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  • American bobtail kittens

    Cat Tails: Fun Facts And Photos Of Kitty Tails From Around The World

    Whether they’re short, striped, fluffy, rumpy, or long and slinky, I am always mesmerized by cat tails. But “reports” say cats only have the ability to speak to us in meow code. So we must turn to the tail to figure out what it is that they’re trying to tell us. Body language is very […] More

  • Rare Male Tortoiseshell Kitten Picked Up As A Stray In The UK

    Every cat is unique and special, there’s no denying that. But scientifically speaking, a male tortoiseshell cat is very special. And why is that? Well, because the genetics that control their coat pattern also controls their gender, and those chromosomes are what causes them to be female 99.9% of the time. But just like Jeff […] More

  • Fluffy Therapy Cat Spreads Joy Everywhere He Goes

    Thanks to a renewed emphasis on mental health, it’s not uncommon to see animals roaming the halls of hospitals, nursing homes, and care facilities. Healthcare professionals agree that our best furry friends can play an integral part in overall well-being. For the most part, dogs take the spotlight when it comes to therapy animals. Canines, […] More

  • Meet Atchoum: The Adorable Feline “Werewolf”

    This 9lb Persian cat cutie who is “hairy not scary” looks as if he’s always just rolled out of bed. Plus, this time of year he’s always ready for Halloween! Atchoum the cat of Quebec, Canada, is a six-year-old feline. He captured the attention of countless people on social media after his human first shared […] More

  • 10 Easy Ways To Celebrate Halloween With Cats

    Fall brings with it many wonderful things. The Earth begins to slumber and sheds the old to prepare for the new. Comfy sweaters, bonfires and harvests fill our homes with a heartwarming tingle. And I will happily admit that Halloween is my favorite holiday. Witches, black cats and skulls invoke feelings just like the “the […] More

  • Oldest Living Cat In The US Celebrates His 31st Birthday

    For any cat owner, all we wish for is that our cats’ live a long and healthy life. While we know that exclusively indoor felines generally have a longer lifespan, on average a cat’s lifespan is between 12-18 years of age. But it comes as no surprise that many cat owners have reported that their […] More

  • Study Shows Preferring Cats Is Associated With High Intelligence

    Although there are more people in the world who own cats, it seems that dogs have long-since reigned supreme. And I can understand their appeal. But I think it goes without saying that dogs are not for everyone. Dogs are a lot of work. And dogs also require walking. Cats can be demanding at times, […] More

  • A Stalking Cat Is A Happy Cat—Here’s Why

    With her eyes fixed and unblinking, her legs bent, and her tail twitching, your cat sets her sights on that catnip mouse. She creeps steadily forward until—ATTACK! That toy never had a chance. Your cat’s stalking behavior is definitely entertaining. You could watch it all day long, but have you ever wondered why your pampered […] More

  • New Study Debunks “Crazy Cat Lady” Stereotype

    For many of us females who are extreme fans of felines, we wear our “crazy cat lady” badges proudly. I know that for myself, the opinions of others doesn’t matter much to me. And I especially don’t care if someone doesn’t like cats. I’m crazy about them and I am not about to let them […] More

  • 15 Basic Cat Facts You’d Be Surprised People Don’t Know

    They steal our hearts and run our lives, but how much do you actually know about your cat? You might consider yourself an ace at all things cat, but you’d be surprised by how much people don’t know when it comes to our feline friends. They’re complicated creatures, that’s for sure. That’s why we compiled […] More

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