Take the poll! Wondering How Many Cats Our AMEOWzing Fans Have?

Have you reached “Crazy Cat Person” status yet? 

Do you commonly use cat puns in your daily conversations? 

Does it really matter how many cats you have?

Even just 1 cat can inspire even the most sane person to fill their camera with adorable cat and kitten photos, speak in feline-dialect and buy their first cat shirt!

Well we’re definitely proud to be in the cat club with all you pawsome cat “servants”!!!  

Credit: Cole and Marmalade. Chris just lounging around in his usual attire.

  • How many cats do you have?

    • None – Can’t but WISH I could! I foster/feed ferals/volunteer whenever possible just to be around cats
    • None – Allergic so get my fill online with pics and videos <3
    • 1-2 – One for each hand during petting.
    • 3-5 – Sometimes I call them the wrong names but they furgive me.
    • 6-10 – I haven’t slept a full night in years.
    • 10+ – The other day I coughed up a furball in public.


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  1. Prince Edward Brandon, Windy Storm Brandon and Mercedes Pipper Brandon AKA Pippi. Pippi just turned 18 years old.

  2. I just love cats and would have more if my husband would allow it??. Cats are gentle and comforting. I love watching them play. Everyone needs to have at least one cat.

  3. I guess one would say 10+ as I have 4 in the house and a small colony I feed in my back yard. I tend to trap as many as I can and place them in homes. We no not have a spay and neuter group in my area that can help me. However all my kitties outside are males.

  4. I had 3 cats, but I list my beautiful Chiara on April 19, 2017. I still have her kids Carina and Leone. But nevertheless I miss Chiara so much. She was the most loving cat you can think of.

  5. Apartments we live in won’t let us have more than 3, and our older cat would kill us if we got a third LOL. So we have decided to heed to her royal highness’s wishes ❤

  6. I only have two cats because I live in an apartment. It wouldn’t be fair to them if I brought in more. But I would definitely bring riding that crazy cat hoarding lady if I owned a house. I would love to foster. The thought of cats stuck in small cages at shelters breaks my heart. Every purrey fluffy friend deserves a loving home. We love CaM, chris and Jess! We follow you guys daily. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. You guys are doing amazing work and I’m slightly jealous of your adventures. Keep up the amazing work you do

  7. We only have 2 at the moment. At our height, we had 6 to 8, from geriatric to kittens. We lived in the country and ended up with several that walked in the door and said, “Hello, I’m home!”

  8. I have 6 – all rescues. My most recent 3 were foster fails. A local shelter asked me if I would foster 3 kittens – siblings – because they were so young, they needed to be in a home, not a shelter. I agreed and within two days I knew 2 things – they loved each other immensely and could never be separated and I loved them and they needed to be a part of our family. The rest is history. My triplets are almost a year old now.

  9. actually have 14 rescue babies, one 13yo just diagnosed with kidney disease, and high blood pressure, so a very steep learning curve ahead. fortunately, he’s a panther, so fairly laid back. got him as a rescue kitten, as he’d been chucked headfirst into a brick and was epileptic…grew out of that 3 yrs later.

  10. 8 cats here. Boyfriend drew the line at 8 or they would still be coming in the door lol. Can’t ever look into those eyes at the shelter or in the windows at Pet Smart and say no! Every furbaby deserves a home!

  11. 6-10 i havent got a full nightsleep in years…. so so true! I have 6 in bed most nights as well as hubby. Its a full house but i wouldnt have itany other way!

  12. I love, love your family. Cole & Marmalade are like my Andy Warhol & Tom Ford. But Marmalade’s face is the best.

  13. Only two right now, down from 5 because we’ve had some loses. But, at one point, we had 9 cats and 2 dogs. Over the years, we’ve had 20 different cats.

  14. Definitely hit crazy cat lady status when I moved into this house. I moved here with 3, and now I have 10…and none of them are the original 3 (RIP, Merlin, Bogart, and Punkin). There were so many feral mamas and babies outside, it was like a tsunami of kittens. While I got all of the adults spayed/neutered and some kittens adopted, I wound up with 10. And still the occasional unfixed cat shows up at the community cats dinner table. Sigh. The struggle is never-ending. But I love my clowder of hooligans, tho they drive me crazy sometimes!

  15. Just curious, have you ever given Cole and Marmalade Honeysuckle? Read some interesting stuff about it.

  16. 3resuced cats Pepsi full black , 11.?Snoopy tabby 4.5 Tinker grey tux, 4.2 and a black stray Linux we feed but cannot get near , he sits looking in the front door waiting but as soon as you go near the door he bolts but that’s ok as long as he eats ?

  17. 11 cats ( 5 Barn 6 indoor ) down to 1 fish lol, 3 bunnies and 30 horses. Our last dog passed in Jan…we live in a farm so dogs and cats just show up….figuring a dog will show up soon. We had 4 dogs and almost 20 cats at one time. Old age and cancer took its toll on the pets. We just love and take in from everyone…helps that my brother-in-law is a vet! 🙂

  18. I’ve got 2 : one B&W named Houlda and a golden stripped (not sure how to call it properly) named Fidji.
    My in-laws who live next door also have 2.
    And there are at least 3 homeless ferals around 🙂

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