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  • And Off He Goes! Gus And His Cheeks Have Been Adopted By The Purrfect Couple

    Since we met Gus, his life has been full of snuggles, drool and unfortunately a few extra vet visits. But now, the adorable once-stray cat with pinchable cheeks is off on his next adventure! Because now that his expert foster mom Ashley, a.k.a. The Youngest Old Cat Lady, has worked her magic, Gus has found […] More

  • Abandoned Siamese Polydactyl Cat Has Paws As Big As His Heart!

    There are a few things in the rescue world that are sad but true. Cats of all ages, colors and personalities are trapped and saved from the streets every single day. But that’s when the hard part starts. You have to be patient with the terrified soul. You must try to keep them alive so […] More

  • Four Cats Saved From Sinking Ship By Thai Navy In Daring Rescue

    “Leave no man behind”, is a motto well know throughout the armed forces. History is filled with heroic souls facing death to assist or retrieve fallen soldiers during battle. However, what if your daily life turns out to be that battle? You’re not in the midst of war, just trying to do your job and […] More

  • No Fires Alarms In Home Almost Mean End For Family Cat And Baby Goat

    Every week, stories and news reports can be found in which firefighters are saving animals lives. Smoke alarms blare, signaling those nearby to the emergency. Homes are destroyed and entire existences are thrown into disarray. If they are lucky, no lives are lost. And that is usually due to the brave first responders and local […] More

  • Heroic Fireman’s Smile After Saving Family Cat Is Warming Hearts

    When an emergency strikes, we are thankfully to know there are men and women who are there to help. First responders from every field pull together in the hopes of saving the lives of complete strangers. For those strangers, the worst day of their lives may not turn out as devastating as it could have […] More

  • Sweet Pregnant Cat Found With Purple Dyed Fur Escapes Certain Death

    Those in rescue know when they see an animal with unusually colored fur, it’s not a good sign. And I’m not referring to the unique coat patterns on felines that are uncommonly found in the wild. I’m referring to colors like purple, green and blue fur. The fur that you know was dyed by a […] More

  • Stray Cat Perched Atop High Speed Train Delays Passengers

    For those who must make the travel to work each day, public transport and the schedules to follow can be quite daunting. Delays from any number of things can put your entire day “behind”. And there’s nothing you can do about it usually. Patience must be tapped and tongues bitten to stop the frustration. When […] More

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