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  • Sweet Pregnant Cat Found With Purple Dyed Fur Escapes Certain Death

    Those in rescue know when they see an animal with unusually colored fur, it’s not a good sign. And I’m not referring to the unique coat patterns on felines that are uncommonly found in the wild. I’m referring to colors like purple, green and blue fur. The fur that you know was dyed by a […] More

  • Stray Cat Perched Atop High Speed Train Delays Passengers

    For those who must make the travel to work each day, public transport and the schedules to follow can be quite daunting. Delays from any number of things can put your entire day “behind”. And there’s nothing you can do about it usually. Patience must be tapped and tongues bitten to stop the frustration. When […] More

  • Buttons Are Removed From Kittens Healing Face

    The images making the rounds on social media were shocking to see. A young 7-month-old kitten had to have buttons sewn onto his face after being attacked by a family dog. The saddened family surrendered the wounded kitten to the MSPCA Boston. It was here that veterinarians used the 4 small buttons in quite an […] More

  • Grey Tabby Cat Hitches Ride From Delivery Driver; Happily Rescues Herself

    I know many TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) trappers will read this story and WISH that more cats would rescue themselves. The world just doesn’t work that way…normally. But when deliver driver Lindsey from a local outdoor adventures store in Falls Church, Virginia was making her rounds, she found a tiny stow-a-way in her truck. One who made […] More

  • Bomb Squad Discovers Suspicious Package Is “Purring”, Not Ticking

    Each morning brings with it unexpected surprises and unknown dangers for the Bomb Unit in Butler County, Ohio. However, somedays are more memorable than others. Most recently, one of their days ended with what some may say is a very unusual tale. It began when they were called to investigate a mysterious package that was […] More

  • Buttons Sewn Onto Face Of Kitten After Being Attacked By Family Dog

    No, thankfully this isn’t some new gross animal abusive “fad”. This shocking tale of the kitten with buttons sewn onto his face is actually what was done to HELP save his life. Because after being attacked by the family dog at his home in Boston, his injuries would have claimed his life. But just how […] More

  • 6 Ways To Show Your Cat You Love Them (During Quarantine And Beyond!)

    You’ve adopted a cat and have waited patiently for them to adjust to their new home…successfully! You have shown them what the good life is like when they let you love them. They have accepted you as their “human servant”, perhaps a bit reluctantly. And now their reign can begin. But how do you continue […] More

  • Mind Bending Art Blends Cute Cats And Kittens With A MEW Perspective

    It’s likely that “shock and awe” were the exact reactions the artist was going for here. And I cannot imagine many people who discover the surrealist Instagram page of @selfatsy NOT having to take a second look. Is that a cats whisker I see? And what I tend to wonder most when viewing art…just WHAT […] More

  • Betty the Weather Cat Makes Her Big Debut!

    Betty went from a precious pet to an internet star practically overnight! The pandemic has been difficult for us all. But Betty just made it a little bit easier to smile. Due to work at home orders, meteorologist Jeff Lyons of the WFIE 14 News team, has had to transform his living room into his […] More

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