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  • Shelters Longest Resident, Senior Cat Meece, Finally Has A Home Of Her Own

    Meece is sadly like thousands of other senior cats stuck in the shelter life. They arrive there from a range of circumstances, all suffering the same lonely fate. Some are abandoned by their owners when medical issues begin. Others are left when people move and don’t care about bringing them along. And almost all of […] More

  • Surprise Home Invasion Committed By The Most Welcome PURRpretrator!

    Wow! What a surprise! After a long hard day at work, Hayden Winter had his evening all planned out. He was going to eat dinner and get some sleep. Granted, he had no idea what he was walking into. Now could you imagine working overtime and coming home to this face staring back at you?! […] More

  • Triple Reunion For Lost Family Cats After Losing Everything In Devastating Wildfire

    For individuals who live within the California fire “hotspots”, they know preparation only goes so far. Because when a wildfire sparks, the blaze can spread within minutes. Everything in it’s path faces absolute destruction. And you have mere moments to flee with your family and cherished belongings. But sadly, family pets are not always as […] More

  • Veterinarians Answers 8 Questions You’ve Always Wanted To Ask

    It is no secret that there are always questions we would love to ask the veterinarian about our cats. But purrhaps you’re embarrassed to ask? Maybe you don’t even own a cat, but you’re still as curious as they are. Well, today you will get answers to 8 of those questions! Veterinarian answers some of […] More

  • 15 Family Friendly Breeds For You To Rescue That Prove Not All Cats Are Jerks!

    Not all cats are jerks; even if their expressions say differently. It’s just that some people are what we call “cat people”. They love cats and could not imagine life without them. Unfortunately, others have fallen for urban legends and prefer dogs. But we disagree and believe everyone should have a cat in their life! […] More

  • Pirate Kitty Betsy Proves One Eyed Cats ARRRH Still Perfect!

    The 19th of September has been dubbed “Talk Like A Pirate Day” since 1995. Fans of the swashbuckling sailors of yesteryear spend this day in costume, spouting savvy slang while three sheets to the wind. Eyepatches over one eye, captain hats and stylish sashes flood the streets. Celebrations of the once criminal behavior have turned […] More

  • Hopeful Transformations Begin For The 182 Cats Saved From Delaware Hoard

    Residents in Camden, Delaware were shocked when a local home was emptied of a hoard of animals living in “deplorable conditions”. The Office of Animal Welfare (OAW) had received reports about the disturbing location. When they listened to the stories reported by the citizens, they jumped into action. This animal abuse was like nothing they […] More

  • Hilarious Reactions From Animals Who Clearly Have Something To Say

    There was a recent article published showing the hilarious reactions of animals who can’t hide their emotions. It’s something that usually only those who know the animal best, can see. Unless you happen to have the derpiest animal alive that looks confused all the time. (Love you Marm!) But our furry friends are more like […] More

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