Cole & Marmalade are always up to something! … Together with their human ‘servants’ Chris and Jess, they will entertain AND educate you! Check out their fun videos to see them in action! Please Adopt, Spay & Neuter! – BE THE SOLUTION! 🙂

COLE   D.O.B – 3 • 1 • 12 (estimated)

We adopted Cole in 2012 after a friend of ours spotted him at a busy intersection one evening all alone… When our friend texted us the picture of this little fluff ball we couldn’t say no and we picked him up the very next day. He was only around 6 weeks old and covered in fleas, but as you can see he’s matured into quite the handsome man and we feel very lucky that this black cat came into our lives 🙂

We believe Cole is a TURKISH ANGORA but can’t be totally sure since he was rescued off the streets, but we all know rescued is the best breed anyway ! … Jess chose the name Cole because she likes the name and because of the obvious similarity to Coal which we thought was fun AND I also liked the fact that it was a combination of my name Chris + Poole.

Because we raised him from such a young age he bonded with us very closely and he’s a big snuggle bug … He’s also very clever and when we play hide and seek with Cole he normally outsmarts us!

Kitten to Cat - #BlackCatsRule
Kitten to Cat – #BlackCatsRule

MARMALADE   D.O.B – 7 • 1 • 13

Marm was born July 1st 2013, unfortunately his two siblings died and his owners didn’t want him and we feared he’d end up at the local shelter or let loose outside to fend for himself in a nearby feral colony… so we agreed to adopt him into our family (his mum was spayed soon after) … Cole & Marmalade soon became best buds and were running around playing together in no time at all!

Marmalade was diagnosed with cancer in 2014 and we also discovered he was FIV+… But after having the tumor removed and undergoing a dozen chemotherapy treatments Marm came out on top and kicked cancer’s butt! He’s now in remission and doing well, nothing’s gonna keep this feisty ginger kitty down! 🙂

He’s a short haired ginger tabby and I named him Marmalade after the British jam I eat on my toast! … Plus I like to say Mar-ma-lade, unfortunately many people think he’s a girl because of this name, sorry Marm!

Marmalade has such a distinctive face, we love it!
Marmalade has such a distinctive face, we love it!


Chris is a self confessed crazy cat guy! … Growing up with cats since he was a kid, he’s very proud to be owned by such amazing cats now he’s an “adult” … Born in Nottingham, England (that’s where the weird accent comes from) but he’s lived in the USA since 2008 🙂

For 7 years he was Media Producer at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa FL where he worked closely with tigers, lions and other exotic cats, helping to raise awareness about the problems they’re facing in the wild and in private hands… He hopes to make Cole and Marmalade spokes kitties for their larger cousins too!

Chris with Joesph a male lion - Big Cat Rescue
Chris with Joesph a male lion – Big Cat Rescue
Chris took part in many rescues
Chris took part in many rescues
Real Men Love Cats! 1985 - Present Day!
Real Men Love Cats! 1985 – Present Day!


Jess is Cole & Marm’s wonderful cat mom and Chris’ long suffering wife! 🙂

She helps with video ideas and pics and is responsible for all the pawsome kitty props in our videos including costumes and EPIC cat castles!

In 2017, she opened an Etsy store – Accessorati where she sells homemade crocheted items for cats and humans. The most popular are her stuffed homegrown catnip toys! Check it out and be sure to visit often as shes always creating new designs as well as seasonal favorites =)

jess blog


Grand Prize Winner 2014 – Marmalade “Dumpster Kitty” • “Strange” Category Winner 2014 – Marmalade “Dumpster Kitty” • “Catness” Category Winner 2012 – Cole “Black Cat Stick ’em Up!”

Chris pictured with all the category captains after winning the GRAND PRIZE AWARD!
Chris pictured with all the category captains after winning the GRAND PRIZE AWARD!


Thanks to our wonderful supporters and their daily votes, Marmalade WON the Star Cat contest and was featured on the cover of Modern Cat Magazine and all 3 boys were featured inside!

Chris and Marmalade reading Modern Cat Magazine :)
Chris and Marmalade reading Modern Cat Magazine 🙂


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  1. Dear Chris, Jess, Cole and Marmalade – My little family loves your videos and I wanted to let you know how one cat can change the world! I had no pets since childhood because, while working, I thought it unfair to leave one alone for so many hours. When I retired and moved to the country (to be next door to my sis & bro-in-law), a poor sick kitty showed up, crying piteously on my back porch. I tried to feed her tuna and a bowl of water but she would just lick it and cry then went under a bush in my yard. I still heard her crying and was not going to let a sick cat die in my yard. Took her to the vet where they kept her for a week, working on trying to save her. I named her Sunshine, Sunny for short. Bought all supplies for when I brought her home (she was microchipped but they could not reach an owner and she was almost 100 miles from where she was registered!) But unfortunately, she had too many problems and the vet and I decided to end her suffering. I cried for days but then my sister suggested we visit the shelter and there I found a cat who looked like Sunny (dilute calico), a mom who’d had kittens that had been adopted but no one wanted her. So she became my own sweet Honey (had her spayed and microchipped and even got her medical insurance). She gave me so much love, when I heard about the plight of black cats at Halloween and was so grateful for cat love at Thanksgiving, I went to the shelter again and visited cats they had for adoption event at Petco. My snuggle bunny, Onyx became Honey’s sister (she came from a hoarder and loves to climb on my chest and snuggle). I was so grateful for all they had given me, I started volunteering at the shelter and now I’m on the Board, helping all the local homeless animals try to find furever homes! (Sorry it’s so long but I think it’s a good story). 😉
    Caroline, Honey and Onyx.

  2. I’ve been enjoying Cole and Marmalade videos for months now. They are my most favorite to watch on You Tube. You truly are the best Cat People around! You really know how to make those feline boys happy and it’s easy to see how they love you for all you do for them. By the way, did you know that October 27, 2015 was National Black Cat Day? I don’t know if that’s every year or if it was just that date. Keep the videos coming, I love to look for new Cole and Marmalade antics for entertainment! Thanks!

  3. Hi!!!
    Chris, I just finished your video about Marm beating cancer and the kids sending you fame mail.
    How do I send fan mail?!?!?!

    A huge fan, I’ve introduced you to my dad who now follows you guys on Facebook, I’m subscribed on Youtube, we have 2 cats of our own called Lucy and Bellatrix.

  4. I absolutely love u guys!! U and Jess do such an awesome job!! U all make me feel better when I’m having hard days and those are very often these days dealing with depression and PTSD. U all are a bright part to my day! Thank you! Wish I could have kept my black fur baby!!?

  5. Hey Jess & Chris, just wanted to say I’ve been watching your videos for a little while now, they are brilliant. Cole and Marmalade are very sweet and adorable, it cheers me up everyday watching the four of you and your adventures.

    I like what you’ve done to help support rescue cats too, we’ve had a lot of cats (11 in my 27 years!), we’ve got 3 rescue cats as well as cats from breeders (7 in total at the minute haha!). They are fantastic as pets, they are as good a companion as anyone could ask for. You’re Cole looks just like a slightly longer haired version of one of our twin girl rescue cat called Tabitha too!

    I must admit I watched your video on cats at the rescue centre, when I saw Blackie the 14 year old female rescue cat that didn’t have a home or family to be loved by it almost reduced me to tears! If I lived in the U.S. she’d of been coming home with me instantly.

    Thank you for sharing your lives with us via your videos, you’ve shown me a lot of things I should try with our cats to help them enjoy themselves more, I can’t wait to make them some box castles to play in!

    Im looking forward to seeing and sharing with my family more of your adventures with Cole and Marmalade in the future (and the big cats too!). Chris I didn’t realize you were a Nottingham man either, I thought you were a mancunian like me! Next you’re going to say your from Ruddington where my girlfriend lives too! Haha.

  6. Hello there Cole and Marm! I happened to be off my normal cheeky mood once, was probably nervous. Searching for cute cat pics brought me to your facebook and instagram pages. Whenever I am down, these two help uplift my mood. I am glad that you considered adopting black cat like Cole – after all he’s such a handsome boy. Same goes for the cute Marm too.!

    I am an avid cat lover from India. I have had cats all around me since I was 3, and had them till I turned 18. Later they grew old and well… Now I am a student far from my home and being a student doesn’t allow you to adopt a cat – especially in India where few people are cat persons! But I hope to be owned by cats soon as I finish my education and settle down at one place.

    Chris and Jess, keep up the good work. It is fun and educative at the same time. All four of you are awesome, and your photos and videos always help me uplift my spirit! <3

  7. Hey there I watch your guys videos so much. I have a cat of my own his name Is BJ. I love him so much I have been around cats since I was little.

  8. I love Cole and Marmalade! They brighten my day when I am anxious! I was looking at your shopping website and I seen a shirt that had Marmalade face on and it said derp life, what does that mean?

  9. I love Cole and Marmalade!! I love watching their videos! My favorite is The one where you tape what they do at night! I was looking on your shopping website when I seen a shirt with marmalade on it and it said derp life what does that mean? I can’t decide who my favorite one is lol. I love them both so much! In January I had to put my poor baby Stormy down because he had FIV:( I always doubt that I did the wrong thing:'(, does Marmalade suffer? My Stormy walked around and meowed a lot almost like a cry:( does Marmalade do that??

  10. I love Cole and Marmalade!! I love watching their videos! My favorite is The one where you tape what they do at night! I was looking on your shopping website when I seen a shirt with marmalade on it and it said derp life what does that mean? I can’t decide who my favorite one is lol. I love them both so much! In January I had to put my poor baby Stormy down because he had FIV:( I always doubt that I did the wrong thing:'(, does Marmalade suffer? My Stormy walked around and meowed a lot almost like a cry:( does Marmalade do that??

  11. Im a cat lover too and its nice to know other people love cats and care for them! Also Cole and Marmalade are soo cute love them♡♡

  12. Dear Chris, Jess and the two awesome Little tigers, I, my family and my boyfriend love your videos and our little cat, Minouche (a crazy, beautiful little European cat, 4 years olt) is thanksful to you all because we take inspirations from your videos in games, recipies, etc. My boyfriend and I live in Rome, that’s famous to love cats and we’re getting our phd in Law. We love cats so much, in fact we took our Minouche from the street when she was only 50 days and we’re about to have another cat, but I’m dangerous because I’d like to carry home every cat I see in the streets (yes, I’m a crazy cat person ?). I’m a helper for two colonies of cats and I’ve just started to give my help to the big colony of the monumental Cimitery of Verano (if you want you can see their website: They make a great job woth almost 400 cats, included for FIV and FEV➕). Everyday we watch our videos and you make us so happy! Go on this way. Happy Easter from Italy!! Best regards, Mia.

  13. Hi Can you please post a safety message about the dangers of using dog flea and tick ointment on cats. We are seeing many very sick and poisoned cats at our animal shelter, because people are not aware that the ingredient in dog ointment is toxic to cats. You have so many followers, that if you post about it, the message would reach a lot of cat families to help spread the word. If someone has both a dog and cat they should not use the ointment on their dog either. They can instead use a chew preventative that would not accidentally get on the cat or furniture the cat may sleep on. Thank you in advance if you are able to pass on this Cat Safety Public Service announcement. PS We love Cole and Marmalade. Such sweet Kitties. Best wishes, Margie, Taz, Mama Kitty, and Fred.

  14. Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I have 5 cats myself, all of which are black ? Matilda-18 Munch -8 Bonnie-3 Leo and Simon -8 months, and 2 digs Penny-5 and Boomer-3. 2 of my 5 cats were rescues as well as both my dogs. My 2 youngest cats I decided to keep because where I live no one wants male black cats. I hope to buy some land in the future where I can rescue/foster and help save more lives! Your doing an amazing thing and making a difference! Keep being AWESOME!!

  15. Hi, Cole and Marmalade I was wondering whats your mail address because I drew a picture of cole and I would like to send it to u.

  16. I’m really very worried about ALL of you because of the horrible wild fires all over California. I PRAY that you are ALL SAFE. Please, please get out of California!

    • NO worries, we moved to Illinois in April of 2016 but were praying for everyone in California during those fires too! =(

  17. I never fail to take my dose of Cole and Marm every single day. Please keep them coming. Thank you for being such fantastics parents to them and advocating the public. Love Chris the ever entertaining and charmimg frontman and super duperly love Jess for all that she does behind the scenes! ??????

  18. I’m not sure which I love more: watching all the videos of the boys or it being so obvious that you and your wife are such wonderful cat parents. All the toys, boxes, hideouts, cat towers, and all the playtime and cuddle time they get absolutely warms my heart. Also, how Cole and Marmalade are allowed pretty much anywhere in the house. Only cat people understand the kitchen counter thing and roll our eyes at all the people who think it’s so awful. I’ve been sharing my life with cats for 25 years, but the absolute love of my life was Boston, who I adopted at three weeks old as one of a litter born to a feral mom. Boston and I were inseparable and went through an awful lot together. I lost him last May after he developed congestive heart failure one month short of his 17th birthday. Boston was an orange tabby and the videos of Marm when he was a kitten look exactly like Boston at the same age. I still struggle with his loss very much, but watching Marmalade always makes me smile. Thank you for making and keeping your boys so happy.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Lori <3 So very sorry for your loss of Boston but heartwarming to know you had a wonderful long life together. We'll give Marm some extra snuggles on your behalf too! =) We're always here for you!

  19. Hi there!
    I’ve just discovered your videos out of the blue! I was on youtube, trying to find a video about the typical english breakfast for my year 7 pupils, and as I often watch cats videos, I was suggested to watch Cole and Marmelade or rather “Cole”s attitude when I get back home” Anyway, I’m the happy cat owner of two three-coloured fluffy-haired sisters. I rescued them when their wild mother disappeared and the three kittens were left alone I just want to thank you for the love you keep giving and sharing, the world would be such a better place with more people like you, like me, like the ones who have watched your videos for so long.
    Big hugs and kisses frol a tiny place in the south of France
    Sonia xxxx

  20. I love your videos, and how you promote spay and nueter to control cat over population.Marm and Cole are Great spokes felines for the cause. Chris and Jess I want to say Thank You for the joy your vlogs have brought me. You have my support. Keep up the wonderful work you do.

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