Cole LOVES hugs!! :)

June 4th is the official Hug Your Cat Day! … Although this is everyday at our house, I’ll be sure to give Cole and Marmalade even more hugs today 😉

Get to it humans! #HugYourCatDay

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  1. Panky: Haiz dere Cole and Marmalade! We get hugs frum DaMa Edna ebery day. Sumtimes me and brofur Troyer tolerates her. MOL
    Troyer: Iz lubs getting huggys from Meowmmy! Iz more handsomer den brofur?

    Panfur Purrs

  2. Aww, that’s adorable! Two of my kitties are huggers, one likes to lean his head back for kisses between his ears! The third prefers to lay next to, not on, anyone. Love how you started the one out as a kitten to learn hugs!

  3. That is a great header. We are glad to meet you three boys and glad you are blogging. Good for you to let the peep hug you. Take care.

  4. Hey Cole and Marmalade – your dad Rocks! Looking furward to more bloggy posts… Happy extended cat hugging Day too. Purrz from the Katie Katz (katiezfurrymewz at blog spot)

  5. My kitties want to know when “leave the cat alone” day is. Especially M’Gee, he’s too cute to not cuddle every 15 minutes.

  6. This demonstrates but doesn’t explain the phenomena of cats liking to be hugged when you are sitting down but hating it when you are standing up. I suspect that when you are sitting down they know it is smooth sailing, but when you are standing up they suspect they are in for a bumpy ride…without seatbelts…

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I'm owned by internet kitties Cole & Marmalade, I'm a lifelong cat fan and hope to continue to both entertain and educate with the videos I produce and the blog posts I create

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