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  • Collection Of Cat Tattoos That Are Too Purrfect For Words

    Nothing says I love something forever like permanent ink, right? Well, whether you’re a cat lady or a gent, there’s something special to us cat folks when it comes to cat tattoos, or “cattoos” if you want to get technical! Do you have a cattoo to share with us? I’ll show you mine if you […] More

  • Two Freezing Preemie Kittens Found Under Oil Painting!

    On March 22nd 2018, two preemie kittens were found frozen and nearly lifeless underneath an oil painting. The siblings were abandoned by their mother, a local community cat who is practically a kitten herself, immediately after their birth. The woman who owns the studio and regularly feeds the community cats, noticed that the small cat […] More

  • How I became a crazy cat guy!

    I’ve always been an animal guy, as a kid I grew up with cats, dogs, fish, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits and my younger brother even had a pet tarantula! (I wasn’t too fond of that though) My mum had a black cat named Sarah since I was baby and later on we added Becky a golden retriever […] More