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  • The Most Popular Cat Names Of 2019 Released

    At the end of each and every year, releases their annual list of the most popular pet names of the year for dogs and cats. The list is comprised off of extensive database research from their millions of pet parent subscribers. Wondering if your cat has one of the most popular cat names? When […] More

  • These Holiday Cat Memes Will Get You In The Christmas Spirit

    No matter what holiday it is that you celebrate come the end of the year, if you love cats then surely you enjoy those “LOL” Christmas cat memes. You know, the ones with the cats set to destroy the tree, or cats poised and ready to destroy Santa’s Village or those perfect little decorations you’ve […] More

  • Lil Bub May Soon Be Watching Over All Of Us From Space

    On Sunday, December 1st 2019, the world lost one of the sweetest and most loveable cats that ever lived. Lil Bub was loved by millions. And even after her death she will live on to touch many hearts all around the world. She was trademarked by her unique physical appearance. But all loved her for […] More

  • Cat With Four Ears Named Frankenkitten Is Here To Steal Your Heart

    For Frankenkitten, he didn’t have an easy start at life. A life on the streets is no life for a kitten, especially one with special needs. He and his cat sibling were discovered underneath a home at around two months of age. The homeowners couldn’t care for the kittens, so they surrendered the two of […] More

  • Update: President Signs The Preventing Animal Cruelty And Torture Act Into Law

    11/26/2019: Breaking news! President Trump officially signed the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act into law just yesterday. November 25th, 2019. This is a huge win for poor and defenseless animals in the United States, and hopefully will serve as a major reality check for any lowlife who wants to abuse an animal! According to President Trump, […] More

  • Cat Temple In Japan And Its Monks Are Purrfectly Adorable

    As we know, there are cat lovers all over the world far and wide. I’ve been lucky enough to visit some pretty cool cat lover destinations across the United States. But it seems that now there’s a cat temple I must go to should I ever find myself in Kyoto, Japan. Appropriately known as the […] More

  • Taxi Driver In Ukraine Brings His Cat Along For Fares

    I am totally obsessed with cats, that’s an obvious statement given the fact that I run a website dedicated to cats. When I’m traveling or have to call a cab, I never think to myself, “Wow, how cool would it be if there were a cat with me when I took my ride to me […] More

  • Ever Notice Cats Have Slits And Pockets On Their Ears?

    The anatomy of a feline is truly profound. Our senses often pale in comparison to theirs, and their incredible physique and special cat-specific anatomy has a lot to do with it. Anyone who has ever studied their cat’s ears knows that they have a little slit on the side of each ear, with a coordinating […] More

  • Cat With Interesting Eyes Captivates The Internet

    I believe that all cats have cool eyes, but there are some cats that really capture our undivided attention. Potato the Cat is winning hearts around the web for his interesting eyes that are unlike any other cat eyes I’ve ever seen before. The now five-year-old ginger tabby was adopted roughly two years ago by […] More

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