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    Fluffy University Cat Earns His Very Own School ID

    Cats these days can be anything they want, and apparently that includes being law professors. At least that’s the case for a friendly feline named Professor Doctor Doerak. Students and staff at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands all recognize Professor Doctor Doerak and regularly refer to him by his full name. His classes […] More

  • If You’re Allergic To Cats, A Cat Allergy Vaccine Is In The Works

    For a person that lives with a cat allergy, they likely spend a better part of their time avoiding cats. And what’s even worse, is that many of the people who are allergic to cats actually like felines! What’s more traitorous than wishing you could mingle with cats but your body rejects your desires!? Well, […] More

  • Nanny Steals Aging Cat to Save Him From “The Needle”

    For animal lovers, the decision to euthanize a cat, even an aging cat, is reserved for situations where suffering overshadows everything else. In these devastating cases, it’s a decision that’s made out of love and compassion, not hostility or anger. That’s how it should be, at least. Unfortunately, that’s not how it always works out […] More

  • Fun Astrological Names For Your Pet

    Bringing a new pet into your life is always an exciting time. We’ve compiled a list of pawsome astrological (and even astronomy!) names for pets in case you need any help deciding on one. Check out this Astrological list below… -Atom -Comet -Orbit -Galaxy -Star -Astro -Moon – Luna -Sky -Eclipse -Saturn -Jupiter -Pluto -Nebula […] More

  • Purrfect Collection Of Facts About Persian Cats

    We all know them on sight. Fluffy with flat little faces that millions of cat lovers worldwide cannot resist. That’s right, we’re talking about Persian cats! I’ve never owned a Persian cat, but I’ve had the opportunity to meet a few in my lifetime. I’ve always thought they were eloquent little beings of furry purrfection. […] More

  • Declawing Your Cat Is Now Illegal In The State Of NY

    For many years, the thought of declawing your cat was viewed as a personal preference. For myself, I’ve never once thought to declaw a cat. But clearly, there are people out there that do not feel the same way. Fast-forward to today and the internet is an endless resource of cat knowledge– included! By now […] More

  • The 25 Most “Cat-Friendly” Cities In The United States

    While it seems that dogs get the majority of love, there are countless cat lovers far and wide. But the good thing about cats is, almost anyone can have a cat in their home! These self-sufficient, little beings make our hearts swoon. And they don’t pose a threat, that is, unless you’re an insect or […] More

  • Does Your Cat Sploot? Here’s Why Your Feline Likes Sitting Like A Frog

    Cats do lots of adorable things that make our cat-loving hearts skip a beat. There’s the cat loaf, for one. I purrsonally love this little position that hides their legs and makes them look like a loaf of bread. And, of course, we all love it when cats cross their front paws like purrfect little […] More

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