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  • Hotels With Cats Showcases Resident Felines At Hotels Worldwide

    When we are away from our kitties, we miss them dearly. And as cats are highly intellectual, they typically suspect when we are leaving as they see our suitcases come out. But what if it this were possible: A. We could bring our cats along OR B. We could stay at a hotel with a […] More

  • Boarding Your Cat – How To Feel Confident While You’re Away

    Due to their independent nature, cats are fine to stay at the house alone during the day. However, if you’re going on an extended vacation or you have a cat with special medical needs, you may find that a stint in a boarding facility is unavoidable. Use these tips to make sure you’re choosing the […] More

  • Animal Rescue – Hout Bay Fire, South Africa

    Leigh Morris a Cole and Marmalade fan who lives in Cape Town, contacted us this week asking if we could help raise awareness about the tragic situation in nearby Hout Bay. I asked her to write about what happened, we’ll be donating to help and when I visit South Africa later this year, I’ll be […] More

  • Rescuing 2 Cats in Dubai

    Last summer I was contacted by a lady in Dubai who had rescued two kittens off the street and was wondering if we could help find them a home using our social presence… During our messages back and forth I learned a lot about animal welfare in the UAE that was disturbing and made me want […] More

  • India’s First Cat Café

    Cat Cafés are becoming more and more popular, purrsonally I love them, not only are they a great quiet place for a cup of coffee… they’re an invaluable way to help local shelters get cats adopted! Cat Cafés take the overflow of animals from local shelters and help socialize the cats and match them up with […] More

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