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  • The Best 2019 Holiday Cat Gifts For Felines And Humans

    I personally love shopping, but I know that’s not the same for everyone. Finding the perfect item and then seeing it on sale is quite the rush if I’m being honest. But for cat parents we have to contend with another challenge. Will our beloved fur-babies even LIKE what we get them? Most times–as we […] More

  • The Most Popular Cat Names Of 2019 Released

    At the end of each and every year, releases their annual list of the most popular pet names of the year for dogs and cats. The list is comprised off of extensive database research from their millions of pet parent subscribers. Wondering if your cat has one of the most popular cat names? When […] More

  • Lil Bub May Soon Be Watching Over All Of Us From Space

    On Sunday, December 1st 2019, the world lost one of the sweetest and most loveable cats that ever lived. Lil Bub was loved by millions. And even after her death she will live on to touch many hearts all around the world. She was trademarked by her unique physical appearance. But all loved her for […] More

  • A Cat’s Guide to Bathrooms

    Why do cats love bathrooms so much? Everyday, millions of us likely use the facilities with a cat monitoring our every move. And in some cases, very judgingly I might add! Other times, our felines take this as an open opportunity to jump up on our exposed laps. But do we complain? Not likely. Even […] More

  • The Stray Cat Who Wandered Into The 1947 St. Louis Cat Show Winner’s Circle

    Social media in this decade, certainly offers us unlimited access to the past. Thankfully in the bright corners of the internet, there are countless feel-good tales. And when these heartwarming stories are shared near and far for years after, they will truly never by forgotten. We’d never even know most of these random historical events existed, if […] More

  • Taxi Driver In Ukraine Brings His Cat Along For Fares

    I am totally obsessed with cats, that’s an obvious statement given the fact that I run a website dedicated to cats. When I’m traveling or have to call a cab, I never think to myself, “Wow, how cool would it be if there were a cat with me when I took my ride to me […] More

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