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  • This Cat And Meerkat Are The Cutest BFFs You’ve Ever Seen

    There’s something about interspecies friendships that always make us smile. And this is especially true when it comes to those with our feline friends! For Suri the meerkat and Nice the cat, they are the very best of friends. The two of them are inseparable, and have been ever since the day they first met […] More

  • Can Cats Sense Spirits And Ghosts?

    17th century English clergyman Thomas Fuller once said one of the most famous quotes that we know today. “Seeing is believing, but feeling is the truth.” Many of us only remember the first part of that quote, as the latter is typically not included. Obviously, a person who doesn’t believe in ghosts or spirits would […] More

  • Rescue Kitty Named Crazy Eyes Olive Is Too Cute For Words

    As cat lovers, many of us have a soft spot in our hearts for tabby cats. These striped and swirled kitties of the cat world are typically lovable and friendly, and almost every cat lover has had a tabby cat leave a paw print on their heart during their lifetime. For Crazy Eyes Olive the […] More

  • cat grandpa

    Meet The “Cat Grandpa”: A True Angel For Cats At Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary

    If you ask anyone at Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Terry Lauerman is a true godsend. Terry is a retired teacher who serves as a brother at St. Norbert Abbey Church and loves spending his free time helping others. As a self-professed cat person, he wanted to do something valuable with his […] More

  • Meet Quimera: The Gorgeously Fluffy Chimera Cat

    Venus the two-faced cat has long-since reigned supreme when it comes to chimera cats of the cat world. (And yes, we know that she doesn’t actually have two faces, this is just the commonly used term to describe cats with this naturally occurring phenomenon.) Venus was found as a stray and ever since her owners […] More

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