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  • Kitten May Lose A Leg, But Has A Forever Reminder Of Her Fireman Rescuer

    A group of determined fireman stopped at nothing to rescue a young female kitten from a storm drain in Connecticut. When nearby business owners heard meowing Monday, they tracked the sad sound down to a grate behind the buildings. They quickly called the Fire Department and local animal rescue group Halfway Home Rescue, Inc. Having […] More

  • Cat Blindly Gives Love After Being Abandoned ~ CaM Kitty Spotlight

    Meet Stevie. This beautiful girl was left on the doorstep of Animal Services by her former owners. Abandoned in her carrier scared and alone, the poor cat had no idea what was happening. Making the situation more heartbreaking, Stevie is completely blind.   St. Francis Society Animal Rescue knew that the shelter was no place […] More

  • Pawficer Oreo; The Cutest CATdet In Training!

    In a small police department in Riverdale, Georgia, 911 dispatchers received a call that led to one of the most memorable moments of their careers. In early May, Officer Harrison got a call about some tiny kittens that were found underneath a church. An extensive search for the mama cat was done but even over […] More

  • 103 Year Old Woman’s Only Birthday Wish Comes True

    As Lillian celebrated her 103rd birthday, she never expected her one and only wish to come true! Hoping to fill the emptiness in her heart after the loss of her beloved cat “Sammy” years prior, only one thing was on her mind. She desperately wanted another loving feline to complete her. A long time cat […] More

  • Does Your Cat Like Kisses?

    Does YOUR Cat Like Kisses? Some cats tolerate them, other cats HATE them! … What about YOUR cat? xx Cole is an absolute love bug and adores attention and kitty kisses. Marm on the other hand, you can only give him a smackeroo while he’s sleeping or he pulls away like you have “cooties”! ….OR […] More

  • Sometimes You Grieve Before They’re Gone

    Story and photos by JaneA Kelley I remember the day I realized my cat was really old. She was sitting on my lap, curled up for warmth and comfort, and suddenly I realized just how little she weighed. My once-robust Siouxsie Mew, who had once been threatened with a diet because she was getting too […] More

  • Do You Share Your Bed With Your Cats?

    As many of you may know, the domestic cat is what is known as crepuscular. This means that they are most active at dawn and dusk, something we’ve all likely experienced when getting ready for bed at night and during the wee morning hours when we’re woken up by a cat invading our personal space; […] More


    June 4th is the official Hug Your Cat Day! … Although this is everyday at our house, I’ll be sure to give Cole and Marmalade even more hugs today 😉 Get to it humans! #HugYourCatDay Does YOUR Cat Like Hugs, watch our latest video here: More