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Cole & Marmalade are always up to something! … Together with their human ‘servant’ Chris they will entertain AND educate you! Check out their fun videos to see them in action! Please Adopt, Spay & Neuter! – BE THE SOLUTION! 🙂

COLE   D.O.B – 3 • 1 • 12 (estimated)

We adopted Cole in 2012 after a friend of ours spotted him at a busy intersection one evening all alone… When our friend texted us the picture of this little fluff ball we couldn’t say no and we picked him up the very next day. He was only around 6 weeks old and covered in fleas, but as you can see he’s matured into quite the handsome man and we feel very lucky that this black cat came into our lives 🙂

We believe Cole is a TURKISH ANGORA but can’t be totally sure since he was rescued off the streets, but we all know rescued is the best breed anyway ! … Jess chose the name Cole because she likes the name and because of the obvious similarity to Coal which we thought was fun AND I also liked the fact that it was a combination of my name Chris + Poole.

Because we raised him from such a young age he bonded with us very closely and he’s a big snuggle bug … He’s also very clever and when we play hide and seek with Cole he normally outsmarts us!

Kitten to Cat - #BlackCatsRule
Kitten to Cat – #BlackCatsRule

MARMALADE   D.O.B – 7 • 1 • 13

Marm was born July 1st 2013, unfortunately his two siblings died and his owners didn’t want him and we feared he’d end up at the local shelter or let loose outside to fend for himself in a nearby feral colony… so we agreed to adopt him into our family (his mum was spayed soon after) … Cole & Marmalade soon became best buds and were running around playing together in no time at all!

Marmalade was diagnosed with cancer in 2014 and we also discovered he was FIV+… But after having the tumor removed and undergoing a dozen chemotherapy treatments Marm came out on top and kicked cancer’s butt! He’s now in remission and doing well, nothing’s gonna keep this feisty ginger kitty down! 🙂

He’s a short haired ginger tabby and I named him Marmalade after the British jam I eat on my toast! … Plus I like to say Mar-ma-lade, unfortunately many people think he’s a girl because of this name, sorry Marm!

Marmalade has such a distinctive face, we love it!
Marmalade has such a distinctive face, we love it!


Chris is a self confessed crazy cat guy! … Growing up with cats since he was a kid, he’s very proud to be owned by such amazing cats now he’s an “adult” … Born in Nottingham, England (that’s where the weird accent comes from) but he’s lived in the USA since 2008 🙂

For 7 years he was Media Producer at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa FL where he worked closely with tigers, lions and other exotic cats, helping to raise awareness about the problems they’re facing in the wild and in private hands… He hopes to make Cole and Marmalade spokes kitties for their larger cousins too!

Chris with Joesph a male lion - Big Cat Rescue
Chris with Joesph a male lion – Big Cat Rescue
Chris took part in many rescues
Chris took part in many rescues
Real Men Love Cats! 1985 - Present Day!
Real Men Love Cats! 1985 – Present Day!


Jess is Cole & Marm’s wonderful cat mom and Chris’ long suffering wife! 🙂

She helps with video ideas and pics and is responsible for all the pawsome kitty props in our videos including costumes and EPIC cat castles!

jess blog


Grand Prize Winner 2014 – Marmalade “Dumpster Kitty” • “Strange” Category Winner 2014 – Marmalade “Dumpster Kitty” • “Catness” Category Winner 2012 – Cole “Black Cat Stick ’em Up!”

Chris pictured with all the category captains after winning the GRAND PRIZE AWARD!
Chris pictured with all the category captains after winning the GRAND PRIZE AWARD!


Thanks to our wonderful supporters and their daily votes, Marmalade WON the Star Cat contest and was featured on the cover of Modern Cat Magazine and all 3 boys were featured inside!

Chris and Marmalade reading Modern Cat Magazine :)
Chris and Marmalade reading Modern Cat Magazine 🙂

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  1. Cole & Marmalade are the best! You really make great videos that are both fun an educative at the same time, I wish more celebrity cats would use their popularity to raise awareness of both house cats and big cats like you do.

  2. I am also in Tampa and my Blackie is just like Cole, my husband saw this little kitten in the middle of the street and walked right up to him and had him every since. Blackie and Cole are the same age and both Maine Coons, I love black cats and being a cat lady its hard to hat any type of cat. Good luck with Marmalade and hope recovery is quick. Love the videos!!!!

      1. Cole looks like he might have a bit of Norwegian forest cat in him. Our rescue cat charlie is very similar.. He even sleeps in the same daft upside down position!

  3. Do you remember where your friend picked up Cole? Because the same time that we take the black key there was a black female cat and a kitten on the side of the road not that far away from my home and I’m just wondering if it sound outrageous but you never know.

  4. Chris I wanted you and the boys to know how much you have helped me. I have severe anxiety and I’ve found that Cole & Marmalade help bring me down the best. You guys are better than any pill or other distraction I’ve tried. I’m so happy to have found your videos.

  5. Hey guys, my family and I have loved watching all your adventures and awesome ideas on cat play houses with boxes, two years ago we rescued our black cat that’s half siamese and half tabby, he was found by a park with his sister they were both blind from eye infections and very under weight so we swooped the pair up, I fell in love with babies (the black kitty)the very first second I met him and my good friend took his sister (who is traditional siamese colors)that very same day, they too were covered in fleas, scared because they couldn’t see and very hungry but about a month later they were new cats full of love and life, I really enjoy watching Cole because his personality is just like my black kitty babies, my son loves marmalade the best, anyway thanks for sharing your adventures and knowledge we are big fans.

  6. I love these two 🙂 I have a ginger cat myself and trying to talk my boyfriend into adopting another furry friend. Lots of love from NI

  7. Awesome! Me and my friend really like your videos about Cole and Marmalade! Keep making more cat videos pls!
    Also, your videos can spread awareness of saving a cat from shelter!

    1. Hey Quin, nope not from Australia, although I’ve visited there a couple times, great place! … I’m actually British (Nottingham) but have lived in the states since 2008… Cole and Marm don’t have any dog friends, I think they’d just freak out, they are big scaredy cats!

  8. I just wanted to thank you, Chris and Jessica, for everything you do to educate people on the plight of big cats, and for your work directly with them at the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa. The thought of even one of those felines having been abused, neglected, or losing their habitat due to human activity, makes me unbearably sad. And I am incredibly grateful for people like you that ease and/or prevent their suffering. And I’d also like to say that you could not be a better example of what every cat deserves to have in a human companion. I can only hope that you can continue to raise awareness and educate people to care for the felines in their lives.

  9. Oh my gosh Cole and Marmalade are so cool and cute at the same time!!! I have a black cat named Mickey that looks like Cole (well sorta) And I have a ginger orange cat named Leo which looks exactly like Marmalade. Thank goodness Marmalade kicked Cancer’s butt. Good job Marmalade!!!

  10. It is so true what you said about the pocket panthers — aka black cats — and adoption. It is too true. My black cat is a 3-legged, feral born kitten I found hiding in my outdoor work bench. But when I called shelters about her, I was told she would not even be offered for adoption. So, she lives with me now.

    It has been a long three months to get her out from under the bed. She is still skittish when you approach her on foot; tho’ I think mostly because she just likes to run. Her missing leg doesn’t slow her down. She loves laser pointers, dried chickpeas (she got in the pantry while I was at work, tore the bag open, and rolled those dang legumes all over the house), chirping at birds in the window feeder, and stalking the wild moth. She likes sleeping in the sweeps tray on my jewelers bench. She even watches Cole and Marmalade videos.

    I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want her.

    Thank you for advocating for black cats.

    1. Hi Rose, yes it’s so unfortunate that even in 2015 black cats have a bad rep, but we’re doing our best to help end this dumb superstition…. so glad you the little black kitty, I’m sure she’ll have a great life with you 🙂

  11. I have to agree with what others have said, your C & M videos have been a great stress reliever for me personally. I watch them with my own black cat friend, Madeline who I adopted from the shelter as no one wanted her. Maddy is fascinated watching the guys frolic around. They are hilarious and make me laugh out loud! Do you still offer a C & M mug? I just received their calendar and love it! But would also love a mug, if available! Thanks!

  12. Hi love your videos Cole and Marmalade are so sweet and up to all sort of trouble, i have 5 cats myself all spayed and vaccinated, We have Suzy ( from Northern Ireland, Belfast ) a black half Persian her nose is not as flat but she has the big fluffy tail, then it is Clancy he is a dark ginger one, we got him from the neighbours who had him in their garage after following the son home one evening, i said i’ll take him a garage is not the best place for a 6 month curious kitten, then we have Oscar Wilde ( he is Irish ) he is light ginger and white and cream, we found him in the back of our garden, a dump job i think but we got him and he was so scared and small about 5 weeks, now he is a handsome boy and after finding out he was allergic to flea bites he is now a kitty full of energy and playfulness, then we have Stella, we got her from Equipet in Northern Ireland, i was looking for a cat after our Felix died of acute liver failiure ( he was after Suzy and he was a big massive black cat ) and she is fully white and deaf and has a yellow eye and a amber eye and she is so cool,and i use sign language when i talk to her, then we have Zoe a little tabby small but so feisty, we got her from the neighbour he got 4 kitty’s on his hand and can’t take care of them all so i decided to take one, actually she choose me. I love them all and i would not be without any of them, but no more now we don’t have the space. I calculate one room for each cat then i know they all have somewhere to go if they want to be alone, but usually they are where i am. Me and my husband love them and we wouldn’t change a singe one of them.
    Ps. I’m Swedish but moved to Belfast met my hubby then we moved to Ireland.

      1. Hi Chris! i have a question, i ended up with a little Cockatiel ( rescue ) and he is in a cage but the cat’s go nuts especially Zoe i think it might be because she is so young but can you give me any advice? the bird is a bit aggressive so he won’t come and sit on our hand or anything and i don’t think he will ever get out of the cage either ( if he would get better and we can use our hand without him trying to bite it off, we can close the door ), we will find another cage with narrower bars as it is now the moggies can get their paws in, not fully but still not nice when a little sharp beak nipps at their paws. anyway i appreciate any advice you can give… <3

  13. Hi, from Western Maryland. I too have kittie children, three in fact. Hope, Queen Elizabeth at the bar fight, is well you understand. She is a white and grey calico. Babe is my Philly tortie girl, 7 pounds of Nurse Ratchet. Babe will not let me go to the bathroom alone at night. She must show me the way you know. Then there is my boy, my handsome black Duncan. I found him on the streets of Washington,D.C., and watched as he evaded death by running between the wheels of cars on the street. He is named Duncan because it means dark warrior in Gaelic. He did fight for his life that day. He came home with me and has had many adventures living in Baltimore, Philadelphia and now Western Maryland on the side of a mountain. When asked what are their breeds I reply,”Alley rescue.” But I am not sure who really rescued who.

  14. After I put Little Tommie to sleep it was time for a new pair of kitties. I work so I knew I wanted a bonded pair. I’m partial to tabbies so that was on my wish list. When they showed me Marley, a tabby, I fell in love. Then, I saw his sister, Bullet, who is a jet black cat. If I had not watched so many Cole and Marmalade videos, I would not have considered a black cat. But, hearing your advocacy for adopting black cats softened my heart toward Bullet. They are now in my home, playing together, being loved and helping me get past the loss of my beloved Tommie. I can now say, “Black cats rule!”

  15. Hi! I just wanted to thank you for everything , Cole, Marmalade and family. I love cats, and always have. I used to get picked on for loving cats so much by school kids, so it’s nice to see in my older years how people really enjoy how amazing cats are, just like me. Thank you again!

  16. Hry Cris, i’m a C&M fan, with my very own girl named Morena, she is a black beauty, playfull and sometimes crazy.. Hehe.. She appeared in my house one day and never left, she is my baby girl. She have a little dog sister, they play together all the time. And since today, her cousin (the cat of my brother and my brother) will live with us, still haven’t introduce to each other, will see how that goes, but i guess will go ok. Any tips for introducing two adult cats?
    Well, we love your videos, Morena watch it with me most times..
    Keep the great work, and have a wonderful new year..

  17. It is said that all orange tabbys are males. I don’t know why, but it seems true. So Marm can rest easy, I see his true colors.
    We had 2 cats & 2 dogs growing up, but I was always a cat person. In 2006, a 50# black dog with white tipped toes & tail adopted me. He has a white Pointer streak down his nose, Dalmatian spots on his chest & ears that stand at attention even at rest. I never intended to love him, but here we are 9yrs later. (he is 11 now)

    My cats were always obedient, my dog is stubborn & willful. He also has selective hearing, he ignores me, but then races into the kitchen when I pop open the shredded cheese. He can’t fetch either, but will chase a ball with gusto. I often think my dog is a cat in a dog suit.
    Cat people are animal people. Dog people are a little odd, but I understand them better now.

    1. We had a female orange tabby growing up. She was beautiful, loving and completely infatuated with our dog. 🙂 ♡ We were uneducated in the risks of declaring at the time, and she was declared when she was spayed. She stayed in the house 100% of the time until my parents moved to a 10 acre property. She was an incredible mouser and would snatch barn swallows out of the air. She never let her handicap stop her from being an amazing cat.

  18. I’ve seen Cole and Marmalade all ovrr (FB, YouTube, etc.), but today is my first visit here. The “When Harry Met Sally”… oops, that should be “When Cole Met Marmalade” video is just adorable! I love how one of Marmalade’s standard reactions is too sit on his haunches and look like he’s begging. Does he still do that, or was that just a kitty phase?

    You guys (all 4 of you) are doing a great job! Keep it up!

  19. We just lost our Tori 2 nights ago. Not sure how we will get over the loss. I was by her side when she took her last breath. She rescued us when we moved into this house 8 & 1/2 years ago. She preferred to stay outside most of the time and she had one litter of kittens and then was promptly spayed. We unintentionally kept one if her babies, a sleek black female, named Baby Kitty. She is also spayed. She was her mother’s companion until her passing. We are going to try to keep her inside with our son at least at night. We have 2 young females that stay inside exclusively, also spayed. Life is not right without at least 2 kitties. Our hearts have been broken 4 times in the last 17 years with losing our sweet kitty furbabies, but you can’t break a heart that doesn’t love, and we’ve certainly done that. Our lives have been enriched by each one of our rescue babies. 🙂 ♡

  20. I love seeing the Cole and Marm videos and pictures, they always make me laugh.
    I also want to say thank you for telling everyone about Marm’s FIV+ status. The fact that he’s happy and healthy, as well as living with another kitty, helps further dispel the stigma surrounding FIV. As a volunteer at a local shelter, I do my best to educate others about FIV, and that it’s not something to be feared. From my experience, the FIV+ cats are some of the most friendly, and sociable cats. Maybe seeing how well Marm is doing wilk encourage others to consider adopting an FIV+ cat.
    Thank you for sharing your story and for all you do for kitties big and little. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Crystal, glad we put a smile on your face and yes the FIV+ status isn’t a negative thing that;s for sure, another video I want to make in 2016, keep up the good work! 🙂

  21. Hi Chris and Jess

    Have been loving the videos with Cole and Marmelade . You have a real feeling for the inner cat ! Being more a dog and horse person I never took such an interest in kits before . A mate adopted two semi feral brother barn cats ( grey tortoiseshell ) and now they live a mostly outdoor existence opposite a big land reserve , mostly being natural cats and intersecting with their human only at mealtimes ( dawn and dusk ) .

    What I find fascinating is when and how they choose to enter their human s domain and become pet kits for a few minutes or hours at a time … Then they need to resume their animal life as outdoor predators and make it clear it is time for them to take leave !

    Your videos especially the night ones and the big cat ones make it easier to understand their double life as either kits or human companions and when and how it suits them to take on one or the other role . They are unpredictable about the when but are unmistakable when they intend to get in some ‘ human time ‘ and it isn’t always related to feeding ! Mostly its spontaneous and they do stuff ranging from vocalising to climbing the fly screens to signal it’s time for a social visit .

  22. My cat is 3 and still insane. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love his playfulness. He’s such a cuddle bug too.

  23. Hi, Sorry about sending you multiple messages… Please see my earlier message about playing one of your videos at a gallery opening benefiting (all the cat food donated) our cat rescue, Columbia Gorge Cat Rescue. I asked for permission to use “How Cats say I Love You”. However, 10 Reasons to adopt a shelter cat would actually fit best but we couldn’t show the first parts about animal shelter euthanasia because the other organization benefiting from this show is the local dog shelter and they wouldn’t go for the sad euthanasia part at the beginning. So, I know this is asking a lot, but would you be willing to provide us with at copy of 10 reasons to adopt a shelter cat, without the first section re euth.? We are a 501(c)(3) so your donation of rights to play the video would be tax deductible.

  24. As a fellow cat servant, I applaud everything you & your lovely wife do for Cole & Marm. I discovered your family via YouTube & got others in my family addicted to your vids as well. 😸

    My first girl, Aurora (a Russian Blue mix), was found by my late sis-in-law eating out of a dumpster behind the pizza place where sis worked at 6mos old. Shortly later, a friend’s Dad found a ginger tabby under his van went he went to leave for work, but couldn’t keep him. So, we added Roger to our family. Since then, Aurora passed at 18 from cancer & Roger passed at 10 from diabetes. That was exceptionally hard on my as I’ve been insulin dependent diabetic since I was 9 yrs old.

    Thankfully, we’ve since had the honor of being chosen twice more. We’re firm advocates of never buying any pet. When we went to the San Diego Humane Society (when Aurora was ready for a new catpanion), we were shown a light orange tabby who they said didn’t like people. He sniffed at my husband, then me, then promptly climbed up against my chest, resting his head against my neck, purring loudly. My husband told the guy at SDHS that he lied as he laughed & we promptly took him home, naming him Tiernan (as he’s the new Lord of the house).

    Then when Tiernan was ready for a new catpanion after Aurora’s passing, we returned to the shelters to find out who would choose us next. We had found a black, 3-legged girl who was found with a gray Russian Blue, both being 3 months old. While the black girl didn’t care for us (she sniffed us & ran away), the gray kitty did, she even climbed into the carrier we had brought (in hopes of finding a match) & then wouldn’t leave the carrier. 😻

    So, we currently have 10yr old Tiernan & 1yr old Anna as our Masters & we are grateful to serve. I wish you two all the best in your service to Cole & Marm, and beg for more videos soon. 😸

  25. Hey Chris i really like black cats because i saw black kittens and one looked a lot like cole so cute 🙂 have you got a video of you adopting marmalade. p.s cole and marmalade are very cheeky and funny

  26. Thanks for having kid friendly videos! Your videos are part of my daughter’s bedtime routine, she loves watching the cats antics.
    We are cat servents, ourselves, to 4 cats, all boys and neutered. I just want to say, I feel you, to Jess with all that testosterone in the house. 😉
    Keep up the great way you guys live and raise those 2 awesome cats and my little girl and I look forward to your next video!!

  27. I am a new cat mom after being converted once my black kitty Ozzy found me hanging around the warehouse of my job last summer. I was never a cat (always have had dogs, including my rescue Tulip) person until Ozzy, and now I’m hooked!!! CAM videos and posts make my day, I’m so happy they have amazing humans giving them the wonderfurrr lives they deserve. Poor babies had a rough start, I had no idea! Question – can an FIV positive cat infect a non FIV positive one? I thought my vet said yes but wanted to verify as I’m looking to adopt a furry friend for Miss Ozzy. Thanks!!

    1. Yay, always happy to hear that people have been converted LOL …. I love dogs too, but cats just seemed to become part of my life and are much easier when you live in apartments. Yes, FIV+ cats can infect negative cats, but the only way the diseases is spread is through deep bite wounds, like two feral cats fighting over territory. If the cats get along like CAM, there’s a very low risk on infection 🙂

  28. I happened upon you on Facebook on a friends page (Mark Joseph) — Your video brought a smile to my face today… when I needed it most…
    God Bless you and your wife for your caring, gentle spirits… ~Patricia Kaehler — Ohio USA

  29. Hey Chris 🙂 thank you so much for all the videos pictures and everything you post,they make my days better,seeing how happy your cats are. I have one too,a tricolor lady. She was going from one house to another in our street and on new year’s eve she found us. That time we had a grey cat named Gengszter(it’s Hungarian because we are from Hungary so it sounds a bit funny to others 🙂 ) and my mom wouldn’t let me keep the other kitty. Then she somehow found out(the cat) that my dad doesn’t like cats and she started to bond with him. She followed him everywhere so on a snowy day we let her in the house. So now we are here with her and two golden retrievers and two bunnies and everybody loves everyone 🙂

    1. Glad you enjoy all of our pics and vids, it’s our pleasure to share CAM with the work and help other cats in the process… It sounds like Gengszter was meant to be your cat, it was fate 🙂

  30. Hi Chris, hi Jess, hi Cole and hi Marmalade! 🙂
    Thank you for amazing videos, you guys always put a smile on my face. It’s big deal, since it’s hard for me to be positive because of depression. You’re very helpful in my daily fight.
    I also have my own rescued Cat. His name is too hard to pronounciate for non-polish people, so just call him Mr. Cat 🙂
    He’s, like Marmalade, fiv+, with no signs of disease. I’m a bit worried, cause he’s a light of my life and I don’t even wanna think of him being sick.

    Chris, your accent is brilliant, not weird 😉
    Jess, great buildings, I wonder how you get inspired 😉
    Your Cats are both great, I adore them 🙂
    Please, keep being so nice and warm. Your family is one of a kind and I’m thankfully for that 🙂

    With love, kisses and hugs,
    Kati from Poland 🙂

    1. Hi Kati, thanks so much for the kind comments, we do our best and it’s so wonderful to hear that our videos and pics help others, stay pawsitive, I’m sure Mr. Cat will be happy and healthy for a very long time 🙂

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