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  • Mind Bending Art Blends Cute Cats And Kittens With A MEW Perspective

    It’s likely that “shock and awe” were the exact reactions the artist was going for here. And I cannot imagine many people who discover the surrealist Instagram page of @selfatsy NOT having to take a second look. Is that a cats whisker I see? And what I tend to wonder most when viewing art…just WHAT […] More

  • Six Shades Of Grey….Kittens; Your Next “Can’t Put Down” Obsession

    We are all aware of the bestselling trilogy that references “shades of grey”. And while this refers to the myriad of complex emotions, there’s a new shade in town that stirs up quite a few emotions.  Actually, it’s a whole rainbow of shades of grey that are sure to cause an entire range of colorful […] More

  • What Your Cat’s Sleeping Position Is Saying To You

    It’s been said that cat’s spend 70% of their lives asleep. And because of this, it might actually mean that there’s more to it than just sleep. Cats sleep a lot for a few reasons, actually. One of which is because of their high protein diet, they need to sleep so that their bodies can […] More

  • Meet Garlic, China’s First Cloned Cat

    Technology has hit a new milestone as China welcomes the country’s first cloned cat. According to the Chinese news outlet, The Global Times, Businessman Huang Yu was devastated when his British shorthair kitty named Garlic passed away from a urinary tract infection. Feeling like no pet could replace his favorite feline, he decided to pay […] More

  • Hilarious Cat Memes To Make You LOL

    If you love cats, then it’s highly likely that you love cat memes, too. While entirely meant to be a joke, sometimes they push the boundaries like only a cat can. Cats bestow their love onto us when they feel like, and we are simply their human servants, right? And not only this, but so […] More

  • 15 Basic Cat Facts You’d Be Surprised People Don’t Know

    They steal our hearts and run our lives, but how much do you actually know about your cat? You might consider yourself an ace at all things cat, but you’d be surprised by how much people don’t know when it comes to our feline friends. They’re complicated creatures, that’s for sure. That’s why we compiled […] More

  • 25 Interesting Facts About Cats You May Not Have Known

    Aside from fish, cats are the most popular pet of choice in American households today. Approximately 94 million cats in the United States are the proud owners of humans, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Many of us cat lovers are intrigued by all things feline, so we’ve done the homework for you […] More

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