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  • “Naughty” Cat Behaviors That Shouldn’t Be Discouraged

    Our cats display a number of quirky cat behaviors that entertain us, but also serve to keep them mentally stimulated. Cats are resilient, purposeful beings that carry out these actions as a means to an end. They are, after all, predatory animals. And because of this, many of these eccentric cat behaviors have a rhyme […] More

  • World’s Oldest Living Cat Celebrates His 30th Birthday

    For Rubble the cat, he’s lived a pretty good–and long–life. His owner, Michele Foster, of Exeter, Devon, England took him in as a kitten in 1988. And for the past 30 years, she’s called him her best fur friend. Now, we can all share in the celebration of the world’s oldest living cat!  A Comparison […] More

  • New Study Shows Just How Powerful Your Cats Influence Is Over You

    Our cats are a major factor in our lives. We make decisions based around them, and the same can be said for dogs and their owners. But how much do you think your cats influence your major life decisions? Things like vacations, cars, and homes have recently been shown in a study to be influenced […] More

  • Cat Behavior: Here’s What Your Cat’s Tail Is Trying To Tell You

    Cats don’t use their meows to speak to each other past kitten hood, they reserve those beloved cat sound effects for us. But in reality, a cat’s meow only has the ability to tell us so much. To better understand our feline friends, we must keep ourselves knowledgeable of their many body language cues. While […] More

  • Ever Wonder How Powerful Your Cat’s Whiskers Are? Watch And See!

    Cats do many incredible things, we all know that. They can see in even the dimmest of light. They can hear things that we couldn’t even hear if we tried. And they even have the ability to jump six times their own body length! The list could go on and on, really. We know that […] More

  • Signs Of Aggression In Cats And How To Help

    Have you ever known a cat that was once sweet, and then as if out of nowhere, turned into a cat that you were concerned for due to aggressive behavior? Like humans, there are many cats out there who deal with aggression. Aggression in cats can happen for a number of reasons. There are also […] More

  • Signs Your Kitty Would Love A Second Cat

    For most cat owners, we are the proud owners of multiple cats. And if you’re not and you’ve considered it, how do you know if your cat would enjoy having a second cat in your home? Of course, change is not always a good thing when it comes to your cat’s delicate mindset. But a […] More

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