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  • Indiana Missing Cat Finally Caught After Two Months Of Eluding Rescuers!

    Austin and Jamie Fisher were preparing to move to a new house in her hometown of Greenfield, Indiana. But they had to stay with his parents for a few weeks before their home would be ready. So they moved in with his parents in Fortville, Indiana to await their officially moving day. It was the […] More

  • Something “Pawsitive” About 2020; The Most Popular Cat Names!

    Towards the end of each year, websites compile lists for the most popular names used throughout. May be one of the best things about 2020! And our favorites are of course the ones for pets; specifically the cat names. While you are likely to see the commonly used names across all animals, some are welcomed […] More

  • Crate FULL Of 9 Cats Left On Shelter Doorstep With No Info

    Sadly, it happens all the time. Shelter workers and volunteers arrive at the location in the morning, only to find abandoned animals waiting for them. It happens for any number of reasons…right or wrong! But the only thing right about these 9 cats left on the shelter doorstep this time, is that they were contained.  […] More

  • Comedian Zoltan Kaszas’s Breakdown Of Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs.

    There are thousands of comedians in the world. Every topic has been explored for it’s comedic possibilities from a thousand different perspectives. We’ve ALL been around animals in one form or another through our lives. But there are just some people who retell their tales with a hilarity that draws others to them. Their side-splitting […] More

  • Way To Go, Pistachio! Adoption Day Has Arrived

    After waiting for 5 LONG months, little Pistachio has finally found his furever family!  In June of 2020, Dani Giroux, a.k.a. Dani the Cat Lady, welcomed a few week old, abandoned kitten into her home. He was FULL of medical issues. But she knew with her years of experience she could give him every opportunity. […] More

  • Whose Fanbase Ranked Your Favorite Best Animated Cats List?

    If you are a cat lover, it is likely you love most if not all types of felines. And I’m not only reFURring to our beloved family feline companions. Or just referencing the color of their fur, whether it be ginger, tortie or black. I’m talking about cats in general. Cats on clothing, decorations or […] More

  • Missing Cat Spence Finds Her Way Home After an Extended Stay in Florida

    Spence, who’s family was visiting Florida, is making a big journey home! Losing your pet is every animal owner’s worst nightmare. But losing your pet in a different state, is even more traumatic for both you and them. Gregory Parnell and his girlfriend were visiting family in Pinellas County, Florida. So they decided to bring […] More

  • Ricky Gervais Just Found Love Again After Losing His Beloved Feline Companion

    If there is one man who is not afraid to say what he feels, it’s Ricky Gervais. And one of his biggest passions is animal welfare. The millions of fans that he as garnered around the globe, proudly stand by their actor/activist. So when he and long time girlfriend, author Jane Fallon, experienced the loss […] More

  • Cat In A Hat Made From It’s Own Fur Is All That

    I’m sure we should all do this more for our pets; brush them! People tend to think that their animals can handle their own purrsonal hygiene. Clearly we see them grooming themselves all day long. That’s where fur-balls come from people! HAHA But if we want to help our beloved pets tend to their glorious […] More

  • Family Of Cat Burglar In Britain Attempts To Find Owners Of The Treasured Loot

    In the picturesque British hamlet of Andover, Hampshire, a young cat burglar has acquired quite a collection of stolen treasures. But it’s not a mystery as to who is behind the nightly thefts. The family of the “purrpretrator” is well aware of their sticky fingered bandit.  Because the cat burglar is none other than their […] More

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