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  • Cat Senses Are Far Superior To Yours. Here’s Why.

    If I were to ask you what a cat’s strongest sense was, would you know the answer? In case you didn’t know, it’s their hearing! But what else do you know about your cat’s senses, or how human senses pale in comparison to the feline kind? Our cats are tiny athletes, miniature versions of their […] More

  • Does Your Cat Sleep With You? Here’s Why You Should Let Them

    When you curl up and get into bed at night, does your cat join you? We know that cats are particular about where they sleep but there are purrfectly good reasons why you should let your cat sleep with you. Your cat is the master of their own domain, so if your cat loves sleeping […] More

  • How The Full Moon Can Affect Your Pet

    Since ancient times, many have reported bizarre behaviors when the moon is at its fullest. These are intense and unexplained effects during the full moon each month. And did you know this occurs over a three day period during each lunar cycle? You got it! The full moon doesn’t just effect us for one night, it’s […] More

  • Does Your Cat Sploot? Here’s Why Your Feline Likes Sitting Like A Frog

    Cats do lots of adorable things that make our cat-loving hearts skip a beat. There’s the cat loaf, for one. I purrsonally love this little position that hides their legs and makes them look like a loaf of bread. And, of course, we all love it when cats cross their front paws like purrfect little […] More

  • Almost All Cats Can Agree; Do Not Pet My Belly! Here’s Why…

    There are certain cat no-no’s that many of us know all too well. Cats are not fans of water, for the most part. Cats do not like loud sounds. Your cat is also not too crazy about change. These ritualistic beings intrigue us with their many quirks and preferences, and no two cats are ever […] More

  • Body Cameras Study Reveals Exciting Surprises About Our Feline Friends

    In a perfect world, we’d be able to spend every waking moment with our feline friends. Cats are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole. And because we want to give them their best life possible, we’ve gotta go to work. We’ve gotta make some dough so that we can spoil them […] More

  • Pet Astrology Can Transform Your Relationship With Your Pet. Let Us Show You How!

    What is it about astrology that has the power to shape our lives? While there will always be naysayers that argue astrology isn’t “real,” science defies their accusations. And it’s been doing it for thousands of years. Cynics can say what they want, but there is, in fact, a science behind astrology. Now what about […] More

  • 5 Things To Know About Cat Fights

    I think cat lovers at any age are familiar with the sound of cat fights. It’s those threatening yowls and screeching meows that can catapult us out of our chair or from a deep sleep to see what is the matter with our feline friends. We know several things about cats off the top of […] More

  • “Naughty” Cat Behaviors That Shouldn’t Be Discouraged

    Our cats display a number of quirky cat behaviors that entertain us, but also serve to keep them mentally stimulated. Cats are resilient, purposeful beings that carry out these actions as a means to an end. They are, after all, predatory animals. And because of this, many of these eccentric cat behaviors have a rhyme […] More

  • Cat Behavior: Here’s What Your Cat’s Tail Is Trying To Tell You

    Cats don’t use their meows to speak to each other past kitten hood, they reserve those beloved cat sound effects for us. But in reality, a cat’s meow only has the ability to tell us so much. To better understand our feline friends, we must keep ourselves knowledgeable of their many body language cues. While […] More

  • Ever Wonder How Powerful Your Cat’s Whiskers Are? Watch And See!

    Cats do many incredible things, we all know that. They can see in even the dimmest of light. They can hear things that we couldn’t even hear if we tried. And they even have the ability to jump six times their own body length! The list could go on and on, really. We know that […] More

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