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  • Why Does My Cat Chatter?

    We all know that sound, teeth chattering, little beats of meows going in and out. But have you ever wondered why it is that your cat will chatter? You may have seen your cat perform this interesting behavior when they are staring out the window at a bird or some other sort of small animal […] More

  • Why Does My Cat Try To Groom Me?

    As every cat owner knows, cats sometimes do funny things that make our minds start to wonder, “why are they doing this to me?” My ginger tabby, Tom, has a strange obsession with licking my feet. It doesn’t matter if I’ve just gotten out of the shower, taken off my shoes, or I’m sitting at […] More

  • Dermatitis In Cats: What You Need To Know

    To us devoted cat owners, our pet’s health is of the utmost importance to us. We never want to see our cats in pain or think about them suffering in silence. Cat dermatitis is a condition that can affect any cat at any age, and is a major cause of concern for a pet parent […] More

  • Head Pressing In Cats: A Must-Read For All Cat Owners

    There are times when cats while do things that will leave us guessing. All cat owners can agree with that. But sometimes, your cat can display a behavior that is not only odd, but can also be a startling sign that something is definitely not right with your feline friend. Head pressing–not in a sweet […] More

  • 5 Fun Facts About Black Cats

    Sometimes black cats get a bad rap in shelters. Many black cats are passed over by ignorant people who fear that they are bad luck. Sadly, a black cat doesn’t always photo as easily so their adoption photos don’t always shine as bright as them. Here at Cole and Marmalade, we truly love black cats. […] More

  • 8 Signs Your Cat Loves You

    Love is great when it is a mutual thing. And who else would we want to love us back than our cats, right? If your cat displays any–or even all–of these signs, consider yourself truly lucky. For when your cat bestows their love upon you, it truly is furever. Here are 8 signs your cat […] More

  • 8 Fun Facts About Ginger Tabby Cats

    Ginger tabby cats are truly special–and if you ask me, downright magical–cats. Some of the most memorable cats in Showbiz today are ginger tabbies, and countless people all across the globe have a natural favoritism towards these orange-haired felines. Jim Davis, creator of the Garfield, was quoted as once saying:  “In my head, the sky […] More

  • Feisty Bobcat Kitten Dubbed Mr. Murderbritches Wins Hearts Across The Internet

    There’s a bobcat kitten in Utah who is cute but fierce and might not exactly be on Santa’s “Nice List” this year! Caught eating chickens in Kanarraville, the bobcat kitten–who has quickly earned the nickname “Mr. Murderbritches” from his “fans” on the internet–is shown giving wildlife officers a handful upon his humane release back into […] More

  • 7 Human Foods You Can Share With Your Cat

    Sharing is caring, right? And who better to share with than our feline fur friends! Cats as we know have a distinct taste for meat since they’re obligate carnivores–i.e. eating meat is a necessity for survival. However, there are some human foods you can share with your cat. Just be sure to skip on the […] More

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