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  • Cat Elected Mayor of Michigan Town; Won Despite “Ruff” Competition

    And the results are in! Congratulations to the new Mayor of Omena, Michigan….Sweet Tart McKee the cat! Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. The village of Omena has elected the gorgeous 9-year-old feline Sweet Tart as their “offurcial mayor” for a 3-year term. After serving on the Omena Village Council from 2012-2015 and as […] More

  • Mother Dog Fights Off Leopard Trying To Attack Her Young Pup!

    Just a relaxing evening for a mom and her young pup turned into something much more! At a Forest Service office in northern India, a commotion caught the attention of the officer on duty. Venturing outside to investigate, he found the canine doting on her puppy who was nursing a few cuts and scrapes. Not seeing […] More

  • Baron And Alvin; Just A Dog And His Best Bud…Who Happens To Be A Cat!

    Best friends aren’t often exactly alike. Many times what brings two souls together is the balance between their polar opposites. Meet Baron, the German Shepard and his best bud, Alvin, a domestic tuxedo cat!   Baron’s mom originally wasn’t allowed a dog where she lived, but citing that cats “are the next best thing because […] More

  • VIDEO PROOF! Hilarious Pup Proves Stereotypes Of Black Dogs & Cats Wrong!

    If you’ve ever adopted a black dog or cat or perhaps worked in an animal shelter, you’ve likely witnessed first hand the plight of our lovely fur-babies blessed with black fur. Superstitions surrounding these gorgeous ebony creatures aren’t just spread around Halloween. Unfortunately many people in the world overlook these beauties just because of their […] More

  • Flora the Malamute Loves Her Felines

    What do a 120 pound Malamute and a litter of foster kittens have in common? NOTHING! Sounds like the start of a bad joke but in reality these oddly matched fur babies have found comfort in shared companionship together. Flora is a rescued Malamute from Best Friends Animal Society in Utah, who has found her […] More

  • Judge Creatively Sentences Animal Abusers In Hopes Of Rehabilitation

    As our society progresses in becoming more aware of our impact on other species, it is fortunate that the plight of animals in abusive and neglectful situations is being diligently addressed and combated. County and statewide laws that require convicted animal abusers to register are being instated and ideally the entire nation can one day […] More

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