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  • Veterinarians Answers 8 Questions You’ve Always Wanted To Ask

    It is no secret that there are always questions we would love to ask the veterinarian about our cats. But purrhaps you’re embarrassed to ask? Maybe you don’t even own a cat, but you’re still as curious as they are. Well, today you will get answers to 8 of those questions! Veterinarian answers some of […] More

  • Pirate Kitty Betsy Proves One Eyed Cats ARRRH Still Perfect!

    The 19th of September has been dubbed “Talk Like A Pirate Day” since 1995. Fans of the swashbuckling sailors of yesteryear spend this day in costume, spouting savvy slang while three sheets to the wind. Eyepatches over one eye, captain hats and stylish sashes flood the streets. Celebrations of the once criminal behavior have turned […] More

  • Newborn Kitten Siblings Apple And Blackberry; A Rescue That Almost Never Was

    When the average person sees an adorable photo of kittens on social media, they swoon and say “awww”. These baby felines are just about one of the cutest things on the planet; agreed. Announcements with silly names like Apple and Blackberry, for example…only make them cuter. But there is usually an unexpected story that accompanies […] More

  • Shelters Plea For Kitten Formula Leads To An Entire Troop Of Police Support

    When a plea went out from The Animal Foundation in Nevada for kitten formula, they had no idea who was going to step up and help. Abandoned newborn kittens, or cats of ANY age, should NOT be given cows milk (just in case you are not aware). Occasionally, another nursing mother cat will accept the kittens […] More

  • Munchkin Cat Bravely Finds A Surprising New Friend In Rescued Pet Rat

    Meet Shumai, or Shu Shu for short. Shumai is a munchkin cat, meaning his legs are shorter due to a genetic mutation. The most heartbreaking thing these unique cats can experience though, is being used as breeder cats. People think that they’re adorable, and they are, but these sweet petite furry potatoes have a whole […] More

  • Have You Ever Seen Two Cuter Bonded Brother Kittens?

    When you or your family decide to add a pet to your home, there are MANY things to consider. Do you have other animals that will need to get along with your new fur-kid? Are you home a lot or do you spend most days out? What is the level of play activity that you’ll […] More

  • This Little Bean Can Now See The Happy Life That Awaits Him

    Many people don’t know where to turn when they have cat questions. We’re honored people think to send Cole and Marmalade messages asking, but sadly, rarely can we do anything to assist. Not to mention these pleas sit in crowded inboxes. And having to say “no” or “we can’t” isn’t easy. Even in the situation […] More

  • Neonatal Kittens Wearing Hoodies Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

    Neonatal kittens come with a whole host of special issues and requirements. If they are alone or abandoned, feeding them is usually the first thing people think of. But in order to properly digest this life saving nutrition, kittens can NOT be cold. Once the babes are fed, happy and content they can settle. However, […] More

  • The World Is About To Go “Nuts” Over Tiny Kitty Pistachio

    Okay, I’m biased, I admit it. However, I offered the name for his foster mom Dani Giroux and her rescue, Runaways Animal Rescue, of which I do sit on the board. So while I have a vested interest in this little nugget, I also have a feeling that when the world meets baby Pistachio, they […] More

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