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  • Jason Momoa’s Esquire Shoot Is Purrfection

    Although you might not know his name—or are confused on how to pronounce it—you definitely know his face. Whether you fell in love with him as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, or you finally found a superhero in Aquaman that made your knees weak, Jason Mamoa’s fun to look at. But do you know […] More

  • Meet Atchoum: The Adorable Feline “Werewolf”

    This 9lb Persian cat cutie who is “hairy not scary” looks as if he’s always just rolled out of bed. Plus, this time of year he’s always ready for Halloween! Atchoum the cat of Quebec, Canada, is a six-year-old feline. He captured the attention of countless people on social media after his human first shared […] More

  • Gay Man Worries His Cat Is Homophobic In Hilarious Thread

    Our cats are pretty good at being judgy. And while they love us, I’m sure there are times when they think we are nothing more than simple creatures. For one cat owner who happens to be an openly gay man, he worries that his cat is judging him for his sexual preferences. Yes, you read […] More

  • The City Of Garfield Is In The Midst Of A Feral Feline Catastrophe

    Did you know that there’s a town in New Jersey named after everyone’s favorite lasagna-eating cartoon cat? To clarify, it’s not REALLY named after the cat. It just so happens to share the same name! The city of Garfield, NJ sits in Bergen County. Now, it seems that this aptly named town is dealing with […] More

  • Oldest Living Cat In The US Celebrates His 31st Birthday

    For any cat owner, all we wish for is that our cats’ live a long and healthy life. While we know that exclusively indoor felines generally have a longer lifespan, on average a cat’s lifespan is between 12-18 years of age. But it comes as no surprise that many cat owners have reported that their […] More

  • Even If You Hate IT, You’ll Love This Purrfect IT Themed Kitty Image

    I’m going to preface this article with a confession: I really, really do not like clowns. Not rodeo clowns, carnival clowns, and especially not clowns named Pennywise. Needless to say, IT was the movie of my nightmares as a child. I mean, really, a clown who lives in a gutter and lures in youngsters only […] More

  • Study Shows Preferring Cats Is Associated With High Intelligence

    Although there are more people in the world who own cats, it seems that dogs have long-since reigned supreme. And I can understand their appeal. But I think it goes without saying that dogs are not for everyone. Dogs are a lot of work. And dogs also require walking. Cats can be demanding at times, […] More

  • Study Shows Black And White Cats Most Likely To Have Cattitude

    I think pretty much every cat owner knows what cattitude is. Even those of us who have super sweet kitty cats. But there are the still the rare occasions when our cats can be downright sassy! In an article talking about fun facts about tuxedo cats, I reported on the well-known moniker of tuxietude that […] More

  • Hilarious Cat Memes To Make You LOL

    If you love cats, then it’s highly likely that you love cat memes, too. While entirely meant to be a joke, sometimes they push the boundaries like only a cat can. Cats bestow their love onto us when they feel like, and we are simply their human servants, right? And not only this, but so […] More

  • Target Is Selling Cardboard Haunted Mansions For Cats

    I think it goes without saying that many of us avoid Target for the reason being that we will likely overspend…like a lot. Whether you call it Target or “Tarjay”, it’s an awesome store that has just about anything and everything you didn’t know you needed. But now, cat lovers, there is something that you […] More

  • Cat Groomsman Makes Couple’s Wedding Absolutely Purrfect

    I think pretty much every cat owner can agree, cats are an extended part of our family. For those of us who have cats in our lives, it goes without saying that they hold a very special place in our hearts. Aaron and Michelle Benitez recently tied the knot, and they knew that in order […] More

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