Cole and Marmalade Community

Would YOU like to live in a safe pet friendly community? Sugar Grove Station is a wonderfully maintained, practically self-sustaining community nestled in the West Virginia mountains. The community would be great for family professionals who work from home and people who would like to retire and have the resources to support themselves.
This former naval base that was retired last fall and is now being auctioned off by the U.S. General Services Administration is what we have our eyes on… Right now it’s a work in progress, just like many of us… but for all the well-meaning and honest people out there, this could be an amazing opportunity to be part of something very unique!
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Sugar Grove Station is a  122 acre property with 105 buildings, 90 of which are residences. In addition there are various office, support and maintenance facilities as well as abundant recreational facilities such as gym, tennis, racquetball, basketball courts, baseball and football/soccer fields, track, swimming & kiddie pool, large equipped playground and much, much more!
We’re also confident that internet, cable and phone service won’t be a problem to provide and studies are underway. There are so many possibilities, but if we were successful in purchasing this property our main priority would be to make it into a pet friendly community, retirement center and pet adoption space… then other ideas can be introduced.
Something like this as never been done before, which will mean lots of media attention! The more serious support we have the better and we’re currently looking for potential sponsors.
Keep tuned and watch us evolve 🙂
Auction details can be found HERE
To contact Chris, Cole and Marmalade please email: [email protected]