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  • Marty The Cat Ascends After More Than A Decade Atop Mount Washington

    When a living being makes a difference to thousands of people for more than a decade, it must be celebrated. And when that living being is a fluffy black cat, even more so! It is exactly what Marty the cat has done in his lifetime. But this adventurous Maine Coon took it a “step up”. […] More

  • Do Our Cats Truly Want Us To STOP Doing These Things?!

    Stop! The cat is finally out of the bag! Have you ever wondered whether your cat liked something you did? Today you will get the low down on the do’s and don’ts of your feline friends. With the help of some feline experts, your cat’s wishes are being brought to light! Starting with Belly Rubs! […] More

  • What Your Cat’s Sleeping Position Is Saying To You

    It’s been said that cat’s spend 70% of their lives asleep. And because of this, it might actually mean that there’s more to it than just sleep. Cats sleep a lot for a few reasons, actually. One of which is because of their high protein diet, they need to sleep so that their bodies can […] More

  • Why Cats Headbutt, And Should You Headbutt Them Back?

    Does this sound familiar? Your cat jumps into your lap, and instead of getting cozy, she bops her head against your chin, cheek, or forehead. Sometimes she includes a quick rub (doing her best to get fur all in your mouth), and sometimes she hits so hard it actually hurts. The encounter lasts only a […] More

  • The Most Popular Cat Names Of 2019 Released

    At the end of each and every year, releases their annual list of the most popular pet names of the year for dogs and cats. The list is comprised off of extensive database research from their millions of pet parent subscribers. Wondering if your cat has one of the most popular cat names? When […] More

  • Australian Firefighters Calendar 2020 – The Christmas Videos Are Finally Out!

    It is not going to be a frosty holiday in many houses this year. Now when this gift is open anyways! I know we’ve already covered the press on the 2020 Australian Firefighters Calendars. But really can their ever be enough of their “smiles” flooding news feeds? Nope. So when they finally released the videos […] More

  • Cat Temple In Japan And Its Monks Are Purrfectly Adorable

    As we know, there are cat lovers all over the world far and wide. I’ve been lucky enough to visit some pretty cool cat lover destinations across the United States. But it seems that now there’s a cat temple I must go to should I ever find myself in Kyoto, Japan. Appropriately known as the […] More

  • Rare Male Tortoiseshell Kitten Picked Up As A Stray In The UK

    Every cat is unique and special, there’s no denying that. But scientifically speaking, a male tortoiseshell cat is very special. And why is that? Well, because the genetics that control their coat pattern also controls their gender, and those chromosomes are what causes them to be female 99.9% of the time. But just like Jeff […] More

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