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      • I know theres a lot of debate between the type of diet your cats should have, but do you have a recommendation and advice regarding the topic? My kitten, Puck, is currently on the Royal Canin Veterinary Diet – Feline Calm dry cat food. It was recommended by my vet after a bad intestinal virus that almost killed him. He does alright with it, but I wonder if maybe I should switch to a wet food after doing some research? (I believe the brand has a wet food of the same type)

  1. Hi Chris,

    Cole reminds me of my black cat Toothless. Just wondering if Cole & Marmalade are both spayed? Just brought Toothless for spaying yesterday & she’s sort of moody now & I think she’s in pain:(

    Sending love from Malaysia,

  2. Hi, this isn’t really much of a question, but will you consider making wallpapers of the boys in the future? I’m sure I’m not the only that wants those two as their desktop background.

  3. how do i order a mug that your customers mention in there faqs all i can get into are calendars Which i have purchased and tshirts

  4. Hi, thank for uploading all the lovely videos of Cole n Marm. They make my day … When I’m not watching my own two ๐Ÿ™‚ I was wondering how you keep Cole’s fur so sleek and shiny! I feed my to Iam and they get wet food every few days. One of my cats we believe is a Norwegian forest cat .. He was found in a neighbours garage when he was about 4weeks old. I have tried different food and different cat shampoos but his fur stay extremely dry n strawy. Any tips you have would be appreciated!! Thank you so much again for sharing you Fur-children with the world! Xx

    • Hello, thanks fur watching, glad you enjoy our vids โ€ฆ We feed them a 95% wet food diet and just give them dry food as treats, we also give them coconut oil which si very good for them, I think if you shampoo your cat they lose a lot of their natural oils etcโ€ฆ we never bathe Cole and Marm

  5. Hi Chris, thank you so much for sharing those amazing videos of Marmalade and Cole. I have been a big fan. I am considering taking in a kitten to accompany my first cat. Just wondering if Marmalade and Cole are using a same litter box? if they are using a same one, how did you train them to do so? Thank you in advance for answering these questions!

    • Hey Sharon, you’re more than welcome ๐Ÿ™‚ โ€ฆ I definitely think two cats is better than one, yep they both use one extra large litter box that is cleaned daily, no training needed they just use the same box naturally, we did have two at one point though…

  6. Hello there! I’ve been into your Youtube channel for a couple of days, I just find out about it because I adopted an adorable adult cat & I need some proper knowledge. It’s the first time I’ll be having a pet cat. So here’s really the situation. The cat was owned by a married couple from France who gladly loves to travel a lot. Back when the they’re travelling in Egypt they saw this feral Cat, which I guess is 1 month old by that time. Fast forward, they’ve been with this Cat for 2 years and couple of months now. They went in my country, Philippines and unfortunately they need to leave and find someone who’ll be willing to adopt the Cat. The moment I saw the Cat, I knew I wanted it. So I contacted them in just a few minutes after seeing their social media post. The day came and I met the Cat and the owner, the owner tells me about the background of the Cat their ways and all. Gladly, I was lucky that the owner is really amazing and patient. I knew its tough for them to leave their baby, but they need to. I let the cat stayed for awhile in my friend’s place because my mom wants to finish first the upper part of our house where the cat can stay. My friend’s brother pulled her out the cage immediately and made the cat really frightened so she bit him and then run away to hide. 1 day passed and I was observing the Cat. It was hiding under the Couch the whole time and doesn’t want to be touched. I felt really sorry for the Cat to feel that way, and it’s bothering me that the new environment would add up on her feelings. I somehow feel guilty of letting her stay there for awhile because my friend’s family beliefs about pets, which I found really not helping out the cat’s new place adjustments. She got scared of what they’re doing. But I’m doing my best to visit as much as possible so the Cat would recognize me and feel that it’s going to be fine. I just wanted to know if is there any reminder I would need to consider on gaining my new pet’s trust? and how can she feel okay again with her new family… Thank you so much.

    • Sorry to hear that your friend’s brother pulled her out of the cage immediately, it’s important to give them space and a quiet area and let them explore when they feel like itโ€ฆ. offer her lots of hiding spaces and make sure all human interactions are positive, so playtime, treats and food ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. How To Make a Cat Proof Christmas Tree! GREAT video love it from way across the ‘ppnd’ thank you.
    ps/loved the backing track, what is it?

  8. Hi! I ordered the UK version of the Cole and Marm calendar, as a Christmas gift for my nan, she loves them even more then I do! But I’ve had huge problems with UPS delivering it and also can’t get in touch with anyone from Lulu.com.
    Is there anyone else I can contact for help?

    Thank you!

  9. As the owner of another super furry long haired black kitty, I have a “crappy” question for you. I’m just going to go right ahead and bluntly ask it. Does Cole ever get poop stuck/smeared to his fur after he uses the litter box? I feel like I am constantly having this issue with my little lady and am not sure the best way to go about cleaning her up as she loathes and detests water and I fear the safety of my arms during the process. I have recently been using flushable wipes on her rear end area but I’m nervous those maybe aren’t okay since they’re made for humans and she then licks the area. Any insight? Thanks fellow cat lover!

    • Hey Christina, I had to laugh, it’s a “crappy” question but had to be asked and the answer is yes, Cole with his long fur does get poop stuck back there from time to timeโ€ฆ. We recently switched to a larger, wider litter box and that seems to have helped a lot so the boy snow have more room to maneuver insideโ€ฆ. I’d also suggest getting pet specific wipes just in case, we use them and maybe even trim the fur back there too, we do that sometimes, good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Chris

    my cat Abby has been troubling me as she meows whenever i am out of the house she meows and meows and she scratches a lot can u give me any tips

    greetings from india

  11. Hey Chris! Do you have any idea for a nice toy for my cats to play with, When I’m not home? The used to grab hair ties, and play with them, But I was terrified that they would eat them! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Greetings from Saskatchewan, Canada! I LOVE all the Cole and Marmalade videos. They always provide a good laugh! I was curious as to how Marm’s eye is doing? Hope it is better now. We have had a mild winter; however, yesterday was the start of some extremely cold weather. Not to worry though, all the Purrrrkids are toasty warm inside (they are indoor cats, not allowed outside).
    All our purrrkids, except 2, are rescue cats and are black! We did have a head count of 9, but
    2 went to the Rainbow Bridge this past year. Of our current 7 kittehs, 2 are 10-month old Maine Coon cats (1 girl Tuxedo, and one boy ginger-apricot & white). They “help” with the computer when I am watching C&M videos!
    Must run – the crew is getting restless …. of course, it is time for more food!
    Love from myself and the Purrrkids (Taz, Bella, Scooter, Stinger, Star, Indy and Smitty)!

  13. Hi Chris, I was sick the past few weeks and watching the videos of Cole and Marmalade really cheered me up when I was stuck in bed and getting cabin fever. I have a question…in your ending credits you feature a really cute clip of someone playing “tickle tickle” with a black kitten (I’m assuming it’s Cole). Where can I find the original video? I’d love to see it. Thanks and please keep making videos! Chris

  14. Hi Chris,
    we’ve just seen the Q-Tip video.
    Is it possible to buy the Q-Tip toy?
    Thank you for all these wonderful videos and hacks.
    Greetings from Germany
    Steffi & Jorg with Chicco & Kashi

  15. Hey there…love your videos and pics! I was just wondering what type of cancer did Marm have and what were his symptoms prior to diagnosis. I have a young fellow who has been off for some time and the vets keep telling me it is unlikely to be cancer in such a young cat. Your info could shed some light.
    Keep up the awesome posts….you bring joy to many people!

    • Hey Catherine, sorry to hear that your cat isn’t feeling too wellโ€ฆ. It’s really difficult to notice if your cat is sick because they’re so good at hiding their symptoms, with Marm he had always been a bit of a pucker, he’d always eat too fast and vomit the food up once a week at least, but we noticed he was doing it more frequently and then a few times he did it a long time after eating so we knew something was wrong and that’s when the vets found the tumor. Did you do a scan on your cat?

  16. Hi Chris,
    I just rescued a cat 3 month ago which was thrown to the streets with saying “She is not a kitten-cute anymore.” as an excuse. She is 2 years old and I love her so much, I named her Freya because she looks like a Norwegian Cat. Anyways she got used to us quickly. We had some issues with her going to the street door and meow-cry to go out but with a lot of search on the internet my fiance and I made a lot of difference in our home so she would find our home more interesting than the street. Now we are good. She isn’t going to the door and cry anymore. She trust us more even she gives cat-love to us more. The problem is I always thought two cats would be better. So I was looking for a kitten adoption because I thought my beautiful Freya would be happy to have a cat friend. One of my friends has a cat also and she didn’t listen to me about getting her cat sterilized and breed the cat with some other cat and tells me if I can take 2 of her kittens because she can’t trust anyone about it, now. What can I do? Would it be bad to take two kittens to our home? Will my Freya get angry and sad about it? Is 3 cats in one house a bad idea? (Sorry for the long information and please excuse my bad English. ) Thank you.

  17. Hi Chris. I must admit I am beyond jealous of your relationship with your two sweet cats. I only have one cat, her name is Minnie. My mother found her on a construction site. I feel really awful but I’d never in my entire life cared for a cat so I didn’t really know what to do. At the time we had a dog that we’d had for at least 5 years and he had rule over the entire house so I kept Minnie in my room with me and I feel so awful because I think I sort of scarred her because of this. Our original pup unfortunately passed away a few years ago and we adopted another one but Minnie is kind of hostile with any other animal in the house. After about a year I decided I wanted her to roam the house freely and that didn’t go over smoothly. At first she seemed terrified of everything, but eventually she settled into it. All of that was almost 10 years ago. To this day Minnie seems to get startled by the slightest noise and she doesn’t seem to “like” anyone but me. I watched your video on how cats show love and that helped me some. She does almost all of those things with me and over the years has come to do some of them with other people as well. My biggest concern at this point is her interactions with the dog, I would love for them to get along and I want to know how to help that. Minnie “wags” her tail at the dog a lot. It sort of quickly smacks back and forth and I take that as a bad sign because almost immediately following she attacks the dog, who is named Lucy by the way. She does the head butt thing with Lucy and presents her butt and rubs her which looks sweet but then will turn around and scratch her. Lucy is huge compared to Minnie, she is a lab shepherd mix. And since I’ve never had a cat before I didn’t actually know this but Minnie is truly mini, she’s like a miniature version of a cat. Any helpful tips on how to help Minnie out? I don’t know if the goal is to help her feel calmer and safer or what but any help is definitely appreciated. I want Minnie to be friendly with everyone, especially Lucy, and I want interactions with her to be pleasant for all. Thanks so much for any help you can provide Chris!

    • Hey Rachel, yeah sounds like Minnie is not a big fan of Lucy, you may want to research natural sprays online that can help calm cats in their environment, it can take a lot of time for mature cats to change…

  18. Hello! I’ve seen your videos on trapping fixing and releasing cats.
    That’s what I’m trying to do. I know you’re not an official or anything but may I ask some advice?

    We’ve been getting cats fixed and releasing them in our area. So far we’ve had 4 fixed and released.
    It’s hard for us to have every cat done (it can become expensive) so we’ve been trying to make cats friendly first.
    Anyway, our neighbors are very unhelpful.

    They keep trapping them and taking them to the local kill shelter. These are not only cats we are trying to save up to fix, but cats we have already had fixed! We have to pay 25 dollars to have them released. Money we’re saving to have more fixed.

    Do you know what I can do about these neighbors? Thing is we don’t know which ones it is, however all but two of our neighbors dislike cats.
    Any advice on what to do when your neighbors are anti cat but you’re trying to save them?

    It hurts my heart that we’ve had so many cats we’ve made friendly (before we could afford to have them fixed) be purged by mean neighbors.

    • Man, that sucks! Thanks so much for taking the time to try and help these cats and pay for it out of your own pockets! I’m not sure there is much you can do, is there any local rescue groups you can talk to and get some adviceโ€ฆ?

  19. Hello boys
    Is Marm the kitten advertising the catnip ‘cosmic catnip’ on Amazon.co.uk

    Seriously looks like him or he has a dobbleganger!

    Love the new video! Xx

  20. After watching Cole & Marm and all the joy they bring I have decided to foster cats needing a home (because of my unpredictable job I can’t have a cat full time) my first foster cat is a mum and kittens and they will stay with me until they are 8 weeks old and I will be at home to assist mum is caring for her little ones and playing with them helping to socialise them so they’re ready for their forever homes. I cannot wait, I’m so excited.

    Thank you for all your videos and how to help the cats in the community.

  21. Hi Chris, Jess, Cole, and Marmalade!!

    I apologize if this question has been asked before! I know you are all moving and have moved before with a car. How does the litter box situation work in the car? And how do you train your cats to be in the car for long periods of time?

    My cat, Ming, has only been in the car for short periods of time around 15 to 20 minutes. Sometimes he’s in his carrier, most times he’s not… which is dangerous, I know! Haha! I’m looking into some pet car seats to avoid this. Anyway, one time, I think he was in the car for too long because we made a few unplanned detours. He started panting! I believe it was from car sickness or nervousness.

    I’m hoping I won’t have to travel long distances with Ming but it’s good to be prepared and I’m so curious how you and Jess travel with the boys!

    Thank you!

  22. Hello there! Just wondering what video editing software do you use. I have lots of videos of my cat and would really like to edit them first before posting it on my cat’s social media sites. Thank you! =)

  23. Hi Chris ๐Ÿ˜€ I have some questions, and since you’re a catxpert, I think this is a good place to ask them ๐Ÿ˜€

    1- My cat sleeps all day long, and at night, he gets out of the house and most of the times, gets in a fight with the neighborhood females, last time he got into one, he came back with an injury right above his left eye, a little bit down and he would be blinded, and it still hasn’t healed completely. I would just close the window, but then he wouldn’t stop meowing. My question is, Is there a way to make him not WANT to go outside, so I don’t have to deal with his meowing at 4 a.m. ?

    2- Is there a way to make him sleep less in the day, so we can play, and sleep at night? I know cats are nocturnal, but im guessing that if he doesn’t get to sleep during the day, he’s going to have to sleep during the night, even if it’s just for a while.

    3- Our house is full of boxes, but he can’t really play with them, because he uses them as a scratcher, so he destroys them, now, there are a few shoe boxes that can play with, but he chooses not to. How can I get him to play with the right boxes? Without using catnip, that is.

    4- When he was a kitten, he was a little playful, when he grew, he just didn’t like it as much anymore, then he got lost for three weeks, we thought that he wouldn’t come back anymore, then when he came back, he didn’t like to play, he wasn’t friendly anymore. That was a few months ago, now Im trying to get him to be lovely and riendly and playful again, he must be kind of traumatized, because when I get him to play, he plays for a little seconds, and then just runs away with his ears back, Im not sure why, but he hears anything and already jumps away. Also some people in the house don’t play very nicely with him, and are contantly scaring him. what can I do to get him to be more playful?

    5- To feed him, we fill his bowl with dry food, and whenever he feels like eating, he can eat, then we jut refill it. Is that the right thing to do? Or should we feed him at specific times? And he is about two years old, so he might have trouble getting used to any changes.

    I think this is all. ๐Ÿ˜€ Toodles!

  24. Hi!! First of all let me tell you I really really enjoy your videos and pics. Those boys are beautiful and funny as hell! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Iยดm from Argentina and I have 2 cats adult cats now. I have a Siamese girl called Frida. She is 6 years old and has lived with me for around 6-7 months now ๐Ÿ™‚ She used to live with a friend of mine but my friend needed to leave the country and could not take Frida with her, so I adopted her ๐Ÿ™‚ She is a tiny little thing with lots and loooots of energy!!
    A month and a half ago I adopted another adult cat. A big and beautiful black cat that I named Madiba since to me he is a true hero. He is 9 years old, has lived on the streets far too long and the rescuer got him just in time. He was very injured at that time. She took care of him for around 3 months but needed to put him under adoption. I saw his picture on a rescuersยดhouse on facebook and I instantly fall in love with him. He came with some respiratory problems (he sneezed a lot and expulsed a lot of mucus – sorry for that info :S), some cough and one of his eyes was almost all closed. The first vets thought it might be caused from a fight… anyhow, I started my own trip to the vets and put him on some antibiotics all february. Last saturday I took him to check again and have him blood tested and yesterday I got the results: not good unfortunately ๐Ÿ™ His inmune system seems to not be working well and the vet wants to test him for VIF and Felv. I recalled that you always talk about one of those terms and I wanted to ask you for advise. Iยดm very very very worry and people are now telling me I should have them separate because it might be very contagious for Frida…. Of course I want to do the tests right away but I have to wait for another 2 days before. I would loooove to know your experience with Cole & Marm being VIF+
    I donยดt even want to think about separating them or not having Madiba with me!! It just breaks my heart.,…
    Thank you so much!!
    Love to the boys!!

  25. Hi there o/ Greetings from Porto,Portugal. My name is Joana and I have two cats (very similar to Cole & Marmalade). Anubis (5 years old) is a lookalike of Cole and Osiris (9 months) is a lookalike of Marmalade. I’m facing some problems with them, in terms of socialization, they get along quite well but every time I have to go to the vet with one or another, everything changes and Anubis stays very agressive towards Osiris for a few days. This is normal? Do you have some advice to give me about this? This happened with Cole & Marmalade in the beginning? I’m getting help from my vet about this but they cannot explain me why this happens. The vet says maybe this is due to the background of Anubis (he is a very insecure cat and he is always afraid of everything all the time) because the first family who adopted him treated him very badly, beating him and making him starving. I adopted Anubis when he had already one years old and I have tried the best I can to helping him. I think I was successful. Last year I adopt Osiris to make Anubis company because Anubis doesn’t like to be alone when I have to go to work. Can you please give me your best advice about this situation? It will mean a lot to me and to my cats. Thank you in advance for your help.

  26. Hi cat lovers
    I’m after some advice and reassurance. My very precious and slightly neurotic kitty will be going to a cattery for three weeks whilst I’m on holidays. She’s never been away from home and I’m super stressed about how she’ll cope. Any advice? The cattery is awesome and she will have her own little condo.

  27. Hello Chris. I have two cats who are both 1 years old, one’s social and the other is not. My unsocial cat loves me and my sister(and sometimes my mom), but he doesn’t like other people especially my dad and uncle. He’s afraid to get close to them and tends to run off or hide when they try to pet him, only letting women pet him(my mom sister and me). What problem does he have and how can I fix it?

  28. I saw a video where there was w box with an animated cat paw taking quarters from the top of the box. Is that available to purchase ? My 3 year old twins would love one :)?

  29. What kind of litter do you use? We want to switch what we are using but not sure what is best. Thanks in advance! love your babies!!!

  30. HI Chris,I noticed you give Cole & Marm coconut oil.How much for an adult cat (no kittens here) and no cats over 11.I would use organic coconut oil-just don’t want to give them too much.The kitties eat wet & dry (Natures Variety) Wellness Turkey wet food.We heat with a wood stove so even with a humidifier it’s dry and then it gets hot all of a sudden so they are in air-con.

  31. dear chris , my other cat or u can say a kitten ginger , alway tries to run out of the house and i can’t let that happen as i just lost my other cat because a severe dog bite and as u might know in india stray dogs roam in the and eat any cat they see running
    RIP Abby

  32. Hey chris! You inspired me to get a cat and i am now a cat person and i hope cole and marm live long. If you use skype can you please accept my request

  33. Hey chris! You inspirwed me to get a cat and i am now a cat person and i hope cole and marm live long. If you use skype can you please accept my request

  34. Hi ! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for all the videos !
    Do your cats stay at home all the time ?
    I had 2 cats who used to go out (sadly gone :'() but I can’t anymore living in a flat and considering having a new cat he would have to stay inside (at least for a few years…)

  35. Hello! As you are, I am owned by two cats. They share the same litterbox. What kind of litter do Cole and Marm use? What kind do you think is the best?

  36. Hello! I love all your videos, I’m interested in making some videos of my cat as well. Can I ask what camera or videocamera you used to make your videos and if you have any advice for me? Thank you!

  37. I’m from Spain and I love Cole and Marmalade. Everyday I see your videos and I can’t stop smile. Sorry for my english hahaha
    Can I buy on the shop being from Spain? If I can, how much cost the shipments? Thanks for it all
    P.d. my two cats are in love with cole and marm too <3

  38. Hello… love your boys! (you’re not so bad yourself ๐Ÿ˜› ) I’m doing research on cat trees as there are not many high places in my house for my 3 guys. Have you a favorite brand that you’ve found to be sturdy without breaking the bank? One of my boys is about 15lbs and he’s not fat. He is just a big cat. I worry about a tall perch that may not take his weight.

    • yes but you should use something like a spray bottle cause the skin on a kitten is very sensitive and only use a little bit of cat shampoo and your kittens will be very clean

  39. Hello lovers and care givers of Cole & Marmalade,

    I love all your CAM videos, but felt I should comment and agree wholeheartedly on your video about adopting a black cat.

    I was owned by Cleo, a black & white tuxedo and after she passed, we adopted Maggie, a reverse Smoked tabby. Her fur is black on top and then changes to white half way down to her skin. She also has some beautiful black tabby markings. At the same time we adopted Winston, a gray & white Maine Coon, named after Winston Churchill because of the white tufts of fur coming out of his ears! Maggie is named for, but of couse, Margaret Thatcher, and is a grand lady, (our little Queen) in her own right.

    After Winston passed away, we adopted Charlie, an all black beauty (who looks remarkably like Cole, expect Charlie has a little tuft of white on his chest and another smaller tuft on his belly.) He is the sweetest, most caring, and affectionate of all our three cats. He greets us with a head butt/rub and, of course his brother and sister, as well as our mini Pinsher/Dachshund mix, Bleu. He will then give a few licks of cleaning/grooming to all of us.

    We also rescued Nelson, a dark gray Maine Coon (named after Admiral Lord Nelson, because his little blue/gray eyes looked like the sea during a storm.) Nelson was found by a colleague abandoned in a hotel parking lot, starving and full of fleas. She brought him home and because she had already rescued 2 dogs, 2 cats, a turtle, and 2 birds, she could not keep another pet in het apt. After one look at the adorable liitle fluff ball, Nelson came to his forever home at our house.

    We now live with Maggie, 15; Nelson, 9; and Charlie 5-years-old. All are happy, loving, and sweet black cats without whom we would not have lived such a fulfilling life!

    Yay for all black cats!
    Cary C-F
    Los Angeles, CA

  40. Hi ๐Ÿ™‚ – I’m considering taking home an adorable 8 week old male kitten! I’m just worried about him spraying in the house. Do Cole or Marmalade have any issues with that?

  41. Hello ๐Ÿ™‚ I am new to your numerous cat talk channels, but I am enjoying them lots! Big fan of both of you! I have a rescue cat I lifted off the drive way outside my mom’s house close to two years ago. She is a ginger female and had obviously been dumped, at the age of 6-7 weeks… ๐Ÿ™ She then went on to live with a couple who could provide her with others cats to be with and socialize with. They how ever turned out to be untrustworthy and I turned over every rock in my way to get her back. I succeeded and now she is living with me ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a q for you: do you ever have bad cat owner days? Like a bad hair day when you simply can’t get it right? I have been going through a rough patch lately, and it affects one’s confidence as a pet owner… So i wondered if it happens to the best of us as well? Hearing some one like u saying the same would make it feel a little less sucky, when you hav’nt been attentive enough to the fur wonder in your life :-/ Maybe a video of do’s and dont’s for cat people to get it right?
    Thanks for the wonderful vids and stories. We all have them, cat lovers united! Meows! Maria from sweden!

  42. Hi,

    I don’t know if this is the right forum to ask this … I have a cat with IBD who is on a “novel proteins” diet (and it’s working). Apparently this means that she can’t have chicken, turkey, beef, tuna, basically any food she’s ever eaten before, or her immune system will recognize it and, well, make a mess of things (literally). Duck, venison, rabbit, these she can have because she didn’t eat them before the IBD set in and her immune system gives them a pass. Are these treats made in such a way that the rabbit treats will be free of contamination from other proteins? I’m told that would only happen if they were made entirely with dedicated spaces and equipment (no common storage, processing equipment, packaging equipment, etc.). This poor cat hasn’t had a treat in years because of this problem and it’s affecting her dental health, so if these treats fill the bill, I’d be thrilled to reintroduce treats to her diet and also help the Big Cats!



  43. Hi!

    May I ask two questions?
    Cole is male, or is it female?
    And Marmalade is male, or is it female?

    Thank you very much!

  44. Thanks for all the awesome videos I love watching them. I have 2 gorgeous cats that I am lucky to be owned by a burmese and an oriental. I would love to get some video footage of them when I’m not around just wondering what you use for filming? Whenever I’m around the cats are usually snuggling each other, sleeping or eating – they don’t seem quite as playful as your two. Not with me anyway, as soon as I got the second cat I was relegated to the role of sleeping partner only and they do most of their playing with each other. I love seeing the games you play with your two. I love my dog but cats are the best entertainment ever!!

  45. What is the music played on your video introducing cole to marmalade? I’ve been wondering for 6 months. Thanks

  46. Hello, firstly thank-you for your Cole and Marmalade videos, they are lovely cats.

    I wanted to bring to your attention some videos on YouTube that I personally found appalling – Michael Jamison keeping tigers in his home along with other domestic pets; dogs and cats in particular. After watching your videos I stumbled upon him.

    Have I completely missed the point as to what he is doing? Maybe it deliberately looks worse than it actually is, or is it blatantly wrong? What is your opinion?

  47. Hi there ! I discovered your cats and you a few weeks ago and I was just wondering if you ever let them out because I don’t think I have seen them outside in the videos I have watched ? Is there a reason for that ? That is only because my cat has always been an explorer in the garden so I was a bit surprised ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you for your lovely videos and for your help to the felines !

  48. Hi Chris,

    I adopted a one-year old shelter kitty. She was wild at birth and ate live food, then special dry food at the shelter that she ended up being allergic to, then canned prescription food (rabbit) at my house. Some pieces of raw rabbit once. No treats.

    Your freeze-dried rabbit treats are perfect, except she doesn’t know what to do with them.She was very interested when she smelled what was in the bag! I put a drop of water on it thinking it would entice her, placed them on her eating mat, but no luck. She just kept head butting my hand and acting all happy. How can I get her to actually eat the treat?

    Kelly and Quinn

  49. Have you worried about Marm’s FIV infecting Cole? We have 6 cats and inherited and FIV + from a deceased family member. This cat is super sweet and we are tempted to keep him with our group. The new guy had to have all his teeth removed so him biting is not an issue. Just wondered about your thoughts on this topic. I apologize if you have answered this a hundred times already :-/

  50. Hi Chris,
    I was wondering how Cole and Marmalade handle going for walks on their harnesses. I’ve tried walking my cat as I dont like unsupervised access outdoors and he loves it but he constantly meows at the back door whenever he’s inside. I try to distract him with toys but it never lasts for long. Do your cats do this? If so how do you handle it?

    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. Hey Chris, I know you’re gonna laugh at this but recently my Manx Bunny got himself wrapped up in flypaper, I called the company and double checked to make sure it was non toxic and they assured me it was. Do you know of any way to remove the sticky mess from his fur without shaving. Give CAM a scratch for me and let em know they’re pawsome!!!

  52. Hello Chris.. Need help. In some of ur videos I see you feeding the boys a wet food that is in form o long strips. What is that?! Brand? Is it pouch or canned. I think that would be a better food as they’d have to chew it & good for teeth.
    Please get back to me?
    Needless to say.. Love ur boys as if they were mine & sorry to ur wife but you are GORGEOUS specimen of a man. Wow. You should be on TV, seriously. The accent & looks… Hello?!
    Ok sorry, had to share that, like you don’t hear that allll day via the internet.
    Ok pleeeeze let me know about those strips of cat food & brand.
    Thank you to you & ur wife for all you do.
    Bless you, ur angels.
    Jaimy Holmes ?

  53. Hello Chris! I hope Marmalade is continuing to do well! I was wondering, what sorts of food and supplements you’ve been giving him since he went into remission? I have a cat battling cancer myself — lymphoid leukemia. It’s not quite the same, of course, but I’ve been keeping an eye out for any sorts of supplements to give her, no matter how hokey-sounding (though of course, I won’t be giving her anything without approval from her onco). At her last chemo appointment, the onco said she had “no signs of disease”, and I’m hoping to keep it that way! And at a year and half cancer free, something you’re giving Marm must be working pretty well!

  54. Hi Chris! I have a cat, she’s about 12-13 years old, and her breath reeks. I’ve checked her teeth and gums and nothing looks bad, but her breath is gross, which makes her coat smell too! What should I do about it?

  55. hi guys I just wanted to ask about your cat treats do you ship Internationally i would love some for my cats awesome job love your video’s hi from New Zealand ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. Please Chris make the “Your freaking me meowt t-shirt bigger. I already have Team Marmalade as a 5 xl. Is there a link for bigger t-shirts. I need more Marmalade

  57. I made a cat shelter for a stray cat. I use pine straw bedding. I made the shelter out of a mid size trash can. I insulated by putting the foam outside. The cat never try to go in to sleep except i put food inside. It seems the cat has some difficulty to turn around inside the box. Do you have any suggestion ?

  58. Meow-llo Cole and Marmalade! We saw that you received many pawsome Catmas cards! We would have loโค๏ธed to send one too!! What is your address?!?

    Kailua, Maui and Their Mommy

  59. Hi, lovers of cole and marmalade, even to cole and marmalade:),
    I watch your videos all the time, they are so cute and lovely and i am really happy about them being owned by the best caring hands.
    Sir, i just have one question which is worrying me alot lately. I have a beautiful male cat pure white and eyes of blue and green colour. He looks very attractive and i have been taking care of it since 7-8 months. I found him near my garage back then, and since then i love him with all my heart. He is super playful and very affectionate.
    But just few days back he wandered off somewhere. I mean he used to go out of my home, roam here and there and come back again in 3-4 hours maximum, but that day he never returned. I waited the whole night and began searching that night itself thoroughly knocking each and every door of my neighborhood. I failed to find him. I even extended my search the next day and failed. I was so devastated and broken, i cannot explain my feelings.
    But 3 days after he returned, and i like with my arms wide open squeezed him although it hurted him a bit maybe..he looked so dirty and hungry. I felt so relieved and thanked God million times.
    I just want to ask you people, do cats or specifically male cats wander off like this during mating? Or what might be the possible reasons? Should i take some precautions now to avoid this again? Because i cant live without him, i want him by my bed everyday and his love.

    Thank you.
    Please help and me, as i know he cannot live withoutโ€‹ me too.

  60. Thank you so much for your fun videos and educational videos – enjoy all. I love black cats and Cole, especially, warms my heart. Just wanted to add a note to your post about big cat “sanctuaries”. When these animals get older or sick and are no longer able to ‘perform’, they are often sold to canned hunt facilities – another way the “sanctuaries” make money. Thank you for helping bring the bogus sanctuary issue to the public’s attention.

  61. Hey, Chris! I just wanted to let you know that I really love Cole and Marmelade, and I really enjoy their vids. Right now, I’m currently on a Cole and Marm binge!? Their vids really make me happy, especially when I’m down. God Bless you, your wife, both Cole and Marm, and your home. I hope many blessings flow through your life!โค I love y’all!!!! PS: Thank you sooo sooo much for always making me happy!?? Love, Britney

  62. Do you guys take rescue kitties? I have a little one who needs some TLC and I sadly cannot afford to fix him up. His name is Tigger and he is very mellow and well behaved.

  63. Hi I’m Shiva from India. Before Week I found a kitty on next to my street and that time it was raining heavily. It was fully wet I just heard a meow sound. I looked for and I rescued

  64. Hi there! Luv Cole and marmalade! Frm India.. I have a cat named Chiku which I had rescued. She is almost an adult cat. I have seen in ur videos that your cats show more affection and do head rubs. My cat doesn’t do at all. As days r passing by, she is becoming more and more aggressive. I m a college going student. My parents r working. So whole day there is no one at home. I feel like she misses us as we r unable to give her time. I think it’s the only reason that she is getting aggressive. She doesn’t eat food properly. I think the other reason is I haven’t neutered her and she is a feral cat. Can u pls suggest me how to stop her aggression? I love her alot and I don’t expect much frm her. I just want her to be happy, not aggressive.

    • We do – our current mailing address is below – we’ll be moving to FL around May 2018 so we’ll post an updated address at that time.

      Cole & Marmalade
      2707 Three Oaks Rd
      P.O. Box 672
      Cary, IL 60013

  65. Just saw your story of Dean. About 9 months ago, we had 3 boys all 8 weeks. Austin (Healy),John Mosses (Browning) , and Chester. (For my unkel who served in subs). First Chester fell sick. You know the vet drill. Turned out to be carona virus, always fatal. Vet 3 times a week PRAYING something would change. Built him a ramp up to my bed. Carried him around when ever I left the room. Finnaly, had to do the WORST day of my life. 3 weeks later, John Mosses started not playing. 3 weeks after that, 2nd worst day ever. Austin I believe took it hard as I did. We were a nutt’en twosome.

  66. hey Chris, did you know that the new black panther movie is apparently helping black cats get adopted from shelters?? that’s so awesome!!

  67. I went to your facebook page and saw you have instagram. the link didnt work. what is your instagram? my cat would love to follow it ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. Hey was wondering if you have ever had a cat who barely slept, was extremely active like speedy gonzalous. Only sleeps when I sleep. Sometimes checks on me constantly to make sure I’m ok even when he is outside. Twin brother was poisoned by the neighbors a year ago. Did sleep when brother was here did everything together. Got him a sister. He isn’t crazy about her. Possible part eygptian cat. Never showed him his dead brother. Didn’t want him to be hurt emotionally. Wants to go outside constantly. I won’t let him go alone. Is it possible he is still looking for his brother? Someone said that?

    • IMO, less. Because you do not have to take them out for walks. But literally ALL animals/pets are work and the more you put into it, the more you receive back from them <3

  69. Cats have four rows of whiskers on each side of their faces and they can move them independently of each other

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