We saw that you received many pawsome Catmas cards! We would have lo❀️ed to send one too!! What is your address?!?

    Kailua, Maui and Their Mommy

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