How to Introduce 2 Cats

Slowly but surely!

Congratulations on the new fur-baby!!! Now what do you do?

Introducing 2 new cats should be a slow and gradual process so here are the steps to help your cats introduction go as smooth as possible for a happy household. It can take a day or weeks to fully introduce your fur babies so patience is key here! A lot will depend on the environment they came from so judge accordingly for each situation. Having the cats spayed/neutered may help with aggression and/or unwanted attention from each other too.

  1. Prepare a separate room for the new cat. This should have a litter box, food/water, bedding and toys.
  2. Introduce the scent of the new cat to the resident cat. We let Cole have a sniff of the carrier Marmalade came home in…
  3. …And then vice versa; allow the new cat to smell the resident cat scent.
  4. Allow the cats to sniff at each other through a CLOSED door.
  5. Feed the cats on opposite sides of the door. This allows them to associate the good feels of eating with the other cats presence.
  6. Let them say “hello” through an open door – be sure to monitor!
  8. Supervise and use toys together so they both know they like to play.
  9. Praise both cats if they behave. Be sure to give the resident cat treats and let them assert their dominance (safely). Unless you have a “Marmalade” who is 2 pounds of boss immediately <3
  10. Make “meet & greet” sessions longer.
  11. If all goes well, give the new cat/kitten run of the house but make sure to leave lots of hiding places they can retreat to just in case.
  12. Repeat as often as possible with new additions <3

And that is that! Hopefully now, your new cat/kitten is happily enjoying a peaceful home with your resident cat’s blessing. Products like Feliway are also recommended during stressful times such as introducing cats.

Please remember though, you can’t MAKE cats like each other or create cuddle puddles. Ideally with time they will figure out how to tolerate each other and live together in relative peace.

After following these steps, see how Cole & Marmalade’s BROMANCE blossomed <3

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Written by catmanchris

I'm owned by internet kitties Cole & Marmalade, I'm a lifelong cat fan and hope to continue to both entertain and educate with the videos I produce and the blog posts I create

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