What Does Catnip Do To Cats?

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Posted by Cole & Marmalade on Friday, November 24, 2017

Cole and Marmalade Videos

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Cat Man Chris Videos

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COLE D.O.B – 3 • 1 • 12 (estimated)

We adopted Cole in 2012, after a friend of ours spotted him at a busy intersection one evening all alone. When our friend texted us the picture of this little fluff ball we couldn’t say no and we picked him up the very next day.

He was only around 6 weeks old and covered in fleas, but as you can see he’s matured into quite the handsome man and we feel very lucky that this black cat came into our lives.

Jess chose the name Cole because of a favorite TV show character on Charmed and because of the obvious similarity to “coal”, which we thought was fun. I also liked the fact that it was a combination of my name Chris + Poole.

Because we raised him from such a young age he bonded with us very closely and he’s a big snuggle bug. He’s also very clever and when we play hide and seek with Cole he normally outsmarts us!

Kitten to Cat – #BlackCatsRule

MARMALADE D.O.B – 7 • 1 • 13

Marm was born July 1st 2013. Sadly his two siblings died and his owners didn’t want him. We feared he’d end up at the local shelter or let loose outside to fend for himself in a nearby feral colony.

We agreed to adopt him into our family and his mum was spayed soon after. Cole & Marmalade soon became best buds and were running around playing together in no time at all!

He’s a short haired ginger tabby and we named him Marmalade after the British jam Chris eats on his toast! Unfortunately many people think he’s a girl because of this name; sorry Marm!

Marmalade was diagnosed with cancer in 2014 and we also discovered he was FIV+. After having a tumor removed and undergoing a dozen chemotherapy treatments, Marm came out on top and kicked cancer’s butt! He’s still in remission and doing very well. Nothing’s gonna keep this feisty ginger kitty down!

Marmalade has such a distinctive face, we love it!

Thank you to all our CaM Fans fur your amazing support, sharing your personal cat journeys and loving these deserving felines all over the world!

~ Chris, Jess, Cole & Marm <3

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