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  • 9 Of The Oldest Cat Breeds Still Around Today

    Did you know that cats have been domesticated for nearly 10,000 years? Since Ancient Egyptian times, cats have been holding a special spot in the heart of humans far and wide. We love them for many reasons, and although there are over 70 recognized breeds of cats to date, there are a select few that […] More

  • Why Does My Cat Get The Zoomies After He Poops?

    Often times when we think of animals getting the zoomies, it’s typically canines. But as us cat keepers know, our feline friends can get the zoomies, too! Cats are known by all for their quirky antics, but there is a science behind this funny scurry that our cats do that we appropriately call the “zoomies”. […] More

  • Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat Set To Inherit A Record Breaking Fortune

    The fashion world lost an icon this week as news of the passing of Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld was announced this past Tuesday. Many celebrities and fellow fashion alum took to their social media accounts to mourn the loss of the visionary legend, who has served as Chanel’s creative director since 1983. Lagerfeld was said to […] More

  • Why Does My Cat Chatter?

    We all know that sound, teeth chattering, little beats of meows going in and out. But have you ever wondered why it is that your cat will chatter? You may have seen your cat perform this interesting behavior when they are staring out the window at a bird or some other sort of small animal […] More

  • Why Does My Cat Try To Groom Me?

    As every cat owner knows, cats sometimes do funny things that make our minds start to wonder, “why are they doing this to me?” My ginger tabby, Tom, has a strange obsession with licking my feet. It doesn’t matter if I’ve just gotten out of the shower, taken off my shoes, or I’m sitting at […] More

  • Dermatitis In Cats: What You Need To Know

    To us devoted cat owners, our pet’s health is of the utmost importance to us. We never want to see our cats in pain or think about them suffering in silence. Cat dermatitis is a condition that can affect any cat at any age, and is a major cause of concern for a pet parent […] More

  • Tips For Keeping The Peace In A House With Cats And Kids

    For many cats, kids can equal anxiety and stress. Kids have a tendency to look with their grabby hands instead of their eyes, and their over-excitement can easily freak cats out. But really, it doesn’t have to be this way. Cats can be wonderful in a home with kids, and cats and kids can be […] More

  • Black Cat Works His Magic And Holds Up Professional Soccer Match

    Cats are wildly entertaining, we can all agree on that. With their crazy antics, they provide us with endless comic relief and their unexpected surprises always leave us guessing. For one black cat, he thought it would be a great idea to hold up a professional soccer match for an entire two minutes! The event […] More

  • Purrfect Table For Cats And Their Humans To “Work” Together

    Sometimes when we are working, our cats don’t make for the easiest “coworkers” when they grace us with their presence. My cats will lay right on top of my keyboard, or me, and I know better than to move them since it’s clear they run the show and I’m just a part of it. Here’s […] More

  • What To Do If Your Indoor Cat Gets Outside

    For an indoor cat that has never traveled outdoors, it’s very scary to think about your cat going missing. Cats are naturally skittish by nature, so an indoor cat that gets lost outdoors is typically terrified and doesn’t have the first clue where to go or what to do. Often times a cat’s curiosity will […] More

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