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  • Cat Behavior: Here’s What Your Cat’s Tail Is Trying To Tell You

    Cats don’t use their meows to speak to each other past kitten hood, they reserve those beloved cat sound effects for us. But in reality, a cat’s meow only has the ability to tell us so much. To better understand our feline friends, we must keep ourselves knowledgeable of their many body language cues. While […] More

  • Ever Wonder How Powerful Your Cat’s Whiskers Are? Watch And See!

    Cats do many incredible things, we all know that. They can see in even the dimmest of light. They can hear things that we couldn’t even hear if we tried. And they even have the ability to jump six times their own body length! The list could go on and on, really. We know that […] More

  • A Fun Collection Of Facts About British Shorthair Cats

    True to his English heritage, the British Shorthair is a cat that is known for being a tad standoffish at first. But once you get to know one, they’re as lovable and sweet as they come. This hearty cat breed from the UK has long since been a favorite. Or should we say, favourite–for many […] More

  • Don’t Forget To Claim Your Foster Pet Expenses On Your 2019 Tax Deductibles!

    Each year, people cringe as tax season approaches. Whether you’re getting a refund or devastatingly emptying your wallet, there’s one thing we can all agree on. The paperwork is a nightmare–unless you love that, then bless your heart. Each year new laws go into effect, making understanding what counts as a potential deduction into an […] More

  • A Fun Collection Of Facts About The Russian Blue Cat Breed

    Many of us recognize the Russian Blue cat breed at the first sight of one. A medium-sized cat breed with a bluish gray coat and majestic emerald green eyes, the Russian Blue is a sight to behold. I’ve had the opportunity to see a purebred once at a cat show, and boy, are they simply […] More

  • 9 Common Reasons Why Adult Cats Are Rushed To The Vet

    We all want our cat to live their best–and healthiest–life possible. That goes without saying. However, there are common ailments and emergencies that will send us cat in tow to the veterinarian’s office for immediate medical assistance. Cats are resilient beings that are the masters of hiding their pain. So sometimes they rely on us, […] More

  • Why Does My Cat Chatter?

    We all know that sound, teeth chattering, little beats of meows going in and out. But have you ever wondered why it is that your cat will chatter? You may have seen your cat perform this interesting behavior when they are staring out the window at a bird or some other sort of small animal […] More

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