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  • Cat Missing For 9 Days Found Safe In A Most Perilous Pawsition!

    A man in Scotland was surprised to find a cat stuck behind the grille of his Hyundai SUV. He was even more shocked when he realized it was his daughters beloved cat who’d been missing for over a week! On July 24th, Sharon Stirling began desperately posting on her Facebook page when her cat Jacob, […] More

  • Boarding Your Cat – How To Feel Confident While You’re Away

    Due to their independent nature, cats are fine to stay at the house alone during the day. However, if you’re going on an extended vacation or you have a cat with special medical needs, you may find that a stint in a boarding facility is unavoidable. Use these tips to make sure you’re choosing the […] More

  • Cole & Marmalade – 2015 Year in Review!

    MEOW! 2015 was a pawsome year for us… First and foremost we started off the year with Marmalade being cancer free and I’m happy to report that the cancer is still in remission and he’s doing great! 🙂 With such a purrfect start we were very lucky that things just seemed to get better and better, […] More