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  • An Ordinarily Extraordinary Cat Fights To Survive; Overcomes All Odds

    With over 1000 cats living at The Cat House On The Kings in Central California, there are bound to be numerous amazing survival stories. Unfortunately, many of the stories begin with tragedy and trauma. The story of Elle is one of these. Thankfully, her tale continues on a happy path.   Beautiful Elle came to […] More

  • BIG Cat Sanctuaries That Deserve Your Support

    Marmalade is a tiny tiger, and Cole is our house panther, and they care about real tigers and big cats that aren’t as lucky as they are. Some people think big cats like lions, tigers, and panthers make great pets and keep them locked in cages. Others abuse these animals in circuses, never letting them […] More

  • Orphaned Kitten Finds Adopted “Mom” In Unlikely Canine Companion

    Friendships can form in the unlikeliest places. War torn Syria is where these two lonely souls found each other. Mohammad Alaa Jalee, better known as The Cat Man of Aleppo has dedicated his life to the animals effected by the war. He discovered a loving stray dog named Amira, lonely and very pregnant on the […] More

  • Bobcat Seized in Northern Illinois Police Raid

    When police in Orland Park, IL issued a search warrant of a known felon’s residence this February, little did they know the raid would uncover something not often seen! Found within a small 6 x 6 foot office in an industrial park building, with only a few toys, a climbing tree and a litter box, […] More

  • Meet Big Cat Rescues “Fur”ocious Mini Felines:

    Five years ago, Big Cat Rescue located in Tampa, Florida, decided to expand their efforts to help more felines… even if that expansion was on a smaller scale than they were used to! On April 5th 2013, the dedicated sanctuary that provides a permanent home for unwanted, abused and neglected EXOTIC cats, took in their […] More

  • Big Cats vs. Easter Eggs!

    Just like their miniature cousins, big cats occasionally like to release their rambunctious inner child through exploration and adventures. Although we can’t join in their fun directly, we can certainly enjoy their crazy antics from a safe distance! Check out these delightful big cats living at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida as they hunt down […] More

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