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  • Mind Bending Art Blends Cute Cats And Kittens With A MEW Perspective

    It’s likely that “shock and awe” were the exact reactions the artist was going for here. And I cannot imagine many people who discover the surrealist Instagram page of @selfatsy NOT having to take a second look. Is that a cats whisker I see? And what I tend to wonder most when viewing art…just WHAT […] More

  • Husky Raven Rescues Her Very Own Kitten from a Shelter in Texas

    Raven was on the hunt for someone she could go through life with. She wanted a best friend who could eat, play, and cuddle the days away with her. But it was not that simple. You see, Raven is a Tamaskan husky puppy, and her owners knew that THEY could not decide who her best […] More

  • Betty the Weather Cat Makes Her Big Debut!

    Betty went from a precious pet to an internet star practically overnight! The pandemic has been difficult for us all. But Betty just made it a little bit easier to smile. Due to work at home orders, meteorologist Jeff Lyons of the WFIE 14 News team, has had to transform his living room into his […] More

  • Six Shades Of Grey….Kittens; Your Next “Can’t Put Down” Obsession

    We are all aware of the bestselling trilogy that references “shades of grey”. And while this refers to the myriad of complex emotions, there’s a new shade in town that stirs up quite a few emotions.  Actually, it’s a whole rainbow of shades of grey that are sure to cause an entire range of colorful […] More

  • Best Lost And Found Pet Signs Help Bring Attention & Smiles To Searching Owners

    Sadly, it happens more than we wish. Our beloved pets, usually safe and happy indoors, escape into the wide unknown. Frantic animal parents call shelters to see if their lost furry friend has been found and brought to safety. Others check with neighbors, roaming the streets on the hunt for their missing loved ones. For […] More

  • Family Of Cat Burglar In Britain Attempts To Find Owners Of The Treasured Loot

    In the picturesque British hamlet of Andover, Hampshire, a young cat burglar has acquired quite a collection of stolen treasures. But it’s not a mystery as to who is behind the nightly thefts. The family of the “purrpretrator” is well aware of their sticky fingered bandit.  Because the cat burglar is none other than their […] More

  • Hilarious Reactions From Animals Who Clearly Have Something To Say

    There was a recent article published showing the hilarious reactions of animals who can’t hide their emotions. It’s something that usually only those who know the animal best, can see. Unless you happen to have the derpiest animal alive that looks confused all the time. (Love you Marm!) But our furry friends are more like […] More

  • Neonatal Kittens Wearing Hoodies Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

    Neonatal kittens come with a whole host of special issues and requirements. If they are alone or abandoned, feeding them is usually the first thing people think of. But in order to properly digest this life saving nutrition, kittens can NOT be cold. Once the babes are fed, happy and content they can settle. However, […] More

  • What Your Cat’s Sleeping Position Is Saying To You

    It’s been said that cat’s spend 70% of their lives asleep. And because of this, it might actually mean that there’s more to it than just sleep. Cats sleep a lot for a few reasons, actually. One of which is because of their high protein diet, they need to sleep so that their bodies can […] More

  • Why Cats Headbutt, And Should You Headbutt Them Back?

    Does this sound familiar? Your cat jumps into your lap, and instead of getting cozy, she bops her head against your chin, cheek, or forehead. Sometimes she includes a quick rub (doing her best to get fur all in your mouth), and sometimes she hits so hard it actually hurts. The encounter lasts only a […] More

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