Is Black Panther Inspiring More People to Adopt Black Cats?

Either way this is PAWSOME!

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Black cats have always been my favorite, I grew up with a black cat named Sarah and always thought they looked so cool… then in 2012 we rescued a 6 week old kitten we later named Cole. That same week a friend of ours mentioned that black cats have a harder time getting adopted from animal shelters, because people still believe they bring bad luck and they often choose cats that have fancier markings instead.

I couldn’t believe that these silly superstitions/reasons made people overlook black cats, so I decided to start making videos to show people how great Cole was and why they’d be lucky to be owned by a black cat themselves! … 6 years later we’ve made over 300 videos that have racked up over 200 million views and I know we’ve inspired others to adopt black cats/kittens because of all the messages we receive = Happy Chris!

Now it seems that Marvel’s latest block-buster film Black Panther, the movie that is breaking down barriers for black actors and getting rave reviews, is also helping black house panthers get adopted too!

One Tumblr user says that the film is helping boost the adoption rate of black cats in nearby shelters and it’s not just a coincidence because the new owners are naming them after characters in the movie…

The Tumblr post reads:

“Unexpected Benefit of Black Panther: my local pet shelters went from having something like 50-60 black cats between them to having NONE, because they’ve all been adopted out and named after characters. “T’challa” is the most popular, but there are a fair number of “Okoye’s and “Shuris’s” as well.

…and one very confused elderly Humane Society Volunteer wondering why someone would name such a sweet cat “Killmonger”

Some folks seem to think this could be just a fad and I have to agree this thought crossed my mind as well… adopting a cat or kitten means a lifetime of care and we hope all the new black cat servants out there realize this. Either way, with kitten season fast approaching, shelters and rescue groups need all the help they can get to make room for new cats and kittens entering their doors. I’m gonna stay pawsitive and believe that these cats have all gone to purrfect new furever homes and this current trend will continue for a long time.

I haven’t watched the movie yet, but hope to check out Black Panther soon! … and maybe we can make a different version of the movie for our YouTube channel?!

I love this cosplay by @grrrrrryan

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