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  • Shelters Longest Resident, Senior Cat Meece, Finally Has A Home Of Her Own

    Meece is sadly like thousands of other senior cats stuck in the shelter life. They arrive there from a range of circumstances, all suffering the same lonely fate. Some are abandoned by their owners when medical issues begin. Others are left when people move and don’t care about bringing them along. And almost all of […] More

  • 15 Family Friendly Breeds For You To Rescue That Prove Not All Cats Are Jerks!

    Not all cats are jerks; even if their expressions say differently. It’s just that some people are what we call “cat people”. They love cats and could not imagine life without them. Unfortunately, others have fallen for urban legends and prefer dogs. But we disagree and believe everyone should have a cat in their life! […] More

  • Sugar And Spice; Adopt These Two And You’ll Never Have Mice!

    Sugar and spice and everything nice; that’s how these two adorable kittens are described. But then, there’s a bit of emphasis on the “spice” apparently. However, for those that love to romp and play with kittens, that is what creates the most fun.  And the lucky family that adopts bonded girls Poppy and Paprika is […] More

  • Hilarious Reactions From Animals Who Clearly Have Something To Say

    There was a recent article published showing the hilarious reactions of animals who can’t hide their emotions. It’s something that usually only those who know the animal best, can see. Unless you happen to have the derpiest animal alive that looks confused all the time. (Love you Marm!) But our furry friends are more like […] More

  • Munchkin Cat Bravely Finds A Surprising New Friend In Rescued Pet Rat

    Meet Shumai, or Shu Shu for short. Shumai is a munchkin cat, meaning his legs are shorter due to a genetic mutation. The most heartbreaking thing these unique cats can experience though, is being used as breeder cats. People think that they’re adorable, and they are, but these sweet petite furry potatoes have a whole […] More

  • Time To Renew The Lease! Famous Sad Cat Bruce Willis A Year Later

    About a year ago, everything changed for sad cat Mr. Willis. We were happy to report on the uplifting story of this sweet cat who finally found his forever human. And boy, did she do everything in her power to fulfill their destiny! Every day, Sandra couldn’t help but check the shelter’s website for updates. […] More

  • Family Pet, Pudding The Dog, Brings Pork Bun Home For Stray Cat To Eat

    Our animals are constantly surprising us. And with their silly antics, unique personalities and odd quirks, they are all one-of-a-kind. Whether your family pet is feline, canine or another, they should all be praised when they “do good”. But what are you supposed to do when you see your beloved animal’s good deeds and are […] More

  • Have You Ever Seen Two Cuter Bonded Brother Kittens?

    When you or your family decide to add a pet to your home, there are MANY things to consider. Do you have other animals that will need to get along with your new fur-kid? Are you home a lot or do you spend most days out? What is the level of play activity that you’ll […] More

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