Raggedy Ann – A survivor of animal hoarding

What a beautiful lady :)

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Saving One Life is doing its part to help felines suffering from abusive situations, so they can find happiness. Raggedy Ann was rescued from what is known as an animal hoarding situation in Yuma, AZ.  Police and animal control found Raggedy Ann and 40 other felines living in deplorable conditions in a double wide trailer. The house was so filthy and full, that their owner was living outside in her driveway.

Animal hoarding is part of a very serious mental disease, that without treatment will continue to reoccur. In fact, many people who hoard animals, do in fact love their animals, they just become overwhelmed. They are also in denial that they are overwhelmed so they continue to take in animals and that results in starvation and deaths. When Raggedy Ann entered Saving One Life, she weighed as much as a four-month old kitten at only three pounds and fifteen ounces!

“Every animal deserves to live in a healthy environment with adequate food, water and plenty of love.” – Brianne Youngberg, Raggedy Ann’s foster.

Before and after…

Saving One life is dedicated to ensuring that Raggedy Ann will have the opportunity to thrive and find a loving home to call her own. She was extremely anemic when she was first rescued so had to visit her veterinarian regularly to have her blood checked. She was also suffering from a constant infection, due to rotting teeth that needed to be removed so she could continue to heal properly. Raggedy Ann’s health as improved daily since she was rescued, thanks to veterinary care and a loving foster home, her journey is being recorded on her own Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/savingraggedyann/

Through many months of love and foster care Raggedy Ann is now available for adoption 🙂

What a beautiful lady :)
What a beautiful lady 🙂

“Raggedy Ann has fans following her journey from all over the world, including the UK, Pakistan and New Zealand. She is shining a light of hope on this disease’s victims.” … She is a sweet kitty with a big heart looking for a family to love!

"All I want for Christmas is a FUREVER home"
“All I want for Christmas is a FUREVER home”

Saving One Life wants to encourage people to be the voice for other victims of animal abuse. According to the ASPCA these are the signs to watch out for:

• They have numerous animals and may not know the total number of animals in their care.

• Their home is deteriorated (i.e., dirty windows, broken furniture, holes in wall and floor, extreme clutter).

• There is a strong smell of ammonia, and floors may be covered with dried feces, urine, vomit, etc…

• Animals are emaciated, lethargic and not well socialized.

• Fleas and vermin are present.

• Individual is isolated from community and appears to be in neglect himself.

• Individual insists all animals are happy and healthy—even when there are clear signs of distress and illness.

Saving One Life is a nonprofit organization. If you are interested in supporting their work and Raggedy Ann, please visit http://www.savingonelife.org They’re always looking for new loving foster homes that would be willing to open their homes and their hearts to felines in need.

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