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  • 6 Ways To Show Your Cat You Love Them (During Quarantine And Beyond!)

    You’ve adopted a cat and have waited patiently for them to adjust to their new home…successfully! You have shown them what the good life is like when they let you love them. They have accepted you as their “human servant”, perhaps a bit reluctantly. And now their reign can begin. But how do you continue […] More

  • How To Build A Feral Cat Shelter

    There are millions of homeless feral and stray cats in the world. They fight to survive and simply eat each day. Removing them is likely not going to “resolve” any issues, because others will quickly move into the established area. But there are lucky felines that live within feral cat colonies and have loving humans […] More

  • Way To Go, Pistachio! Adoption Day Has Arrived

    After waiting for 5 LONG months, little Pistachio has finally found his furever family!  In June of 2020, Dani Giroux, a.k.a. Dani the Cat Lady, welcomed a few week old, abandoned kitten into her home. He was FULL of medical issues. But she knew with her years of experience she could give him every opportunity. […] More

  • Archie Update! Kitten Almost Fully Recovered From Human Bite Neck Wound

    When we first met little Archie, he had been wrapped in the hands of certain death. A mentally disturbed woman was found with the weeks old kitten in a California park. But it was what she was doing that brought him into the spotlight. She held Archie in her hands while she bit him on […] More

  • Veterinarians Answers 8 Questions You’ve Always Wanted To Ask

    It is no secret that there are always questions we would love to ask the veterinarian about our cats. But purrhaps you’re embarrassed to ask? Maybe you don’t even own a cat, but you’re still as curious as they are. Well, today you will get answers to 8 of those questions! Veterinarian answers some of […] More

  • HAPPY TAIL UPDATE; Pirate Kitty Betsy Proves One Eyed Cats ARRRH Still Perfect!

    After “Pirate Kitty” Betsy’s eye was removed, there was only one thing she needed. It wasn’t anything to fill the “void” where her lost eye had been. It was the perfect family to welcome her into their crew. Granted, she had gained quite a dedicated supporter in foster mom Alyssa, and it was going to […] More

  • Newborn Kitten Siblings Apple And Blackberry; A Rescue That Almost Never Was

    When the average person sees an adorable photo of kittens on social media, they swoon and say “awww”. These baby felines are just about one of the cutest things on the planet; agreed. Announcements with silly names like Apple and Blackberry, for example…only make them cuter. But there is usually an unexpected story that accompanies […] More

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