Cat has waited 400 days for her furever home

Meet Finley…


This cute girl has been residing at the Great Plains SPCA in Independence, Missouri for over 400 days! She was a found stray and went into foster care for socialization and now sits in a colony in the shelter just waiting and watching her friends get adopted…

Volunteers at the shelter say she’s shy, likes petting, LOVES the cat dancer toy and tolerates other animals in her space. She would do best in a calm home where she has time to open up and learn to trust…


Finley is 4 years old, spayed and house trained, she’s been at the shelter longer than any other cat and gets overlooked day in, day out, which is heartbreaking for the staff and volunteers who just want to see her find a loving home.

No animal should wait for a home for 400 days! Finley is healthy and sweet, just a little scared, if there’s anyone out there who’d like to adopt this gorgeous feline and provide her with a new home, follow the links below, THANK YOU!


Forever Finley Facebook page HERE

Great Plains SPCA Facebook page HERE

Purrlease share with anyone who may be able to help 🙂


10 Reasons to adopt a cat…

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  1. Try to market her to Sr citizens, single people, etc. I have worked in many nursing homes with kitties in them.

    I have 2 kitties right now. I believe that is the number I can do justice to. Or she could go to a family with older children. Autistic kids have done well with cats. Just some ideas. My 2 are now almost 13 yrs old. I would be perfect, but I have Rose & Pearl. I will pray she gets a great furr-ever home.

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    • Great idea, this cute girl shouldn’t have a problem being adopted, but unfortunately most people go for kittens and cats that aren’t shy… Let’s all keep our fingers and paws crossed 🙂

    • It is a wonderful idea for senior citizens to have pets. There is one down-side however: many of those pets out-live their senior parents and much of the time they land back in shelters again because no other friends or family members want the responsibility to care for them. Once in a shelter, the chances are quite high that they will be euthanized. As I work in an animal hospital, I see this happen fairly often. Just sayin’…

  2. This breaks my heart. Can some ice single, Sr citizen, mature family adopt her. I have 2 kitties already. Other wise, I would. Many of the nursing homes I am at have live in kitties. Some families with autistic kids do very well with a cat. Come on someone very nice adopt her. Please help her.

  3. I adopted a 3 yr old fur baby just like this. Unsure and agitated being in a shelter for so long. Not a lap cat. Not a fan of pets. Needed quiet. Just a little love and security was all she needed. Total lap cat. Loves people and other pets. Someone please give this beautiful baby a forever home. She will surely be better at a place where she is safe and loved.

  4. Our Tabby girl left us in October and our 2 kitty boys haven’t been the same since. We’ll be in St. Louis next weekend and would love to take Finley home.

  5. I wish I lived in her area and I would adopt her in a heartbeat. She’s a lovely girl, and I sure hope this will help her to be adopted into a loving home that’s just right for her. 🙂

  6. I live in the mid-west – Illinois. I posted this to my Facebook pages and to my Twitter. Hope we find Finley a home. 🙂

  7. Thank you to everyone who has read and shared. We just feel so bad that Finley is still at the shelter. We know what a wonderful girl she is and hope she can find her people with your help! From a friend of Finley.

  8. She is gorgeous and totally my kind of cat but I am in the UK and I am already owned by two cats. I really hope you manage to find a home for her 🙂 great work guys

  9. I live about thirty minutes away from indepemdence, and was going to go looking for a feline freind next week.

  10. She would have a home with me if I lived near the adoption center. I would love to have her 🙁

  11. She looks just like my Cerebellar Hypoplasia Kitty -Crash! Plus we gave a diabetic cat. So my budget is full! Wish I could adopt her. Everyone is shy in my house, except for the Jack Russell! I’m sending good prayers and optimism your way Finley!

  12. I wish I could adopt Finley. I have three small dogs- all rescues- and there’s no room left at the inn, as they say. I will pray that she finds a forever home soon!

    • Yay! Glad to hear it. ??

      On Wed, Mar 9, 2016 at 6:24 PM, Cole & Marmalade wrote:

      > catmanchris commented: “**UPDATE** Finley was adopted yesterday – WOO-HOO! > 🙂 Thanks to everyone who shared her story!!” >

  13. I want to have finley but I lived in Indonesia which far away from her 🙁 . i want to adopt this beautiful big baby girl 🙁

  14. Hurrah for Finley and good on you for letting folk know of her plight. I’m in the UK else I’d have been at that sanctuary pronto! She’s beautiful, crazy she had to wait 400 days! Still, happy ending for Finley, may she live long and catsper!

  15. In the small town where I live and foster cats have been in the shelter almost since it opened few years ago. No one wants to “pay” for a cat. It sad since we cannot take in more until there is space left from others leaving.

  16. She is a beautiful cat, so hope she can get a beautiful family soon, I have 2 cats , both came from cat shelter. Let’s help her get forever home.
    And I have post this on my Twitter and fb
    Good luck and you doing a great work

  17. Hi my name is Mattigan Dodson and I am 12 years old. I live in a small town in Nebraska called Beaver Crossing. My cat Sally was a rescue cat from Missouri and we have had her for 9 years. She died last year due to old age but we didn’t know how old she was. Today (July 1, 2016) I went to York Adopt-A-Pet ant got a baby kitten. She is an orange and white American Domestic Shorthaired Tabby. I named her Firestar, from the Warrior series by Erin Hunter(they are books). She is very shy an will be two months on the Fourth of July. And the best part is, WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY!!!

  18. Really glad Finley got adopted. She looks a bit like a cat I had as a kid (Tache), a real asbo. His family had had to go back to the UK when he was 2, and he had done 2 families before ours: each time he would go back to his previous house. Thankfully he decided to stay with us.
    I love Cole and Marmelade’s Youtube channel (just been watching the Cat Logic series). I had cats when growing up but they spent a lot of their time outdoors and I l found your tips about how to enrich a cat’s life really useful, should I get a feline with FIV. Well done for treating Marm’s cancer, I hope he continues well.
    You mention in a post or video that black cats were unloved in the US. As far as I know, they are supposed to be good luck in the UK, and bad luck in France where I grew up. When I lived there, we adopted a black cat (with a few white hairs under his armpit and on his belly, well hidden). He was 6 months old, and had been in and out of the ‘shelter’ (run by two elderly ladies at their home) for… 3 months. Half his life. About a dozen families had taken him in and then brought him back as he was too ‘creepy’ or ‘scared’ them. He was actually much more scared of them than they of him! The most he spent in one of these ‘homes’ was 2 weeks, and in one of them, he only lasted 48 hours! His mother (a bog standard European shorthair) had been impregnated without her owner’s knowledge, probably by a black (ebony) foreign shorthair (basically a unicolour Siamese) who lived in their neighbourhood. He had not been castrated because he was a pedigree cat. Our vet knew the probable father and had remonstrated with his owner as he suspected that cat was responsible for quite a few unwanted pregnancies. The mother got 3 kittens, the shelter found homes for 2 of them as soon as they were 3 months old (as they looked like ‘normal’ tabby European cats), however no one would take in the third one, who was all black and took after his father (elongated physique, long neck, straight ‘Nefertiti’ nose, huge ears, huge saucer green/yellow eyes, very vocal). He was quite feral when we got him and bit my mother on the 3rd day. He spent the first month or so hiding in a little cave we built him in the living room (using a piece of furniture and a bed throw) and the next three months not daring to leave the living room. In the first month, I would drag him out of his cave 3 times a day to apply antiseptic on a wound he had on his neck (he had been attacked by another cat at the shelter) and then ‘massage’ him. He would progressively relax and then start purring incredibly loud, like a locomotive. I also used these ‘meetings’ to get him used to our dog, who he was scared of. He was perfectly toilet trained, his stools was fine, he would eat up all his food, his neck was healing well, and he would play with his toys at night and upset the furniture, so I knew he was otherwise healthy. Wish I had had night CCTV as you did, as the poltergeist activity in the living room at night sounded quite interesting! While we were ‘rehabilitating’ him, one of his favourite games was to be chased by me around the living room, then the house: he would flee, then burrow somewhere, and wait for me to drag him out and stroke him, as we did in the first weeks. Eventually we domesticated him: he always wanted to be carried around and petted, and he would also sit there ‘talking’ to you in various mewing tones, as Siameses will do. He always wanted attention: one of his favourite tricks was to come into my bedroom early in the morning (4am in the summer), lick and taste my face and rub himself against me to try and get me to get up (and feed him), and, if I didn’t get up fast enough, go to the foot of the bed, pretend that my feet were rats, and attack them! He loved doing tricks too, like using his paw as a spoon when eating, looking at us between each mouthful, seeking praise  As he had come such a long way, we allowed him to sit on the dining room table and eat titbits from his own little plate… and when we got a kitten to socialise him around other cats, the kitten got a place on the table too  I can’t remember what the ladies of the shelter had called him, but he did not answer it, so he needed a new name. We hesitated between Dumbo, Mickey (because of the huge ears), Velvet (because of his short soft fur), and eventually settled for ‘Zorro’, which suited him to a t as he was so nocturnal and elusive, and darted around like a streak of lightning, bliztschnell  6 months after arriving at our house, he started going outside, taught himself how to hunt, and after that he would regularly bring me mice in the morning. He remained frightful of other people, but developed friendships with other cats and small dogs in the neighbourhood. I will definitely keep watching your cats’ youtube channel and your blog and I hope all four of you continue in good health. Best wishes from the UK.

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