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  • These Holiday Cat Memes Will Get You In The Christmas Spirit

    No matter what holiday it is that you celebrate come the end of the year, if you love cats then surely you enjoy those “LOL” Christmas cat memes. You know, the ones with the cats set to destroy the tree, or cats poised and ready to destroy Santa’s Village or those perfect little decorations you’ve […] More

  • Lil Bub May Soon Be Watching Over All Of Us From Space

    On Sunday, December 1st 2019, the world lost one of the sweetest and most loveable cats that ever lived. Lil Bub was loved by millions. And even after her death she will live on to touch many hearts all around the world. She was trademarked by her unique physical appearance. But all loved her for […] More

  • Australian Firefighters Calendar 2020 – The Christmas Videos Are Finally Out!

    It is not going to be a frosty holiday in many houses this year. Now when this gift is open anyways! I know we’ve already covered the press on the 2020 Australian Firefighters Calendars. But really can their ever be enough of their “smiles” flooding news feeds? Nope. So when they finally released the videos […] More

  • A Cat’s Guide to Bathrooms

    Why do cats love bathrooms so much? Everyday, millions of us likely use the facilities with a cat monitoring our every move. And in some cases, very judgingly I might add! Other times, our felines take this as an open opportunity to jump up on our exposed laps. But do we complain? Not likely. Even […] More

  • Valkyrie

    This Cat Named Valkyrie Has The Most Bizarre Human-Like Face

    While the Internet is full of cute cat pics, there’s always room for one more famous feline. There’s enough cat love to go around, and that’s especially true for a very special Maine Coon named Valkyrie. This star-studded cat made her Instagram debut with help from her human, Tatiana Rastorgueva. It’s easy to see why […] More

  • 100 Cat Lives To Be Saved By Toronto Cat Rescue This #GivingTuesday!

    After writing a story about this amazing rescue back in May of 2019, their newest–and again another massive–undertaking, was no surprise. Toronto Cat Rescue is stepping up to help another rescue in Quebec. This time though….the goal is to help save 100 cat lives in one day; which just happens to be on #GivingTuesday! So […] More

  • The Stray Cat Who Wandered Into The 1947 St. Louis Cat Show Winner’s Circle

    Social media in this decade, certainly offers us unlimited access to the past. Thankfully in the bright corners of the internet, there are countless feel-good tales. And when these heartwarming stories are shared near and far for years after, they will truly never by forgotten. We’d never even know most of these random historical events existed, if […] More

  • Cat Temple In Japan And Its Monks Are Purrfectly Adorable

    As we know, there are cat lovers all over the world far and wide. I’ve been lucky enough to visit some pretty cool cat lover destinations across the United States. But it seems that now there’s a cat temple I must go to should I ever find myself in Kyoto, Japan. Appropriately known as the […] More

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