Nanny Steals Aging Cat to Save Him From “The Needle”

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For animal lovers, the decision to euthanize a cat, even an aging cat, is reserved for situations where suffering overshadows everything else. In these devastating cases, it’s a decision that’s made out of love and compassion, not hostility or anger. That’s how it should be, at least. Unfortunately, that’s not how it always works out for senior cats. But no matter what, cat lovers always try to do what’s best for our feline friends. For compassionate cat lover Kelsey Katz, that meant breaking the law.

Katz used to work as a nanny for a family that included two children and one aging cat named Tigger. When the kitty’s owner told Katz that Tigger was going to be euthanized, she knew she couldn’t let that happen. She took Tigger from that home and has no intentions of giving him back—even though it means going to trial and potential jail time. 

senior cat
Image Courtesy of NBC News

This sad story starts long before Tigger’s owners scheduled a date for his euthanization.

For years, Katz remembers the family making comments about their aging cat’s declining health and “behavior issues.” As he aged, Tigger started having more accidents in the house. When he threw up on the family’s furniture in early July, that seemed to be the last straw. According to NY Post, Tigger’s owner allegedly told Katz,

Smell this. Tigger just threw up on my nice couch…Once he throws up on my nice furniture, that’s the end, he’s getting the boot, he’s getting the needle. Tigger’s going to the vet.

The phrase “getting the needle” was apparently said often enough in the home that the small children started repeating the words. Katz describes how she was afraid every day before going to work, because she didn’t know whether or not Tigger would still be there. And when she was told an appointment had been made for Tigger at the vet, she didn’t hesitate to act.

Sacrificing her steady job, Katz took Tigger and left a note on the counter.

The note read,

” I can’t let this happen.”

senior cat
Image courtesy of New York Post

Knowing she was out of a job, Katz simply couldn’t allow Tigger to be put to sleep. In her opinion, the 15-year-old cat was suffering from normal old-age ailments. She predicted simple management would improve his quality of life.

Shortly after stealing the aging cat, Katz received a text message warning her that if she didn’t give Tigger back, the family would call the police. Again, knowing the consequences, she refused. She ended up turning herself into the police on July 8.

She spent two hours in a holding cell and has been charged with petit larceny. 

Katz has veterinary documents that show she has already spent hundreds of dollars on check-ups and treatment for Tigger. The paperwork, however, still shows “inconclusive” results relating to Tigger’s quality of life. In court on July 6, his original family demanded that the senior cat be returned to their care. But despite their pleas, Nassau County Judge Rhonda Fischer denied their request. She decided she needs an official report on the cat’s current health before the matter can be settled.

Both Katz and the family are due back in court on August 14 when the judge will hopefully make a final decision about Tigger’s future.

In the meantime, Tigger remains with Katz. She’s determined to keep him safe as she fights for his right to live out his senior years.

Featured image courtesy of New York Post


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