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  • American bobtail kittens

    Cat Tails: Fun Facts And Photos Of Kitty Tails From Around The World

    Whether they’re short, striped, fluffy, rumpy, or long and slinky, I am always mesmerized by cat tails. But “reports” say cats only have the ability to speak to us in meow code. So we must turn to the tail to figure out what it is that they’re trying to tell us. Body language is very […] More

  • New Study Reveals Just How Dedicated Modern Day Cat Owners Are

    If you’re reading this, chances are you are a totally dedicated cat owner. And why wouldn’t you be? Cats are totally amazing and so easy to love, spoil, and adore. We know that most of us have yet to achieve our dream career of being full-time stay-at-home cat moms and dads. So, off to work […] More

  • Understanding Dementia In Cats And What You Can Do To Help

    As your favorite feline ages, you’ll start to notice specific changes in their behavior, personality, and health. For many cats, advanced age leads to a condition called cognitive dysfunction syndrome—also known as dementia. Recent studies show that 28 percent of cats aged 11 to 14 experience at least one symptom of feline dementia, and that […] More

  • wearing glasses

    Cat Named Truffles Shows Kids That Wearing Glasses Is No Big Deal

    Dr. Danielle Crull of A Child’s Eyes in Mechanicsburg, PA has committed her career to helping kids. She’s an optician who specializes in fitting infants through teens with new glasses. She’s seen first-hand how hesitant kids can be when it’s time to try out their new eye wear, and she’s enlisted her best furry friend […] More

  • How Big Cats Celebrate Halloween

    For our favorite big cats residing at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida, Halloween always brings very special treats. These deserving felines of all sizes are living out their lives in peace at the sanctuary. And after a wide range of rescue tales, they deserve nothing less! But what’s one of the best things the […] More

  • Rare Male Tortoiseshell Kitten Picked Up As A Stray In The UK

    Every cat is unique and special, there’s no denying that. But scientifically speaking, a male tortoiseshell cat is very special. And why is that? Well, because the genetics that control their coat pattern also controls their gender, and those chromosomes are what causes them to be female 99.9% of the time. But just like Jeff […] More

  • How To Restrain An Upset Cat Safely And Humanely

    Even if your cat is as friendly and happy as can be, there’s no avoiding the occasional bad mood. And instead of lashing out with their words or fists like what humans do when we’re upset, our felines friends have an arsenal of claws and teeth. They can inflict serious injury on anyone who gets […] More

  • Kitten Painted Red And Blue Is Happily Rescued And Given Her Freedom

    Most souls normally enjoy getting a new hair cut and color. Humans that is. For cats and kittens found with colored fur, there are a couple reasons this can happen. And neither of them are good for the cat. So when a young cat was found abandoned in Arizona with red and blue paint on […] More

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